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How to Prepare for the AFCAT 2021 Exam?

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Feb 18, 2021

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The Indian Air Force conducts the AFCAT exam twice a year. The AFCAT I 2021 exam will be held for 3 days i.e. February 20 - 22, 2021, and the AFCAT II is expected to be conducted on August 21, 2021. Before jumping into the preparation, it is important to know the AFCAT exam pattern and AFCAT syllabus.

With proper guidance and strategy, it is not impossible to crack the AFCAT 2021 exam in one month. To start preparing for the exam, candidates should first clear the basic concepts from the NCERT Books of Class-11 and 12 and then go through the previous years’ question papers. Get the AFCAT Practice papers here.

In the following article, the overall exam pattern, top books for preparation, a study plan, model question papers are discussed to prepare for Online Exam/ EKT for Technical Candidates and AFSB Interview.


Top Books for AFCAT Preparation 2021

There are various books available in the market for the AFCAT exam. However, it is important to know the features of the book before investing time in it. Here is a list of books for better preparation.

Name of Books Authors / Publishers Features
AFCAT(Air Force Common Admission Test) Arihant Publication
  • It comprises of all the GK, Math, English, and Reasoning.
  • It not only covers the important topics but also there are sample questions for practice.
AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) Workbook Kiran Publication
  • There are a large number of practice questions as well as previous years’ questions in this book.
  • It also contains general awareness, study material, etc.
R. Gupta’ AFCAT Exam Ramesh Publication This book is suitable for practice

To get the precise list of books as per the AFCAT syllabus, read more here.

AFCAT Prep Tips

Preparation Strategy for AFCAT Online Exam

After understanding the list of books required for the AFCAT exam, candidates must be well prepared for all the rounds in order to get selected. To prepare for the AFCAT exam, here are some strategies and previous years’ papers:

Preparation Tips for AFCAT English Section

  • For vocabulary building, start jotting down the new words and practice them by understanding the meaning and spelling along with the synonyms and antonyms. Spend at least 1 - 2 hours weekly to learn and for revision, 15 minutes on weekends.
  • Building up a habit of reading newspapers or journals will not only help to increase the strength of your vocabulary but also keep you updated on current events and general awareness.
  • Topics like antonyms & synonyms fill in the blanks, error detection, tenses, basic grammar, etc are important for the AFCAT online exam.

Preparation Tips for AFCAT General Awareness

  • Newspapers and magazines are great sources of local, regional, national, and worldly news along with politics, sports, fashion, food, and a diversity of other interests.
  • Audiobooks and news broadcasts also give helpful information on general knowledge and require less time than reading newspapers.
  • Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing enable you to find any answer to any question within seconds. Routinely use these internet sites to discover current news, trends, and topics of interest.

Preparation Tips for AFCAT Numerical Ability

  • Practice and revise the time & work, simple and compound interest, profit and loss, percentages, series completion, Venn diagram, odd figure out, etc. for the numerical ability section.
  • Learn the logic behind the formulas which will help you arrive at the answer to the problem presented.
  • To keep the formulas in mind, write them on sticky notes and paste them in the room or on the study table so that whenever you cross these places, you can take a glance at the formulas.

Preparation Tips for AFCAT Reasoning and Military Aptitude

  • The important topics in the reasoning section are - the odd one out, Venn diagrams, classification, pattern completion, blood relations, missing figures, embedded figures, sequencing, etc.
  • Practice the questions on figures (3D & 2D) to get a better grasp of the Spatial ability test. Your visualization will play a key role.
  • Solve previous year’s paper as much as possible. This will give you a better insight into the types of questions that are asked. Also, it will help you practice.
Question Papers

Question Papers and Answer Keys for AFCAT Preparation 2021

The previous years’ questions and model questions are essential. In the following tabular, the question papers of AFCAT I and II of 2015 to download free of cost:

Question Papers AFCAT I 2015 Links AFCAT II 2015 Links
AFCAT Question Paper Download Now Download Now
EKT Question Paper for Mechanical Stream Download Now Download Now
EKT Question Paper for Computer Science Stream Download Now Download Now
EKT Question Paper for Electrical and Electronics Download Now Download Now
AFCAT Answer Key Download Now Download Now
EKT Answer Key Download Now Download Now

For more model questions and sample papers, check AFCAT Practice Papers.

Interview Tips

Preparation Tips for AFSB Interview

  • Candidates need to exercise daily to increase the physical fitness and stamina because in the interview round, physical strength will be tested.
  • Candidates should gain knowledge on some basic things about Indian Air Force such as ranks, missiles, commands, and aircraft, and stay updated on such topics as well.
  • Candidates must practice writing story because, during the Picture Perception Test, candidates will be asked to write a story of at least 70 words in just 4 minutes
  • Candidates should try to solve the maximum number of confident-building exercises to perform well in the AFCAT AFSB interview.

During preparation, candidates should remember that calculators, mobile phones, Bluetooth are not allowed at the examination centre. It is advisable to manage the time in such a way that they get enough time for all types of questions.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.