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Jun 11, 2021

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SBI PO Mains 2020-21 exam was held on 29 January 2021. The aspirants, who have qualified the Mains exam, are called for the Interview round. For the last round of exam, the aspirants should only focus on current affairs, so that they can keep themselves updated and can speak on a topic confidently. Since the last phase of SBI PO exam consists of Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI), hence, to attract the invigilator of the GD round, the aspirants should be a good speaker and good listener as well. On the other hand, for a personal interview round, the aspirants should improve their confidence level and body language.

SBI PO Preparation for GD and PI

The preparation strategy for PI and GD is majorly dependent upon six essential point:

  • Communication Skills: To make a good performance in the GD round, the participants should be both good speakers and good listeners. Only a good listener can reply or present their words in a nice and humble manner. Maintain the decorum of the discussion. Do not reply to your co-participants shoutedly or rudely. Try to make them understand in a friendly way.
  • Capability of presenting yourself effectively: Throughout the discussion and interview round, try to keep yourself confident. Your confidence and body language matters a lot to crack this final phase of SBI PO exam.
  • Awareness of contemporary issues: Always keep yourself updated with the latest updates. Brush up your current affairs. Daily read newspapers to keep yourself knowledgeable with the daily events.
  • Team dimensions and coordination: Team coordination will give you bonus points in the GD round. Throughout the discussion, you should stay with the team.
  • Leadership quality: If the aspirants will start the discussion before everyone or if you conclude effectively, it will show the leadership nature.
  • Problem-solving mindset: You should be focused so that you can keep your discussion on the right track. Try to avoid deviation.
  • Try to be factual: Support your words with facts and statistics. For this, the aspirants should read the newspaper daily and memorise the statistics. It will help you to speak flawlessly.
Subject-Wise Tips

SBI PO 2021- Subject Wise Preparation Strategy

After finding the exam pattern and the right books, it is essential to strategize the preparation. Each subject and topic requires a unique approach for its understanding. Here are some subject-wise tips regarding the preparation strategy that the candidates must adopt.

English Language

  • This contains questions from Comprehension, Antonyms and Synonyms, Para Jumbles, and Spotting the errors.
  • The easiest way to crack this is to brush up on the Class 10th Grammar and solve previous years’ papers. Follow Wren and Martin book for Grammar section.
  • Read Newspaper Editorials regularly.
  • It is also helpful to develop a reading habit which results in better vocabulary.

Quantitative Aptitude, and Data Analysis and Interpretation

  • This is the toughest section of the Prelims Paper and includes Ratio and Proportion, Speed and Distance, Average, Time and Work, Data Interpretation, Number Series, Simplification, and Quadratic Equation.
  • Learning the formulas and basic concepts is the best strategy here.
  • This section requires regular practice.
  • Practice Quantum CAT from Sarvesh K Verma.

Reasoning Ability

  • This is the most logical section of the paper and very easy to score.
  • It includes topics like Coding-Decoding, Syllogism, Puzzles, Seating Arrangement, Ranking and Order, and others.
  • For Syllogism, follow the traditional Venn Diagram or A, E, I, O rules method.
  • A revision after every practice solution is a must to ace this.

Computer Aptitude

  • This section is easier in comparison and includes the knowledge of Computer Hardware and Software.
  • Some vital topics include Computer Basic, Basic Internet Knowledge and Protocols, Operating System Functions, Network Basics, and MS Office Basics.
  • Learning all the computer shortcuts is a smart strategy for this section.

General Awareness

  • Read newspapers and magazines on a daily basis. For instance, you should read Indian Express, The Hindu.
  • Read as much as possible Banking Awareness FAQs from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) website.
  • Watch news regularly
  • Focus on Indian Static General Knowledge
  • Questions usually asked from the past six months events
  • Read the important topics from the following sections:
    • Indian Economy
    • Awards and Honours
    • Finance
    • AIndian Constitution
    • Sports
    • Agriculture
    • Banking
SBI PO Books

Suggested Books for SBI PO Preparation

Just knowing the pattern of the exam and studying for it won’t help if the aspirants don’t have the right books. The right books not only help in covering all the sections but also helps students take the correct approach towards a definite topic.

SBI PO Preparation Strategy By Topper Govind Upadhyay

Govind Upadhyay has been working as Probationary Officer under SBI, who had cleared the exam in 2016. According to him, the aspirants should follow proper strategy and planning to get a good score in every section. Go through the following content to know more about the unique preparation, which he followed to crack the exam:

SBI PO General Awareness Preparation

  • The aspirants get 40%-45% questions from Current Affairs. To prepare for this section, the aspirants need to put less effort, but can score high marks.
  • Memorize the last 100 days current affairs to score the maximum marks from this section.
  • Make a habit of reading English Newspapers. It not only helps you to score well in Current affairs section, but also it will be effective for your English Language preparation (both for Prelims and Descriptive).
  • Apart from reading the Banking Awareness from RBI website, it will be helpful to follow Mrunal Videos on Banking.
  • For the Economy section, the aspirants can follow the lectures from L1/P2 to L1/P9.
  • There is no syllabus for Indian Statik GK part. You should focus the following topics:
    • Dams & Rivers
    • Thermal and Hydro Power Plants
    • National Park and WLS
    • Nuclear
    • CMs and Governors
    • Capital and Currencies
    • HQs of the largest organisations.

SBI PO English Preparation

Vocabulary is not something, which can be built over night. The main funda of getting good marks in English is to uplift your Vocabulary knowledge. Go through the following points to enhance your knowledge in this section:

  • Try to strengthen your Vocabulary section. If you learn any new word, put it down to your copy and revise the words. It will help you to increase your stock of words.
  • Apart from reading Wren and Martin for Grammar section, he used to read novels, magazines, blogs, advertisements. It will help you to understand how to make sentences, the uses of phrases, idioms etc.

SBI PO Reasoning Preparation

  • Most of the questions are coming from Puzzles/ Seating arrangements.
  • Since the question pattern of the reasoning section has been changing every time, hence, to know the current pattern all the aspirants are asked to keep their eyes on the internet.
  • For Syllogisms, Input-Output, Data Sufficiency and Critical reasoning, he used to follow “Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey, BSC Publication”
  • If you are not confident to solve the puzzles and arrangements, then don't start this section first. It will waste your time.

SBI PO Quantitative Aptitude/ Data Interpretation

  • He was weak in this section, hence he targeted to achieve only the cutoff score from this section.
  • He used to practice Data Sufficiency and Series and numbers from online sources
  • Though the DI part is calculative, however, one can easily score well from this part. It is better to practice SBI PO previous years’ questions as much as possible.

Candidate can prepare their mater strategy by analysing topper for cracking SBI PO exam



Ques. How can I improve my English spelling?

Ans. Spellings can be improved by making it a habit to write words with pen and paper. Do an exercise of writing 20 words whose spellings can get confusing every day through the span of 60days. Study previous years’ questions to get an idea about the type of words and questions that comes.

Ques. Are questions repeated in SBI PO?

Ans. Yes, questions can get repeated from the past ten years in certain sections of the paper. Even if it is not an exact repeat, the pattern of question gets repeated so practicing old papers is a wise decision.

Ques. How to increase my speed in solving quantitative aptitude questions and reasoning ability?

  1. Both quantitative aptitude and reasoning ability takes up way more than the allotted time slot if you are too slow. Hence you have to improve your mental math. Try and do all kinds of calculations and reasoning while solving the mock tests mentally. As you practice, you will be able to do it faster.
  2. Avoid using calculators while practicing at home as it will make you too much dependent and eventually slow you down.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer to the official website of the exam.

3 Months Crash Course

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


Can I expect a higher competition in the SBI PO exam as I plan to give the exam in 2021?
jaya garg

Hi. Yes, over the past few years, total applicants for the exam has increased massively, which in turn resulted in increased competition. So it is important to prepare harder for the exam so that you can beat the competition and get a good score.

deep jyoti das
Why each year total number of SBI PO application increases?
jaya garg

Hi. Since getting a job in the banking sector is everyone’s dream, thus SBI PO exam is considered as the most sought after exam by candidates. Due to attractive salary, other facilities, etc. a lot of students apply for this exam each year.

sunny pandey
Does the State Bank of India released the final SBI PO Cut off 2020-21?
jaya garg

Hi. Yes, the cut off for the Mains and Interview stages were announced in March. Candidates who had appeared for the Interviews held in March 2021 can refer to the minimum qualifying marks by referring here.

What are the important General Awareness topics that I need to do?
jaya garg

Hi. You must read the important topics from different sections including the Indian Economy, Awards and Honours, Finance, AIndian Constitution, Sports, Agriculture, etc.
Check SBI PO 2021- Subject Wise Preparation Strategy here.

utkarsha khatri
Is revising Class 10th Grammar help clear SBI PO exam?
jaya garg

Hi. One of the easiest way to crack the English language section is to brush up on the Class 10th Grammar and do more last years’ papers. You can refer to Wren and Martin book for Grammar section and read newspaper Editorials regularly.

Can you tell some useful ways to improve communication skills in SBI PO?
jaya garg

Hi. In order to make a good performance in the GD round, candidates are supposed to have good listening and speaking skills. Only a good listener can reply or present their words in a nice and humble manner. Try to maintain the decorum of the discussion.