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PNB SO Salary Structure, Pay Scale, Benefits, Allowances 2021

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Dec 10, 2020

The salary in PNB SO (Punjab National Bank -Specialist Officer) is decided by the Punjab National Bank authorities. Salary of posts like Manager, Sr. Manager, and Officer may differ based upon the seniority of the post.

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The scale of Pay for PNB SO

The salary package for the PNB SO jobs is different for different posts according to their grade/scale. Specific grade pay is also provided by the PNB along with PNB SO salary.

Post Name Grade/Scale Scale of Pay
Senior Manager(Credit) MMGS-III 42020-1310/5-48570-1460/2-51490
Manager(Credit) MMGS-II 31705-1145/1-32850-1310/10-45950
Manager (Treasury) MMGS-II 31705-1145/1-32850-1310/10-45950
Manager(Architect) MMGS-II 31705-1145/1-32850-1310/10-45950
Manager(Civil) MMGS-II 31705-1145/1-32850-1310/10-45950
Manager (Economic) MMGS-II 31705-1145/1-32850-1310/10-45950
Manager(HRD) MMGS-II 31705-1145/1-32850-1310/10-45950
Manager(Law) MMGS-II 31705-1145/1-32850-1310/10-45950
Senior Manager(Risk) MMGS-III 42020-1310/5-48570-1460/2-51490
Manager (Risk) MMGS-II 31705-1145/1-32850-1310/10-45950
IT Officer JGMS-I 23700-980/7-30560-1145/2-32850-1310/7-42020
Chartered Accountant MMGS-II 31705-1145/1-32850-1310/10-45950
Agricultural Field Officer JGMS-I 23700-980/7-30560-1145/2-32850-1310/7-42020
Rajbhasha Adhikari JGMS-I 23700-980/7-30560-1145/2-32850-1310/7-42020
Marketing Officer JGMS-I 23700-980/7-30560-1145/2-32850-1310/7-42020

In the above-mentioned table, MMGS stands for Middle Management Grade Scale.

JGMS stands for Junior Management Grade Scale.

PNB SO Salary

Salary Structure for PNB SO

Employees working for PNB SO post get additional allowances along with salary. Those allowances are-

  • Dearness Allowances (D.A) – It is basically the cost of living. It is almost 36% of basic pay.
  • House Rent Allowances (H.R.A)-HRA is paid for the accommodation expenses and varies as per the city of residence of the employee. As per the posting, it is given 7-9% of basic pay.
  • City Compensatory Allowances (C.C.A)-As per the city of posting, CCA varies in the range of 0% or 3-4 % of basic pay. It is given to compensate for the high cost of living for the employees living in metropolitan cities.
  • Provident Fund Contribution- It is given almost Rs. 3000-3500.
  • Special Allowance- It is given almost 7.75% of Basic pay.
  • Another Allowance like Entertainment Allowance, Newspaper Allowance, Travelling Allowance etc. is given.

PNB SO after revision gross salary comes around:

  1. Rs. 30578 for Metro Cities
  2. Rs. 30488 for State Capitals
  3. Rs. 29927.5 for District Level and Rural Areas.

PNB SO In-Hand Salary

The in-hand Salary for the PNB SO candidates may change over time as they get increments. Although the PNB SO salary, in the beginning, maybe around 31,705 for the Manager posts in different departments and 42020 for the Senior Manager Posts.

PNB SO Probation Period

The probation period for most of the jobs in the government sector averages at 2 years. Selected candidates have to work for this period of time to become a permanent employee of the department. After completion of this period candidates will be eligible to enjoy all the perks and benefits given by PNB authorities.

PNB SO Benefits

PNB SO Benefits

  • Good Salary Package
  • Fixed Working Hours
  • Loan facilities with low interest
  • Job security
  • A significant number of leaves
  • Medical Benefits and handsome retirement plans
  • Compensation on purchase, travelling and education of their children.

PNB SO Career Opportunities

A JGMS-I gets ample opportunities for promotions, based on their performance. Here is the promotion/career growth hierarchy of PNB SO.

  1. Junior Management-Scale 1(Officer/Assistant Manager)
  2. Junior Management- Scale 2(Manager)
  3. Middle Management – Scale 3( Senior Manager)
  4. Senior Management – Scale 4(Chief Manager)
  5. Senior Management –Scale 5( Assistant General Manager)
  6. Top Management –Scale 6( Deputy General Manager)
  7. Top Management- Scale 7(General Manager)


Ques. What are the posts available under PNB SO?

Ans. The various posts available under PNB SO include I.T Officer, Agricultural Field Officer, Chartered Accountant, Rajbhasha Adhikari, Law Officer, HR Officer and Marketing Officer, Manager and Senior Manager of various departments etc.

Ques. What is the age limit to become PNB SO?

Ans. Candidates belonging to the age bracket of 20-30 are eligible to become PNB SO.

Ques. What is the in-hand salary of PNB SO?

Ans. The gross salary of PNB SO is around 38000-39000Rs. After deduction, the in-hand salary will be 33000-35000 Rs. It differs according to the post and the seniority of the post.

Ques. Which among the PNB SO and SBI SO is better?

Ans. Job responsibilities and career growth are the same in both of the jobs but the only difference is the salary.

Ques. Is the PNB SO salary different for various posts?

Ans. Yes, the PNB SO salary differs for posts such as managers, officers, senior managers etc.

Ques. How do candidates get the increment in PNB SO salary?

Ans. Increment in the PNB SO salary can be achieved after the probation period by achieving new feats and experience in the job.

Ques. Is the PNB SO exam conducted for the manager and senior manager posts only?

Ans. No, candidates aspiring for various posts under PNB can appear for PNB SO exams.

Ques. When do I get the PNB SO salary if I get this job?

Ans. The PNB SO salary is credited to the employee’s account every month that they work at any PNB branch.

Ques. Is there promotion opportunity in PNB SO?

Ans. Yes, there are ample opportunities to get promotion to a higher level in PNB SO. See the above post for more details.

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