4 Months Preparation Tips for UPSC Combined Medical Services Examination

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Apr 5, 2021

The Combined Medical Services examination (computer-based test) will be conducted by the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) on August 29, 2021. The official notification of the UPSC CMS exam 2021 will be announced on May 5, 2021. Hence, the desired aspirants, who are willing to apply for the exam, get approximately more than 4 months to prepare for the exam. As per the experts’ suggestion, 3-4 months of intensive study is enough to prepare for the combined medical services examination.

Crash Course

The candidates should divide the subjects as per the weightage of the sections. More specifically, one to two weeks is enough for preparing vast subjects, whereas 3-4 days are sufficient for the preparation of short subjects. The last one month should be kept for revision and practice. Hence, to crack the exam at one go, the aspirants should follow smart work along with hard work and sincere dedication.

4 Months Preparation Schedule

The 4 months preparation schedule can be categorized into three stages, which have highlighted in the following section:

Stage 1: Study (First two months)

The first two months are assumed to be a beginning time of studying when the aspirants have to cover the subject-wise syllabus thoroughly. Most of the aspirants have an idea about the exam pattern and syllabus since they would have gone through the sections during the preparation of the PG entrance exam. Hence, studying the entire syllabuses will take approximately 2 months (and the time limit will be varied from candidate to candidate).

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Stage 2: Revise

In the second stage, the aspirants should keep one month’s time for revisioning the study. It will, in turn, help them to recall their learning and they can refresh the content. The revision should be done in 3 phases.

Phase 1: Keep a separate time for revising the topic, which you have prepared during that day. Therefore, it will help you to create a clear picture of the topic.

Phase 2: The aspirants are advised to revise the topics, which they have covered/ read in the last 14 days. Hence, this process will help the aspirants to memorize the subject-wise topics.

Phase 3: Once the studying will be completed, the aspirants should keep the last one month for the revision of the entire syllabus. It will keep refreshing the topics in the minds of the candidates. A firm revision process will lead to saving the topics in the memory of the aspirants. They will not forget their study due to adopting such a consistent revisioning strategy.

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Stage 3: Practice

Once you complete your studying and revision, the candidates should start to practice the topics both from online and conventional sources. It will be wise to take a full-length mock test daily. Hence, they can analyze their performance and identify their strength and weakness. Consequently, the aspirants will be capable to boost up their confidence level and accuracy.

Apart from appearing in the full-length mock tests, the candidates should practice previous years’ question papers to know more about the question pattern and weightage of each section. Try to complete the practicing of tests within the mentioned time frame, it will, in turn, build their habit of completing the exam within the given time schedule.

3 Months Crash Course

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