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Jun 19, 2020

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IBPS SO is a national level entrance test for selecting Specialist Officers at different branches of 17 central and state-level banks of the country. Unlike IBPS PO, the Bank SO have very specific responsibilities that are limited within their departments. There are several posts that are selected through this test and the qualification requirements are also very specific. This is a primary reason why the popularity of the exam is comparatively less as every graduate is not eligible to apply. One of the most important posts for which the recruitment is done through IBPS SO is Marketing Officer. Here, we are going to share a breakdown of all the tasks that the marketing officer is responsible for and the prospect of growth in this career path.

Different Job Posts Selected through IBPS SO

Before we delve further into the details of the job profile of a marketing officer, you should also know about the other positions for which the recruitment is done through IBPS SO, so that you can choose your career path wisely.

  • IT Officer Scale I
  • Agricultural Field Officer Scale I
  • Rajbhasha Adhikari
  • Law Officer Scale I
  • HR/Personnel Officer Scale I
  • Marketing Officer Scale I

All these posts are entry-level job roles in the respective department and the prospect of growth is there but only within the specific departments. If you are looking forward to growth in the bore banking sector and relevant services, then eventually you will have to switch to general banking in the future.

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Job Role of IBPS SO Marketing Officer

The IBPS SO marketing officer is responsible for increasing the sales and profit of the bank. They are an important part of the banking sector and are in charge of all marketing, social media, and networking events. The flexibility and opportunities available for the marketing officer are more compared to the other post for which recruitment is done through this exam. The following are the major job roles of the IBPS SO Marketing Officer-

  • They are responsible for all social media posts and the presence of the bank and must be efficient in using different social media marketing tools.
  • They have to strategize and undertake different marketing campaigns and also organize the various marketing events for the bank. They are also responsible for conceptualizing ads to put forward the services and offers of the bank to the masses.
  • They are also responsible for creating awareness about the different products among the other staff as well. They have to organize workshops, training programs, etc. so that the staff is able to put forward these products to the clients.
  • They have to coordinate with different ad agencies and manage the advertisements both online and offline.
  • They have stayed in touch with the public relations professionals so that they are able to assist the bank better with relevant services.
  • The marketing officers have to manage press releases, bulletin boards, and all similar tasks related to the publicity of the bank.
  • The budget related to the marketing of the company is also managed by the marketing officers.
  • Ideating the new products and services related to the bank for better profits and sales.
  • Assisting the PR department in ensuring the banks’ reputation is upheld in the region as well as the state.
  • The marketing officers should also be familiar with the federal and state regulations so that the promotional campaigns and activities comply with them.
  • They have to guide the staff on the implementation of the new products and the services.
  • They are also responsible for providing sales training at different branches and monitoring sales performances.
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Growth and Career Prospects of IBPS SO Marketing Officer

The IBPS SO Marketing Officer Scale I is the entry-level position and there are several opportunities for growth throughout your career. However, the growth is limited to the department in which you are working. The following are the next levels to which you can get promoted eventually-

  • Junior Management Grade Scale – I Officer- entry-level post right after selection
  • Middle Management Grade Scale – 2 Manager- after 3 years of service
  • Middle Management Grade Scale – 3 Senior Manager- after 3 years of cumulative period or 6 years of service
  • Senior Management Grade Scale – 4 Chief Manager- 3 years of cumulative period or 9 years of service
  • Senior Management Grade Scale – 5 Assistant General Manager- 3 years of cumulative service or 12 years of service.
  • Top Management Grade Scale – 6 Deputy General Manager- 15 years of service
  • Top Management Grade Scale – 7 General Manager- 18 years of service.

The take-home salary including all the perks and benefits for an IBPS SO marketing officer is INR 30,000 to 39,000. There are many benefits like HRA, travel allowance, etc besides the basic pay. The basic pay is around INR 23,000-27,000.

Advantages of being an IBPS SO Marketing Officer

  • The job role is very specific and relevant to your educational qualification.
  • It is a creative role that gives you ample opportunity to share your ideas and think.
  • The role of an IBPS SO is less stressful compared to that of the IBPS PO.
  • The transfers are less frequent as the requirement of IBPS SO is mainly there in zonal offices, and head offices of the bank, and they are almost always located in a metro city or urban area.

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If you are considering a banking career but want it to stay relevant to your academic knowledge, this is one of the best opportunities that you can get. The role of the IBPS SO marketing officer is very creative and you get a lot of flexibility regarding the job role which is a prime reason behind this specific position being coveted by many aspirants. We hope the information provided about the job role will help you make an informed and wise decision regarding its suitability for you.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.