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Jun 10, 2021

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The first phrase exam is going to be conducted from September 29, 2020, to October 05, 2020. As the SSC CPO Paper-I Exam is already knocking on the doors of the aspirants, candidates need to speed up their preparation and apply proper strategies.

Every year approximately more than 8 lakh candidates apply for the SSC CPO exam. Therefore, the competition is tough as the number of applicants is large. If you are planning to crack the SSC CPO 2020 exam, your primary importance should be the SSC CPO Syllabus and Exam Pattern.

Candidates need to thoroughly understand the SSC CPO Syllabus so that they can plan their SSC CPO Preparation strategy accordingly. They can also check out previous years’ papers for better understanding of the exam. In the following sections, we are providing SSC CPO Preparation tips which the candidates can follow while preparing for the exam:

SSC CPO Preparation For General Intelligence & Reasoning

The General Intelligence & Reasoning section is exclusively designed to test candidates’ quick decision-making ability and visualizing power. This section is one of the easiest and high scoring areas of SSC CPO Exam. The difficulty level of this section is comparatively easier than the other sections.

  • Questions on analogies, coding and decoding, missing characters, Venn diagrams, syllogism, mathematical operations, etc. are of major priority.
  • Candidates must have a strong and in-depth understanding of the basic concepts regarding these topics.
  • Candidates must develop their ability to think and enhance problem-solving skills so that in the exam hall, they can answer with accuracy.
  • General Intelligence & Reasoning section consists of 50 questions.
  • Choose proper books which cover the syllabus. Check SSC CPO Syllabus and Important Books
  • Candidates can practise reasoning in their leisure period so that they can invest their time on other subjects as well.
  • At least invest 1-2 hours on this section on a daily basis depending on your educational background and intellectual ability.

SSC CPO Preparation For General Knowledge and General Awareness

The General Knowledge and General Awareness section is comparably more vast than the other subjects of Paper-I. Therefore, quite obviously this section can be a bit tricky to manage. But keep your focus on important topics, and not on the entire subject. Static GK mainly pertains to Culture, Indian History, Geography (India+World), Environment, Science & Technology, Economy, and Polity. However, candidates can score good marks in this section by following the preparation tips for SSC CPO SI:


  • Give primary focus on Indian history and world history is necessary to cover but not in-depth.
  • Pay attention to three major areas- Ancient and Modern.
  • From ancient history, the questions are mainly asked from Buddhism, Jainism, Vedas, and Indus Valley civilization, etc.
  • In the modern era, pay attention to the pre-independence and post-independence era.
  • You can start with NCERT History books from Standard VII to X.

Geography and Economics

  • In the case of geography and economics, you need to focus on physical and Indian Geography.
  • No necessity of going through world geography, only lay stress on climate change, diversity, major events etc.
  • Questions are also asked from the economy but very few. Check SSC CPO Syllabus and Important Books for question analysis.
  • Preferably start your preparation with NCERT of Geography from class 7th to 10th and economics book of 11th class only.


  • Approximately 35 – 40% of SSC CPO Paper-I questions are from the science topic.
  • Follow basic NCERT science books from 7th to 10th class.
  • Start Resolving the previous years’ papers and sample papers for better understanding the predictability of the question types.
  • Environment, Nutrition, Diseases, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc are very important sections of Science.
  • Previous years question analysis is very important.

Current Affairs

  • Current affairs are the most dynamic topic.
  • To boost your current affairs part, go through newspapers on a daily basis. Newspapers like the Hindu, the Indian Express, Times of India etc are preferable.
  • Go through important information like names of people and places in news, names of receivers of various awards, etc.
  • Maintain daily noting of important events which makes it easier to revise.
  • Keep an eye on the national BUDGET regularly.

SSC CPO Preparation For Quantitative Aptitude

For the Quantitative Aptitude section, Aspirants need to improve their calculation speed. They need to learn short methods and tricks for the Arithmetic section.If candidates allocate 3-4 hours per day to Maths, they can effortlessly crack the Maths section of SSC CPO with high marks.

  • It is such a section that definitely requires problem-solving mentioned and tactics.
  • You need to be strong in the quant section for selection. This section requires understanding and practice.
  • At the beginning of preparation, follow class 8th,9th, and 10th NCERT maths books.
  • This subject also requires special attention to Algebra, Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, and Mensuration
  • Make a chart of all the formulas and paste it in your room. Keep going through the formulas whenever you get the time.
  • If possible understand the logic behind the formulas to remember it for a longer period of time.
  • Try to give more time to the topics that are tough.

SSC CPO Preparation For the English Language

As far as the syllabus is concerned, there is no major discrepancy in SSC CPO exam pattern. However, candidates need to practice this section for at least 30 -60 minutes to prepare properly.

  • Candidates must read and digest a lot of content such as newspapers, novels or magazines to gain a basic understanding of the flow.
  • Aspirants need to read English newspapers on a daily basis to work on building vocabulary and enhancing grammar.
  • Practice English questions from quizzes. Solving English quizzes and mocks will be extremely helpful for you to get familiar with the exam pattern.
  • Pick up standard books for SSC CPO preparation. Don’t follow random books.

SSC CPO Preparation: General Tips

For any students who are preparing for SSC CPO 2020, need to follow the below mentioned general strategies to get higher marks and perform better than the expectations in term of cracking the exam:

  • Maintain a comfortable study plan that you can maintain regularly. The study schedule also includes the name of topics of each day to avoid the waste of time in the course.
  • Utilize your time in the best way possible. You can give short quiz tests or mock tests of 30-40 minutes when the topic is completed.
  • When you are doing a mock test, try to score high marks then achieved in previous mock tests every time. At least try to save progressive analytics of mock test to understand the growth.
  • In the exam hall, try to save more time for Quantitative aptitude, and try to speed in the general awareness section.
  • Make sure that you go through with your notes and revisit all the shortcuts and tricks, formulas and techniques that you have learnt already.
  • Avoid new topics at the last minute because this will only lead you to confusion.
  • Last but not least stay focused and sleep well to maintain your physical and mental fitness.

All aspirants need to do one thing and that is to stay focussed. No exam is tough until you decide to crack this full dedication & Hard Work. Make a full-hearted attempt towards cracking the nut of SSC CPO exam. Give your 100% in the exam. Surely You will achieve your ultimate goal.

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*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


divakar sharma
How to prepare for SSC SI Delhi Police & CAPF Exam ?
kavita rani

Hi Divakar. To prepare for SSC CPO SI Delhi Police & CAPF Exam, candidates must follow an effective the strategy and understand the syllabus and the requirements for Physical Endurance Test and start preparing from before. The candidates can refer here to help candidates in cracking the exam.

fauzia shahid
how to prepare english for ssc cpo?
kavita rani

Hi Fauzia. Candidates are suggested to read English newspapers daily as it helps improve their vocabulary skills. Also, solving English quizzes and mocks will be extremely helpful for you to get familiar with the exam pattern. Other useful tips are here.

mohammed najamuddin
how to clear ssc cpo physical?
kavita rani

Hi Mohammed. Candidates are supposed to run 1600 meters in 6 minutes 30 seconds (male candidates). Practice is very important to do so within this time. Most importantly, stay focused and sleep well to maintain your physical and mental fitness. Other details are mentioned here.