UPSC CMS Exam Personality Test Preparation Tips by Dr. Noopur Srivastava

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Apr 3, 2021

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Today, we will discuss the UPSC CMS Exam Personality test which will help the UPSC CMS aspirants to prepare well for the exam. It will also clear most of the doubts UPSC CMS aspirants might have.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducted the Combined Medical Services (CMS) exam every year for the selection of officers in the medical departments. Every year, the commission receives thousands of applications for the UPSC CMS Exam, but only a few candidates can make it.

Dr Noopur Srivastava who ranked 16th all over India in the UPSC CMS Exam 2016 has shared her UPSC CMS interview experience, based on which, we will try to solve out few general doubts that every UPSC CMS aspirant might have.

UPSC CMS Exam Personality Test

According to Dr Noopur, the commission sends an interview letter a month prior to the day of the personality test. The commission conducts the personality test at UPSC Office, New Delhi.

The personal interview is generally 25-30 minutes long and it is comparatively easy to crack the UPSC CMS interview for a serious candidate. Questions from Medical as well as General ability are asked in the interview. However, the candidates should answer them confidently.

There exists a group of four interviewers, out of which one is the chairman of UPSC and the other three belong to the medical field.

Medical Scenario Questions

According to Dr Noopur, a medical case scenario will be presented in front of the interviewees. One of the interviewers asked her to diagnose a condition in which a middle-aged woman comes with a lower limb acute pain. The interviewee was asked to decide the possibilities of the disease.

Another question related to the approach to Birth Asphyxia and Neonatal Resuscitation was also asked to her by another interviewer. According to Noopur, the questions asked were mostly basic and can be very well related to the clinical viva.

UPSC CMS Exam Personality Test - Questions

The candidates can be asked questions from the Medical field as well as general ability. Based on previously asked questions, the probable questions that can be asked in the UPSC CMS Exam Personality Test are given below.

  • Description of diseases such as Acute Rheumatic fever, Jones criteria, Infective endocarditis, etc.
  • Medical interventions and techniques such as APGAR score, Baby Delivery procedure, etc.
  • Dosages, uses and side-effects of drugs.
  • Causes, Signs and Symptoms of various medical conditions.
  • Questions related to Gynecology such as the causes of second-trimester abortion, cervical incompetence, Mcdonald's and Shirodkar's procedure.

Thus, questions such as signs & symptoms of disease with their causes, dosages & uses of drugs, description of various medical procedures, etc. can be asked in the UPSC CMS Interview.

The following points would be helpful for the candidates appearing for the UPSC CMS interview round.

  • Be Positive - Answer your questions with a positive attitude.
  • Listen - Always try to listen to the interviewer carefully, understand them and analyze the question to find out the best possible answer
  • Stay Confident - UPSC not only evaluates your knowledge but also your approach to difficult times. You should not get nervous during the interview. Answer each and every question with utmost confidence and stay calm throughout the interview process.
  • Stay Updated - You should stay updated with the latest news and technological reforms in the medical field. Questions can be asked from the literature and the new reforms in the medical field as well.
  • Be Practical - During the interview, you will be provided with a medical case and to diagnose the probable condition. Use your experience and knowledge to diagnose the condition efficiently. Thus, one must also be practically prepared for the same.

UPSC CMS Exam Personality Test - Things to Avoided

Dr Noopur shared a few things that are to be avoided during the UPSC CMS Personality test. She added that one must listen to the interviewer carefully, analyze the question, and answer it accordingly. In fact, listening to others carefully is considered as one of the good habits and it will add to your values during the interview.

Noopur also advises not to cross-question the interviewer. This usually created a bad impression. The candidates must answer all the questions that they know and can simply apologize and skip those that they don’t know. Changing and deviating out of topics should be strongly avoided during the UPSC CMS interview. Such things can negatively affect your overall performance in the interview.

Thus, the candidate must stay confident, positive and energetic throughout the interview process to get selected in the UPSC CMS. UPSC evaluates candidates on the basis of Knowledge, Practical Skills, their ability to deal with Problems and adverse situations.

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