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Mar 19, 2021

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The NTSE Stage 1 is a state-level examination conducted by the union territories and states in India. Stage 2 is a national level examination conducted by NCERT. NTSE Syllabus mostly comprises of Class 9 and Class 10 syllabus.  

Students preparing for the NTSE Exam should maintain their study not more than 2-3 books on each subject. NCERT books are primarily recommended for both stages of NTSE preparation. However, various NTSE workbooks online as well as offline, are favored by students.

Therefore, students must refer to these NTSE best books for MAT and SAT to prepare as well as previous year papers. Here are the practice papers for NTSE 2021.

How to Select Books

Tips to Select Best Books for NTSE 2021

It is essential to keep a few points in mind to equip for NTSE 2021. Following are the things to be considered before buying books:

  • Make certain to verify the year of publication of the book.
  • Make certain to obtain the latest edition of the book.
  • Cross-check the contents of the book with an updated syllabus.
  • Try to look for current books.
  • Go for well-known publication houses and authors to get the most appropriate content.
  • Books with sample papers and previous years’ question papers would add plus points.
  • It is clever to examine the topics and content of two or more books.
  • Go for the books that you find straightforward to comprehend.
Recommend Books

Best Books for NTSE 2021

The preparatory books are also favored by students, as they embrace each subject and topic. To qualify for the Stage-II examinations, students need to achieve at least 40% respectively each in MAT and SAT in the stage-I examination.

The following table contains the list of some of the best books for the preparation of NTSE:

Books for NTSE Publisher
Study Package for NTSE Class X McGraw-Hill Publications
Target NTSE Class 10 Stage 1 & 2 Solved Papers  Disha Experts
A Comprehensive Manual for NTSE for Class X (English) Access Publishing
Study Guide NTSE (MAT + SAT) for Class 10th 2020-2021 Arihant Experts
Pearson Guide to NTSE Class 10 (English) 1st Edition Pearson India
Practice Test Papers for NTSE Class X 1st Edition McGraw-Hill Publications
Subject-wise books

Subject-wise books for NTSE 2021

NTSE Books For Science

  • NCERT textbooks of Biology
  • NCERT textbooks of Physics and Chemistry

NTSE Books For Social Science

  • Contemporary India (NCERT Class IX and X)
  • India and the Contemporary World Part - 1 and 2 (NCERT)
  • Democratic Politics (NCERT Class X)

NTSE Books For Mathematics

  • NCERT Mathematics textbook of class IX
  • NCERT Mathematics textbook of class X
  • Students can also use RD Sharma and RS Aggarwal for references.

NTSE 2021 FAQs

Ques. Are NCERT books sufficient for preparation?

Ans. Yes, in order to qualify for the exam NCERT books are sufficient. However, studying and practicing from several other books can help to improve the score.

Ques. Why is it mentioned to use sample paper books?

Ans. After studying thoroughly for the NTSE exam, a student must solve the NTSE sample papers or refer to previous years’ NTSE question papers. As sample papers help to analyze their performances and be able to accomplish more on their weaker sections. Sample papers would also help the aspirant in time administration and would provide an idea of the nature of questions asked along with the marking scheme.

Ques. Can the books for mathematics is enough for MAT?

Ans. The books for mathematics can overlap the syllabus of the MAT. However, it is advisable to follow updated books for the MAT as it is very important for NTSE 2021.

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*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


Explain a few advantages of clearing NTSE?
jaya garg

Hi. One of the biggest advantage for the students who have passed the NTSE exam is that they get an additional scholarships from the central government worth ?500 per year. Moreover, NTSE scholar students opting to study further in Science and Social Science stream can get scholarship up to doctorate level and students opting for professional courses get scholarship till postgraduate level.

rohan bharti
Does the exam conducting authority consider request for evaluation / rechecking of my mark sheet?
jaya garg

Hi No, there is no provision for re-checking. Thus it is important to fill all details accurately, else your application form will be rejected.

arushi thankur
I have not received my admit card for the state level NTSE exam. Whom should I get in touch regarding the same?
jaya garg

Hi. You have to collect the admit card personally, if not dispatched. The candidates who have applied successfully will only get the admit card of the NTSE exam. The respective states will issue admit card for each candidate.

rohan bharti
Is RD Sharma a good book to prepare for NTSE Mathematics section?
jaya garg

Hi. Yes, it is a good book. IN addition to the same you can refer to NCERT Mathematics textbook of class IX and NCERT Mathematics textbook of class X. Do more questions to know the pattern and style.

jaya garg

Hi. The candidates who have appeared for the exam can refer to the official website of UPSC to check the scores. A total of 6552 candidates have been shortlisted for SSB Interview.

I am preparing for the NTSE exam, can you tell me subject-wise books for NTSE the Science?
jaya garg

Hi. Refer to the NTSE Books to prepare for the Science. NCERT textbooks of Biology and NCERT textbooks of Physics and Chemistry are good and will help get a good score in the exam. Refer here to get more information on NTSE Books For Science.

shruti verma
Till which class questions are asked in the NTSE exam?
jaya garg

Hi. The NTSE Stage 1 is a state-level examination taken by the union territories and states in India. Stage 2 is a national level examination conducted by NCERT and majority of all the questions are asked from Class 9 and Class 10 syllabus.