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Indian Forest Service (IFoS) Salary Structure, Pay Scale, Allowance, and Benefits 2021

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Feb 17, 2021

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The Indian Forest Service (IFoS) is a prestigious department of the Government of India. It was constituted under the All India Service Act, 1951, in the year 1966, by the Government of India. Indian Forest Service was formerly known as Imperial Forest Service.

The main responsibility of the Indian Forest Service is to implement the National Forest Policy. The main aim is to ensure the ecological stability of the country through participatory sustainable management and save natural resources. The management of the National Parks, Tiger reserve, Wildlife Sanctuaries, and other protected areas of the country are under the members of the Indian Forest Service.

An Indian Forest Service officer is independent of district administration. The works on administrative, judicial, and financial powers in his own domain. The IFS officers are at the top position in the state forest department.

IFoS Job Roles

UPSC IFoS- Job Roles Indian Forest Service Officers

The various Job Roles of an Indian Forest Service Officer are described below:

Principal Chief Conservator of Forest:

The Principal Chief Conservator of Forest Officer is also called as the head of the forest force. The major responsibility of the officer is to manage the forests, environment, and wildlife issues of a state of India. It is the highest post in the Indian Forest Service in a state.

Additional Chief Conservator of Forest:

The Additional Chief Conservator of Forest assisting the Principal Chief Conservator of Forest. He or She is directly answerable to the Principal Chief and must obey the responsibilities assigned by the chief.

Deputy Conservator of Forest:

A Deputy Conservator of Forest is considered as the Division Forest Officer. The main duty of the Deputy Conservator Officer is to manage the forest, environment, wildlife-related issues in the forest division of a state.

Assistant Conservator of the forest :

The main duty of the Assistant Conservator of Forest Officers is to assist the higher-level officers in the department and complete the task assigned by them.

Forest Range Officers (FRO):

A Forest Range Officer is responsible for the management of the respective forest range act as custodian of all government property associated with the respective forest range and follows the instruction of the Deputy or Divisional Conservator of the forest.

Employment Opportunities for Indian Forest Service Officer:

Employment opportunities for IFS officers are available in the government sector. The candidates who clear the exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission and clear all the stages of the recruitment process will be selected for various positions like Forest Range Officer, Deputy Conservator of Forest, Assistant Conservator of Forest, etc. There are no private opportunities in the private sector of India.

IFoS Salary

UPSC IFoS- Salary 2020-2021

Pay Scale and Salary Structure of Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officer:-

  1. Director-General of Forest (Grade- Director General of Forest): Rs. 80,000/- fixed, grade pay as Nil.
  2. Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Grade-Apex Scale):- Rs. 80,000/- fixed, grade pay as Nil.
  3. Chief Conservator of Forest (Grade- Above Super Time Scale):- Rs. 37,400/- to Rs. 67,000/- plus grade of Rs. 12,000/-
  4. Conservator of Forest (Grade- Super Time Scale):- Rs. 37,400/- to Rs. 39,000/- plus grade of Rs. 10,000/-
  5. Conservator of Forest (Grade- Selection Grade):- Rs. 37,400/- to Rs. 39,000/- plus grade of Rs. 8,700/-
  6. Deputy conservator of Forest or Divisional Forest Officer (Grade- Administrative Grade):- Rs. 15,600/- to Rs. 67,000/- plus grade of Rs. 6,600/-
  7. Deputy conservator of Forest or Divisional Forest Officer (Grade- Senior Time Scale):- Rs. 15,600/- to Rs. 67,000/- plus grade of Rs. 6,600/-
  8. Assistant Conservator of Forest (Grade:- Junior Time Scale):- Rs. 15,600/- to Rs. 67,000/- plus grade of Rs. 6,600/-
IFoS Allowances

UPSC IFoS-Allowances and Perks

The allowances which are included with their exceptional pay packages are:

  • House Allowance: The Government of India provides the Indian Forest Officers with a house in the place of posting during their term where they shift with families.
  • Traveling for Work: This requires someone in the field to constantly travel from one place to another place and the government bears the travel expenses and provides a travel allowance.
  • Lease allowance: Depending on the place of posting the members can opt for lease accommodation up to a certain limit set by the government.
  • Medi-Claim:- The officers receive medical benefits for their entire family for the entire period of the term.
  • Transport:- The officers allotted cars and designated drivers to travel for their field service.
  • Bills:- The governments took care of their electricity, water, and phone bill.
  • House help:- The officers receive the domestic helpers and security guards for the house where they stay.
IFoS Benefits

Other benefits and perk of the Indian Forest Officers

  • Special Allowance: The officers are given bonuses based on their extraordinary performance.
  • Study leave:- The officers are given the liberty to take a leave and go to their higher study.
  • Retirement: After the retirement of the officers, they are given regular pension benefits credited to them on time every month.

An Indian Forest Service officer is eligible for the promotion to the Conservator of the forest after 14 years of service and CCF after 18 years of service and to PCCF in 28 years. It takes about 18 years for an officer to reach the level of Conservation of Forest and 25 years to reach the level of Chief Conservation of Forest.

If you are interested in the environment and are passionate about bringing a positive impact on the environmental condition of the country, you can apply for the job. Lastly, for those who are interested in the Indian Forest service, we hope that the article has been encouraging enough for you to stay dedicated to your choice.



Ques. What is the salary range of IFoS officers?

Ans. The salary range of IFoS officers can be between INR 50,000-3,00,000 lakhs per month depending on their designations and experience.

Ques. Is it easier to crack IFoS, compared to IAS?

Ans. IFoS is slightly easier than IAS as there is no optional subject to study for the Mains and the syllabus is comparatively shorter.

Ques. Which has a better pay package- IFoS or IAS?

Ans. The pay scale for IAS is significantly higher than IFoS.

Ques. Is IFoS a good career choice in terms of remuneration?

Ans. It is a good choice is terms of remuneration as well as the perks that you can enjoy. However, the job is hectic and involves a lot of traveling and field work.

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