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UPSC CMS 2021: Preparation Tips and Strategies for CBT and Personality Test

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Feb 17, 2021

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The Combined Medical Services Examination is conducted in June and notification of the exam is released a few months before in March. However this year, due to CoronaVirus Pandemic, the exam is going to be conducted on October 22, 2020.

This provides more time to prepare for CMS 2020. On the contrary, The candidates must acknowledge the fact that with each passing year, the difficulty level of the CMS examination is increasing as is the number of applicants applying for the UPSC CMS entrance examination.

Therefore, The preparation tips for CMSE 2020 is as important as the smart work required to excel in an All-India Based entrance examination such as CMSE 2020. That is why we are providing some important preparation tips and strategies for both the Written Test and the Interview of UPSC CMS 2020:

How to Prepare for the Written Test of UPSC CMS 2020?

The following pointers include important preparation tricks and tips to excel in the Combined Medical Service Examination (CMSE) 2020:

Know your Syllabus and Exam Pattern

To start the UPSC CMS preparation, it is a must to know the syllabus and exam pattern for the examination. Without the full knowledge of the syllabus, it is tough to have a good UPSC CMS preparation strategy and method. Aspirants should get the full syllabus in pdf format or can get a hard copy of the syllabus to make it easier to access and handy. Check UPSC CMS 2020 Paper-wise Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Determining Important Topics

While preparing for the CMS 2020 entrance examination, the candidates have to selectively point out the important topics from the vast ocean of topics related to the examination.

  • Candidates are required to possess in-depth knowledge of wounds, infections, tumours, blood vessels, cysts/sinuses, head & neck, breast, Liver, Bile, Pancreas, Spleen, Peritoneum, Abdominal wall and abdominal injuries. etc.
  • For the Obstetrics section, one should study about Ante-natal conditions, Antenatal conditions, Post-natal conditions and Management of normal labours or complicated labour in detail.
  • For the Gynaecology section, candidates must prepare topics like applied anatomy, applied physiology of menstruation and fertilization, displacement of the uterus, infections in the genital tract and neo plasma in the genital tract, Normal delivery and safe delivery practices, High-risk pregnancy and management, Abortions, Intra-Uterine growth retardation and Medicolegal examination in body and Gynae including Rape.
  • For the preparation of the Family Planning section, topics like Conventional Contraceptives, UD and Oral Pills, Operation Procedure, Sterilization and Organization of programmes in the urban and rural surroundings and Medical Termination of Pregnancy must be prepared in detail.

Making Notes

Making notes is the most important part of your preparation. You must make notes in their understandable language while preparing for the CMS 2020. This will help you to remember the topic in-depth and for a longer period. On the other hand, the self-made notes will come in handy during the final phases of the exam revision.

The candidates, instead of going through the entire topic, can simply revise the notes they have prepared to get a gist of the topic. This will save you time and will be beneficial for the final dates and interview as well. If you have not been in the habit of making notes and highlighting texts in a standard textbook you should start now.

Selection of Right Study Materials

Preparations must be made from the best book that you can get for a topic. One good book is more than enough. Here we are mentioning the top 5 books to start your preparation:

  1. Elsevier Comprehensive Guide to Combined Medical Services - Rajeev Kumar(Elsevier India)
  2. Rapid Digest UPSC Combined Medical Services Examination
  3. CBS Combined Medical Services UPSC Entrance Examination Paperback - M. S. Bhatia
  4. Illustrated Synopsis of Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Dr Neena Khanna
  5. Medicine: Prep Manual for Undergraduates - Aggarwal Praveen & George K. Mathew

To start the preparation in-depth candidates need a complete and compact list of books. To get the complete list of books and syllabus, check UPSC CMS 2020 Syllabus and Best Books


Only one way of learning the topics is not enough to retain the topics that you have prepared. Regular revision of topics ensures higher retention of information. Schedule your studies in such a way that you can have at least 2 rounds of revision of each topic.

You can schedule the revisioning process on a weekly basis or monthly basis as per your study plan. After every fortnight, candidates must revise the topics covered in the last two weeks. And for the round 2 revision, Last 1 month should be reserved only for revision after the candidate has gone through the entire syllabus.

The benefit of this revision is that it refreshes the topics. This will help you to cover your weakest area of interest as well as help save these topics firmly in your memory.

Keep Yourself Updated

For CMS written and personality tests, you need to update yourselves with the day-to-day medical-related inventions. Especially for the interview, the current affairs play a vital role. You can rely on newspapers and magazines. However, in the era of the internet, to get new information fast, you can choose to subscribe to websites and apps. So that you get to be notified whenever any news is live.

Mock Tests

Candidates usually opt for offline mock test series whereas, in reality, the UPSC CMS exam is online. It does not give candidates an accurate idea of how to keep in mind time to be given to each topic while attempting the exam. On the other hand, The biggest advantage of attempting online mock test papers is it familiarises the candidates with the exam pattern which eases the nerves.

How to Prepare for CMS 2020 Personality Test?

Cracking the CBT of UPSC CMS is a great accomplishment. However, the journey doesn't end here and guarantee you the desired destination yet. You are required to qualify the personality test to become a CMS official.

The Interview which carries a total of 100 marks is totally designed to test a candidate's intellectual curiosity, critical powers of assimilation, the balance of judgment and alertness of mind, the ability for social cohesion, the integrity of character, initiative and capability for leadership. Here are some primary CMS interview tips for you:

  • The candidates must dress up properly for the CMS 2020 personality test. The candidates must dress up in formals. Bright colours and make-up is totally forbidden.
  • The interviewers will gauge the honesty of the candidates during the interview. Do not lie to please the interviewers because the board members will be extremely experienced and well-trained for the job.
  • The candidates must answer the questions to the point without elaborating.
  • The interviewees must maintain the body language and posture while answering the questions.
  • Greet the interviewers before and after the interview as it proves your good-mannered personality.
  • Be positive and keep a calm demeanour.

To perform well and prove your worthiness for the post, it is advisable for each candidate that they should not wait for the results of the CBT test. They can start early to stay positive and advanced. Moreover, they can take part in mock interviews to be accustomed to the atmosphere of the Interview.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.