CAPF AC 2021 Eligibility Criteria - Educational Qualification, Age Limit, Nationality , Physical and Medical Standards

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Apr 5, 2021

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As per the UPSC Calendar, the CAPF AC 2021 Application form will be released on April 15, 2021. CAPF AC 2021 Eligibility involves the criteria of academic qualification, age, and physical standards of the candidates.

The candidate who has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline recognized by the government are eligible to apply for CAPF 2021.

Crash Course

The candidate must have acquired a minimum age of 20 years. The upper age limit of the candidate must be 25 years. However, the upper age limit can be relaxed for candidates belonging to various reserved categories.

The candidate who wishes to apply for CAPF AC 2021 must be an Indian national. Both female and male candidates can apply for the exam. There are different medical standards set by UPSC to apply for the desired post through CAPF AC 2021.

The candidates who have already been once selected on the basis of the CAPF exam earlier cannot apply for the exam.

CAPF AC 2021 Important Dates

The UPSC has already released the exam calendar for CAPF AC 2021. The dates are mentioned below:

CAPF AC Event CAPF AC Exam Date
CAPF AC 2021 Official Notification April 15, 2021
Starting of CAPF AC 2021 Application form April 15, 2021
Last date to fill application form May 05, 2021
CAPF AC 2021 Written  August 08, 2021
Announcement of Result To be announced
Personality Test To be announced
Educational Qualification

CAPF AC 2021 Educational Qualification

There are certain educational qualifications that the applicants must possess to be eligible for CAPF. Those who do not meet the criteria are advised to refrain from applying.

  • As part of UPSC CAPF Eligibility Criteria, candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree from a government recognized university. The University should be incorporated by an Act of the Central or State Legislature in India.
  • Other educational institutions established by an Act of Parliament or declared to be deemed as a University under Section-3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956 are also acceptable.
  • Those candidates, who have appeared in the qualifying examination and have yet not got their results, can also apply for CAPF Exam. But, it must be kept in mind that the admission would be provisional until the candidate produces proof of passing the examination after qualifying the entrance test of CAPF.
  • Those candidates who possess professional and technical qualifications recognized by Government as equivalent to the professional and technical degree would also be considered eligible to apply for CAPF AC 2021.
  • There may be some exceptions in which UPSC may treat a candidate who doesn’t have any of the above-mentioned qualifications as a qualified candidate, given that they have passed an examination conducted by the other Institutions, whose standard justifies their eligibility.

Age Limit

CAPF AC 2021 Age Limits 

As of August 1, 2021, the applicant must be older than 20 years and younger than 25 years, in order to fulfil the CAPF Assistant Commandant Eligibility criteria. It must be noted that the upper age limit can be relaxed for certain candidates, depending on the category they belong to. The details are summarised below in the table:

Category Upper age limit relaxation
Scheduled Caste (SC) Maximum of 5 years
Scheduled Tribe (ST) Maximum of 5 years
Other Backward Classes (OBC) Maximum of 5 years
Civilian Central Government Servants Maximum of 5 years
Ex-Servicemen Maximum of 5 years
Those domiciled in Jammu & Kashmir during the period from January 1, 1980 to December 31, 1989 Maximum of 5 years


CAPF AC 2021 Nationality 

The candidate must be an Indian citizen to be eligible for UPSC CAPF. Other than Indian citizens, the candidates who satisfy the following citizenship criteria, can apply for the exam: 

  • Those who hold citizenship of Nepal and Bhutan are also deemed eligible for this exam.
  • Applicants who belong to other nationalities will not be appointed or employed in the Armed Police Forces unless they have been granted the consent of the Central Government in written terms.

Physical Standards

CAPF AC 2021: Physical Standards and Medical Fitness

To be eligible for CAPF AC 2021, the applicants must meet the particular Physical and Medical Standards as specified by the competent authority. This can be found on the official website of CAPF and candidates must take a look before applying. The details are provided below: -

CAPF AC 2021 Physical Standards

The minimum requirements that the candidate must meet vary according to gender and are as follows:

Aspect Men Women
Height 165 cm 157 cm
Chest (unexpanded) 81 cm (with 5 cm minimum expansion) Not applicable
Weight 50 kg 46 kg
Medical Standards

CAPF AC 2021 Medical Standards

The following medical standards must be satisfied in order to be eligible for UPSC CAPF AC:

  1. EyeSight
Better Eye (Corrected Vision) Worse Eye (Corrected Vision)
Distant Vision 6/6 6/12
6/9 6/9
Near Vision N6 N9
Limits of Refractive errors permitted -4.00 D (including cylinder) Myopia +4.00 D (including cylinder) Hypermetropia

It must be noted that if an applicant has undergone LASIK surgery correction, then it must have been according to prescribed criteria as mentioned below:

  • Age – 18 to 35 years
  • Axial-length – 21 to 26 mm.
  • Corneal-thickness 425 micron
  • Pre-LASIK error - 6 D
  • Post-operative - Should be stable period refractive flap
  • Interval - 06 months (post-operative period mandatory

NOTE: Candidate must have completed 06 months after LASIK surgery while considering for recruitment in CAPFs.

  1. Carrying angle

The Carrying angle should not be more than 15˚ for male applicants and 20˚ for female applicants.

  1. Hearing Power

  • No degree of deafness or persistent ear discharge should be present.
  • Any other condition (congenital or acquired) such as atresia of the meatus, exostosis, neoplasm which may cause obstruction of ear passage should not be present.
  • Any history of recurrent earache, tinnitus and vertigo should not be present.
  1. Nose

  • Applicants should not have DNS, atrophic rhinitis, tubercular ulceration or chronic sinusitis.
  1. Neck

  • Candidate should not have enlarged lymph nodes, thyroid or other swellings of the neck.
  • An inability to extend the neck fully or any evidence of disease of the spine or cervical vertebrae must not be present.
  1. Teeth

  • Candidate must possess a sufficient number of sound teeth for efficient mastication.
  • Candidate should not have severe pyorrhoea.
  1. Venereal Disease

  • Candidate should not have active signs of clinical VD.
  1. Chronic skin diseases

  • Candidate should not have chronic skin diseases like Leprosy, chronic dermatitis, extensive Pityriasis Versicolor, psoriasis and SLE.
  1. General Standards:

  • No stammering while speaking
  • No indication of chronic diseases like TB, any type of arthritis, high blood pressure, Diabetes, Bronchial Asthma, and heart disease.
  • No perceptible and visible glandular swelling anywhere in the body.
  • Chest should be well-formed, devoid of any abnormality like flat chest, Pigeon chest, with rickety rosary defects.
  • Heart and lungs should be sound.
  • Limbs, hands and feet should be well-formed and fully developed.
  • The perfect motion of all joints should be seen.
  • Should not have any old /malunited fracture of bones.
  • Should not have congenital malformation or defects.
  • Should not bear traces of previous acute or chronic disease pointing to an impaired constitution.
  • Should have no disease of the genital urinary tract.
  • No inguinal, scrotal swelling or any type of Hernia.
  • Both the testicles are in the scrotum and of normal size.
  • No knock knees, flat foot, varicose veins.
  • Good mental and bodily health
  • Should not suffer from TACHYCARDIA (more than 100 pulse rate per minute) or BRADYCARDIA (Less than 50 per minute).
  • Should not suffer from Hernia, haemorrhoids, condylomas prolapse rectum.

CAPF AC 2021: NCC ‘B’ or ‘C’ Certificates

Another desirable qualification is the possession of NCC ‘B’ or ‘C’ Certificate. However, it must be noted that these qualifications will be considered at the time of the Interview or Personality Test only. They will have no effect at the time of application.

Non-Eligible Candidates

CAPF AC 2021 Non-Eligible Candidates

It may so happen that a candidate has been selected on the basis of an earlier entrance exam for CAPF. Then, such a candidate will not be eligible to appear at a subsequent examination for the same post in the Central Armed Police Forces.

All candidates who are employed in Government Service, whether in permanent or in temporary capacity or as work charged employees other than casual or daily rated employees or those serving under Public Enterprises must note that they will be required to submit an undertaking. This undertaking must state that they have informed in writing to their Head of Office / Department that they have applied for the examination.

In case it is informed by their employer that they withhold permission to the candidates applying for the examination, their application will be liable to be rejected. The decision of UPSC regarding acceptance of application and eligibility of the candidate will be final.


CAPF AC Eligibility FAQs

Ques. What are the restrictions for government employees on UPSC CAPF eligibility?

Ans. Any government employee whether working permanent or temporary or any person working in any Public enterprise has to submit an undertaking in order to be eligible for the CAPF exam.

Ques. What is the number of attempts allowed for UPSC CAPF?

Ans. There are no limitations in the number of attempts mentioned in the official eligibility criteria of UPSC CAPF. The candidate can apply as many times as they wish until the maximum age limitations.

Ques. Is there any eligibility conditions for the CAPF exam based on candidates’ gender?

Ans. CAPF exam eligibility does not put any condition on sex i.e. both male and female are eligible to take UPSC CAPF Assistant Commandant Exam provide they fulfill the conditions given in medical standards

3 Months Crash Course

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


Ba degree me kitne percentage no hone chahiye
nitin yaduvanshi

An applicant appearing for CAPF AC Examination need to have Bachelor’s Degree or Graduation in any stream from any recognized university or institute. 

No Minimum percentage marks in graduation are required to appear in CAPF AC Examination.

gnaneswara ichchapuram
My date of birth 28-06-1993 am I eligible or not , obc
aniket ranjan

Yes, Your are eligible for UPSC CAPF Exam as the The upper age limit of the candidate must be 30 years for OBC category Students. As part of UPSC CAPF Eligibility Criteria, you must hold a Bachelor’s degree from a government recognized university

devendra singh digari
I am a right hand person if my right eye is weak is there any problem in the medical
gurpreet singh

HI Devandra

Visit on our official website of UPSC CAPF Eligibility to know about the whole eligibility criteria. You will aslo find the Eyesight Vision you need to apply for the exam.

pankaj singh patel
Next and upcoming vacancy for Capf
gurpreet singh

Hi Pankaj

Visit on our official website of UPSC CAPF Exam to know about the whole exam details. You will get the important dates details and how you can apply for the exam online.

pankaj singh patel
Hi mam I am 28 years old. And obc can I look for upsc capf exam
sadim ansari
What are the eligibility requirements for CAPF Exam?
jaya garg

HI Sadim. The candidate must have obtained a Bachelor's degree in any discipline recognized by the government are eligible to apply for CAPF exam. Check out detailed eligibility requirement here.

raja panigrahy
Hi I m Raja and 22year old I have a question ?? I have a Tattoo on my Right Arm can I apper exam and clarify the medical test
aniket ranjan

Hii Raja. Tattoo on right hand is not allowed only Tattoos marked on traditional sites of the body like inner aspect of forearm but only left forearm, being non-saluting limb or dorsum of the hands are to be allowed

kajal sandeep thite
I wants to be ac in CISF. I am now doing bsc(sy). Can i apply for capf exam. Please guide me how can i do that
aditi arun

Hello Kajal,

You can apply for the examination only after you complete your graduation and comply with the age eligibility criteria, i.e, your age is 25 or below if you’re a general category candidate.

nagendra kumar ray
I am26 can I apply for it
gurpreet singh

Hi Nagendra

The minimum age to apply is 20 and the maximum age is 25 years old but there is some relaxation for candidates who belongs to resevered category. 

ibashisha mukhim
How can I get a job after completion of electrical and electronics engineering? Does doing an embedded course have any benefits for finding jobs?
jaya garg

Hi Ibashisha. If you want to get a decent job post completing your graduation, there are multiple ways of getting the same. First of all, you can look for a campus placement or give the AMCAT exam. Score well in this exam to get a call for an interview.

shatakshi patki
My DOB is 4/12/1999, belongs to the general category. How many attempts do I have left in the CAPF-AC?
jaya garg

Hi Shatakshi. There is no such specific number of attempts for CAPF exam, in case you meet the minimum eligibility, you are eligible to give the exam. The candidates must not be older than 20 years and younger than 25 years, to meet the CAPF Assistant Commandant Eligibility criteria. Refer here to know the exact eligibility criteria.

sourajit mukherjee
I am doing Msc in mathematics from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad? Am I too late to start preparing for UPSC exam?
jaya garg

For the candidates belonging to general category, maximum age limit is 32 Years, In case you meet the minimum eligibility criteria mentioned here, you can give the UPSC exam. 

ambar ahirawar
In an accident, I lost the vision of my left eye and after treatment, now my vision is 70-80% in the left eye. Am I eligible for the UPSC exams?
jaya garg

Hi Ambar. In case you are applying for techinal services such as Indian Police Service IPS, Indian Railway Traffic Service IRTS, Central Armed Police Force CAPF, etc, you must meet the minimum eligibility requirement. However, you can apply for other other non-technical services such as IAS, IRS etc.

rinki mahapatra
I am doing Msc in mathematics from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad? Am I too late to start preparing for UPSC exam?
aditi arun

Hi Rinki,

No, you’re not too late to give UPSC CAPF examination. Although the deadline for Application form submission 2020 has passed, you can apply in 2021. 
To know about the eligibility please visit – UPSC CAPF Eligibility and to get about some preparation tips, kindly visit – UPSC CAPF Preparation tips.

yash raj singh
What are the minimum marks required for assistant commandant?
jaya garg

Hi Yash. The UPSC CAPF takes the written exam as the first stage in its recruitment of Assistant Commandant. Candidates must get at least 25% marks in these papers. You can check the previous year cut off list and qualifying marks here.

Is it true that once a recommended candidate has not joined the CAPF, he will never be eligible to take that exam further in his life?
jaya garg

Hi Sameer. If you don’t join even after getting recommendation, your cadidature would be cancelled.

surabhi s
Is a BSF under training SI is eligible for age relaxation in the UPSC assistant commandant exam? Is he a civilian central government servant?
jaya garg

Hi Surabhi. The upper age limit can be relaxed for some candidates based on the category they belong to. Refer here to know more.

koyena biswas
What is the minimum required graduation percentage in order to be eligible for the CDS exam and a position as an assistant with the CAPF?
jaya garg

Hi Koyena. There is no fixed percentage of marks needed in graduation to apply for the CDS exam. Check out the detailed eligibility criteria here.

karan rathod
Can an SI of CBI still write the UPSC exam and become an IPS officer?
jaya garg

Hi Karan. In case you meet the minimum eligibility criteria, you can give the UPSC exam to become IPS officer.

anziya a
Can i eligible for the UPSC CAPF exam After Bsc. Mathematics?
aditi arun

Hello Anziya,

Yes, you are eligible for UPSC CAPF, as the examination does not require a Bachelor’s degree in some specific discipline. 

shambhu kumar
I'm serving in indian navy will I get age relaxation? Becoz in notification only civilian central gov employees is mentioned. Please clear my doubt
aditi arun

Hi Shambhu,

Civil central government services are those whose term of service is governed by the Central Civil Service (CCS) rule. Since Defence services are governed by their respective defence forces act, they are not considered under Civil Central government services. Hence, you won’t get the age relaxation available for that category.