IAS (UPSC CSE)/IPS Officer Salary Structure 2021- Pay Scale, Allowances & Benefits

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Mar 19, 2021

IAS officers have the highest pay scale in the country along with many perks like DA, Travel allowance, HRA and more. The pay scale is as per the 7th Pay Commission and the payment level is 10. The basic pay of an IAS Officer is INR 56,100 (Excluding the other benefits like TA, DA, HRA) and the salary scale can be reached to Rs. 250000 for a Cabinet Secretary.

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IAS Salary

Salary Structure of an IAS (UPSC CSE) Officer in 2021

The beginning salary of all Civil Servants (Belonging to Group A) is the same (The Payment Level being 10).

The recommendations from the 7th Pay Commission are approved on 29th June 2016 by the Cabinet. The new pay structure dispensed the “Pay Grades for Civil Services’ and “Consolidated Pay Levels’ after the 7th Central Pay Commission. Therefore, the total salary of even the entry-level IAS Officers would be excellent and acceptable. The salary structure goes up to Pay Level 18.

The pay levels for each rank as per the government records are mentioned below:

Pay Level (years in service) Basic Pay (INR) Post
10 (1-4 years) 56100 Sub-divisional magistrate in District Administration
Undersecretary in State Secretariat
Assistant Secretary in Central Secretariat
11 (5-8 years) 67,700 Additional district magistrate in District Administration
Deputy Secretary in State Secretariat
Under-Secretary in Central Secretariat
12 (9-12 year) 78,800 District magistrate in District Administration
Joint Secretary in State Secretariat
Deputy Secretary in Central Secretariat
13 (13-16 years) 1,18,500 District magistrate in District Administration
Special secretary-cum-director in State Secretariat
Director in Central Secretariat
14 (16-24 years) 1,44,200 Divisional commissioner in District Administration
Secretary-cum-commissioner in State Secretariat
Joint Secretary in Central Secretariat
15 (25-30 years) 1,82,200 Divisional commissioner in District Administration
Principal Secretary in State Secretariat
Additional secretary in Central Secretariat
16 (30-33 years) 2,05,400 Additional Chief Secretary in State Secretariat
17 (34-36 years) 2,25,000 Chief Secretary in State Secretariat
Secretary in Central Secretariat
18 (37+ years) 2,50,000 Cabinet Secretary of India

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Rank Wise Salary

IAS (UPSC CSE) Officers- Ranking-wise Pay Scale after 7th Pay Commission

The IAS (UPSC CSE) Salary structure is categorised into eight grades. The fixed basic pay and grade pay is varied between each group.

Grade Pay Scale Grade Pay Years of Service Required
Junior Scale 50,000 - 1,50,000 16,500 NA
Senior Time Scale 50,000 - 1,50,001 20,000 5 years
Junior Administrative Grade 50,000 - 1,50,002 23,000 9 years
Selection Grade 1,00,000 - 2,00,000 26,000 12 to 15 years
Super Time Scale 1,00,000 - 2,00,000 30,000 17 to 20 years
Above Super Time Scale 1,00,000 - 2,00,000 30,000 Varies
Apex Scale 2,25,000 (Fixed) NA Varies( around 30 years)
Cabinet Secretary Grade 2,50,000 (Fixed) NA varies
IAS Allowances

Allowances and Benefits of an IAS Officer

In addition to the salary structure given above, there are allowances like House Rent Allowance (HRA), Dearness Allowance (DA), and Travel Allowance (TA), which will be extra. There shall be an increase in salary with the rise in experiences. The basic pay of the Cabinet Secretary is Rs. 2,50,000 is the basic salary. The candidate may also be entitled to the DA, HRA, and TA.

Total Salary of IAS Officer = Basic Pay + DA + TA + HRA

The HRA is 8% to 24% of the Basic Salary. However, if you are residing in official accommodation, then the HRA amount will not be credited to the salary.

In the case of DA, as per the 7th Pay Commission's recommendation, this part is being linked to inflation. It is also important to remember that DA had increased by 107% of the basic salary of IAS Officers in 2015. Thus, the future will see a significant increase in the DA part. DA is given a rise on a six months basis (in January and July every year). This increase in DA would be as per the inflation index (CPI).

The Travel Allowances (TA) shall provide its benefits to meet several of the travel expenses.

The IAS Officer benefits in various ways from the government job that he is enrolled in. There is a sound process of income increases. Plus, the beauty of allowances and benefits speak for itself as a beneficial medium of earning. You can find your future secure with this government job because the chances of being removed from the IAS Officer post are less than minimal. 

On the other hand, private-sector jobs come with job loss insecurity due to recession or disease. For example, many employees, even in multinational companies, lost their high pay scale jobs due to the coronavirus. Nevertheless, despite the coronavirus's spread, the government jobs remained to run the same way with no money-earning stress.



Ques. Who pays the salary of the IAS officers?

Ans. The salary is determined by the Union Government of India for an IAS Officer. However, the salary of an IAS officer is paid by the State government where the IAS officer hails from.

Ques. Which is the highest-paid post through the IAS Exam?

Ans. The post of Chief Secretary is the highest-paid post that can be achieved by an IAS Officer at State level. The post of Cabinet Secretary is the highest that can be achieved at the Central level.

Ques. Which is better in terms of salary- IAS or IPS?

Ans. The Pay Scale of IAS officers is relatively higher than those who join IPS.

Ques. Are mobile and telephone expenses included with the IAS Salary package?

Ans. The monthly telephone allowance is fixed for an IAS officer. Exceeding that limit means the IAS officer has to pay the excess themselves.

Ques. Is there any difference in the salary received during the training period?

Ans. During the training period, the salary is approximately INR 70,000 with a base pay of INR 56,100 along with other allowances. The Officers are called officer trainees at this stage and the HRA is given.

Ques. What is the salary of an IAS officer after the 7th Pay Commission?

Ans. The starting salary of an IAS officer is INR 70,000 approximately as per the 7th Pay Commission.

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How total salary of the IAS officers are considered?
kavita rani

Hi Nishu. Total Salary of IAS Officer is equal to Basic Pay + DA + TA + HRA. The HRA is 8 to 24% of the Basic Salary. However, if you are residing in official accommodation, then the HRA amount will not be credited to the salary.

Will candidates shortlisted for the IAS post get grade pay as well now?
kavita rani

Hi Pradeepraj. All the candidates appearing for the IAS exam must note down that an additional component called the grade pay is removed from the government officers' salary. However, despite this removal, the pay scale and salary structure remain to be attractive.

sunny pandey
Are IAS officers paid highest salary?
kavita rani

Hi Sunny. Yes, the IAS officers are amongst eth highest pay scale earners in the country who get attractive perks such as DA, Travel allowance, HRA, etc. as well. The pay scale is as per the 7th Pay Commission and the payment level is 10. The basic pay of an IAS Officer is INR 56,100 along with many perks.

ankur jain
I am working as State PCS Officer, can I get promoted to IAS?
kavita rani

Yes, the State PCS Officers can get promoted to the IAS in case they meet certain conditions laid down by UPSC. Each year, out of the total vacancies of IAS, 33% is filled through the promotion. For more details, you can refer here.