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SEBI Grade A 2021: Vacancy, Salary Structure, Work Profile and Promotion

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Feb 17, 2021

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The notification of SEBI Grade A 2020 Application and vacancies has already been released. The number of vacancies, salary structure, job description and overall career prospects are some of the major factors that Candidates applying for SEBI Grade A 2020 consider. Aspirants can join SEBI as assistant managers and can grow to the position of chairman eventually.

Therefore, there is no dilemma that it is a golden opportunity for the candidates who are looking for a banking-based job. SEBI is offering 140+ vacancies through this exam. With the notification, SEBI also assured the Job-profile as well as Exam Pattern. Check SEBI Grade A: Exam Pattern, Marking Scheme and Syllabus.

Here in this article, we will discuss minutely the SEBI Grade A 2020 Salary Structure, work-profile, job-role, roles and responsibilities, career growth, salary perks and other benefits of this post.

SEBI Grade A: Important Highlights

  • SEBI is offering 147 vacancy seats for the post of Assistant Manager.
  • The successful candidates recruited for the post of SEBI Grade A officer have to serve a probation period of 2 years.
  • Gross monthly salary is INR 1,07,000 per month without accommodation of a SEBI Grade A officer.
  • An Assistant Manager gets INR 73,000 per month with accommodation.
  • The ultimate career growth of an Assistant Manager (Grade A) is to become the Chairman.

SEBI Grade A 2020: Vacancy

SEBI Assistant Manager Grade A 2020 vacancy details have been released along with the official notification. A total of 147 vacancies are released for the Assistant Manager Post of 2020. Here is a detailed vacancy list of SEBI Grade A 2020:

Stream Number of posts
General OBC SC ST EWS Total
General 32 22 12 6 8 80
Legal 12 4 2
NA 6*
8 4 2 28
Information Technology 8 3* 1* 1* NA 5*
5 2 1 1 17
Engineering (Civil) 0 0 - 1* 0 NA
Engineering (Electrical) 2 1 1* 0 NA 1*
0 0 3
Research 3 1 0 1* NA 1*
0 0 4
Official Language 1 0 0 0 0 1


  1. Candidates belonging to OBC category but also eligible as the 'Creamy Layer' are not entitled to OBC reservation.
  2. EWS Reservations for Economically Weaker Sections in recruitment is governed by Office Memorandum No.36039/1/2019-Estt(Res) dated 31.01.2019 of Department of Personnel & Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Government of India.
  3. “EWSs vacancies are tentative and subject to further directives of the Government of India and the outcome of any litigation. The appointment is provisional and is subject to theIncome& Asset certificate being verified through proper channels”.

SEBI Grade A 2020: Salary Structure

The pay scale of Grade A manager is INR28150-1550(4)-343501750(7)-46600-EB-1750(4) -53600- 2000(1)-55600 (17 years). Taking into account allowances, the gross emolument scale is approx. Rs. 1, 07,000/- per month without accommodation and INR 73,000/- per month with accommodation.

The salary structure can be a bit confusing. To clarify the confusion the candidates are facing related to the salary structure of an Assistant Manager (Grade A), the following paragraph, and the mist will be cleared:

  • In the first year, the SEBI Grade A officer basic pay will be INR 28,150/-
  • These would be 4 annual increments of INR 1550/-
  • So After 5 years, your basic pay would be INR 34,450/-.
  • From 6th to 12th year of your service (7 years) you will get an annual increment of INR1, 750/-.
  • EB stands for Efficiency Bar.
  • Then the next 4 annual increments would be INR1, 750/-. Thus, taking the Basic pay to INR 53,600/-.
  • Next annual increment would be of INR 2,000/- Which means the basic pay would be ₹55,600 at the end of 17th year.

SEBI Grade Assistant Manager: Allowances and Benefits

Along with the basic pay, an Assistant Manager of SEBI receives various allowances and benefits which is really tempting. In this following section, there is a full list of allowances and benefits:

  • List of Allowances:
    • Dearness Allowance
    • Family Allowance
    • Local Allowance
    • House Cleaning Allowance and more
  • Benefits of An Assistant Manager:
    • Leave Fare Concession
    • Medical Expenses
    • Eye Refraction
    • Education Allowance
    • Financial Dailies
    • Book Grant
    • Briefcase
    • Conveyance Expenses
    • Staff Furnishing Scheme
    • Scheme for Purchasing Computers
    • Subsidized Lunch Facility, etc.

Pay Scale in SEBI

Grade Scale in INR
Junior Assistant 13150-750(3)-15400-900(4)-19000-1200(6)-26200-1300(2)28800-1480(3)-33240-1750(1)-34990 (20 years)
Grade 'A' 28150-1550(4)-34350-1750(7)- 46600-EB-1750(4)-53600-2000(1)- 55600 (17 years)
Grade 'B 35150-1750(9)-50900-EB-1750(2)-54400-2000(4)-62400 (16 years)
Grade 'C’ 49000-1750(3)-54250-1900(2)- 58050-2000(4)-66050-EB-2000(2)- 70050-2150(1) -72200 (13 years)
Grade 'D' 68500-2150(2)-72800-2250(6)-86300 (9 years)
Grade 'E' 72800-2250(1)-75050-2400(2)- 79850-2500(3)-87350-3000(5)- 102350 (12 years)
Grade 'F' 101900-3000(4)-113900 (5 years)
Executive Director 120500-3500(2)-127500 (3 years)

There are chances that offices can be posted and transferred to any location in India or even UTs as per the requirements of various branches around the nation. A SEBI Grade A Officer is under probation for 2 years from the time of her/his joining. After successful completion of the Probationary period, the selected candidate is made a permanent Officer of SEBI. Also, there is a bond or contract during the provision period.

SEBI Grade A 2020: Roles and Responsibilities

As mentioned in the eligibility, SEBI 2020 is recruiting several candidates from various streams. Each stream or department has a specific set of functions which you would have to perform. These functions and duties would be made clear to you after joining & also in training. No matter what of the Department/Stream, All the duties and responsibilities of SEBI Grade A Officer are in line with the overall responsibilities of SEBI as an organization. These responsibilities are as follows:

  • Approval of stock exchanges by-laws.
  • Amendment of by-laws of Stock Exchanges.
  • Inspection of Accounts of Stock Exchanges and various players.
  • Identify and investigate any malpractices within Securities Markets.
  • Taking steps for increasing Investors knowledge on Securities Markets.
  • Suspension of Security Tradings of a Stock Exchange.
  • Granting and Withdrawing Recognition of a Stock Exchange.

SEBI Grade Assistant Manager: Career Growth:

Grade A officer is the entry-level manager in SEBI Organization. One can expect to become an executive director which is top-level in this national organization. The Executive director can also be promoted to the post of Chairman. Promotions depend on the availability of the posts, vacancies, work-done in the organization etc. However, being promoted from one post to another can take at least 5-6 years.

SEBI Hierarchy

SEBI Hierarchy

The salary and job profile is very lucrative and respectable in the organization which is a primary reason behind so many candidates competing for it every year. The very limited number of vacancies makes the competition tougher than ever. We hope this information guides you in making better decisions and wishes you the very best for the exam!


Ques. What are the working hours of SEBI Grade A Officers?

Ans. The normal office timings of a SEBI Grade A Officer is from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. These timings may vary based on the workload or department or circumstances.

Ques. Will there be any training after being selected in SEBI Grade A 2020?

Ans, After you are being selected as a SEBI Grade A officer, you must undergo a compulsory training program which is conducted and maintained at SEBI Headquarters in Mumbai.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


lakshay kakkar
What is the salary that will be paid upon the placement at Indian Bank?
kavita rani

Hi Lakshay. The average salary range for SEBI Grade A is INR 1,07,000 without accommodation and INR 73,000/- with accommodation. The breakage of the salary is provided to the selected candidates with their official Job Letter. Get more details related to the same here.

koyena biswas
What is the salary during the probationary period?
kavita rani

Hi Koyena. SEBI offers 147 vacancy seats for the post of Assistant Manager. The successful candidates recruited for the post of SEBI Grade A officer are supposed to serve a probation period of 2 years. Gross monthly salary is INR 1,07,000 per month without accommodation of a SEBI Grade A officer.
Check other details here.

sheetal chib
What is the salary that will be paid upon the placement?
kavita rani

Hi sHeetal. The gross monthly salary is INR 1,07,000 per month without accommodation of a SEBI Grade A officer, while Assistant Manager gets close to INR 73,000 each month with accommodation. More details related to the same are presented here.

akash jaiswal
what does general stream means??
abdul nazir

Hi Akash, different streams in SEBI is based in one’s educational qualification. General stream candidates are those without any specialisation stream. For more details on SEBI exam click here.