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How to Prepare for the AFCAT in One Month

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Jun 1, 2020

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AFCAT, also known as Air Force Common Interest Test is conducted by IAF two times in a year. The difficulty level of the AFCAT Examination is comparatively lesser than other competitive examinations. Besides, the question paper consists of the basic questions related to the respective domains.

All you have to do is stay dedicated and study a bit thoroughly to crack this examination even if you have just one month in hand. Here we have come up with the complete important points and tips following which you should be able to crack the AFCAT Examination in just one month.

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Preparation Tips for AFCAT Examination

Before starting the preparation, you need to know the exam pattern for it. The AFCAT exam is a 2 hours question paper of 100 questions and involves questions based on different domains. This includes Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test, English Verbal ability, Numerical ability as well as reasoning respectively.

  • Revision

Yes, you read it right. Revise, revise, and revise. That's the key to better preparation. Make sure to mark all the important topics and underline the relevant points. Besides, brush up all the shortcuts and formulas to solve the queries precisely. Go through all the points which you have managed to study till now and check how much you can revive.

  • Practise

As they say, practise makes a man perfect. With so many questions and less time, it is always better to keep practising so that all questions could be solved within a lesser time. Practise would certainly help individuals to enhance their time management skills.

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  • Strategies and Plan

Come up with proper strategies and planning that you are going to follow in the examination hall. This includes reading the paper thoroughly and then ranking the questions according to the preferences.

Check out the last year’s question papers and analyze it properly to get a better idea regarding the questions. See what topics are common and cover them precisely.

  • Stay Calm

Do not study without breaks. Make sure to include short breaks in between to keep yourself away from panic and pressure. Do not start with anything new just a day before your examination. Give your body rest and sleep. A relaxed mind before any examination is extremely important.

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Studying Tips For AFCAT

You should always study smartly when preparing for any examination like AFCAT. That's because smart study is better than endless study.

  • Jot down all the points and make notes of it so that you could revise it easily anytime you want.
  • Come up with a plan where you could cover all the relevant topics for the examination.
  • Focus on your time management so that all your answers could be covered on time.
  • Keep testing yourself and work on the areas where you are lagging behind.
  • Upgrade yourself with all the recent information and news regarding the IAF as well as the Indian Army.

Important Topics For AFCAT Examination

Now that you are aware of the study materials, examination tips, study tips, and preparation tips, let's check some of the important topics related to the examination.

Verbal Ability

Try adding this in your preparation list to score much better in the examination. Here are the topics that are relevant for verbal ability

  • Synonyms and Antonyms: Follow last year question papers to cover this part of the paper.
  • Spot the Errors: Practice more grammar and brush up your basics like nouns, pronouns, adjectives to clear this one.
  • Sentence Order and Jumbled Sentences: Narrate the questions so that you come up with the order of the sentence in which it should be placed. For jumbled sentences, try to apply the options and see which one is the correct answer.

General Awareness

Here are some of the important topics for general awareness

  • History: Try following the study materials of Pathfinder and Lucent.
  • Geography: Emphasize on topics like river, mountains, estuaries, physical features of India etc.
  • Indian Politics: Make notes for all the important facts and other information related to Indian constitution.
  • Economics: Go through areas like census, 5-year plans, etc to cover the economics part.
  • Science: Clear all the basics from past reference books for the science portion.
  • Current Affairs: Keep yourself updated with all the current topics. Read newspapers, online journals, magazines to be enlightened with the current affairs.

Numerical Aptitude

The topics that cover most of the numerical Aptitude portion are ratio, profit & loss, Simple Interest and Compound Interest.

  • Profit & Loss: Keep all the important formulas in mind
  • Ratio: Go through all the relevant derivatives to cover the ratio part
  • Simple Interest and Compound Interest: Practise more and more and remember all the formulas.


Make sure to practice and master yourself in the categories like Venn diagram, odd one out, figure series and analogy.


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  • Leave extra info at the end if they’re helpful and your likely wordcount (1k+) has crossed.

Download Free AFCAT Sample Papers

Exam Tips for AFCAT Examination

These are some of the tips for the AFCAT Examination that you can follow to perform well all over.

  • Enhance your calculating speed so that you could solve the mathematical problems fast.
  • Read newspapers every day to acquire better vocabulary and get information regarding the current affairs
  • Solve last year’s papers to know the pattern and type of questions that come in the examination. Master yourself within this sector to solve it on time.
  • Do not panic and keep yourself relaxed. Take breaks in between your study schedule.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.