UPSC rejects the possibility of foul play in the merit list of UPSC 2019

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Aug 7, 2020

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UPSC has recently released a list of 829 candidates against 927 vacancies for UPSC 2019. The exam conducting body has commented on rumors about foul play in the merit list at last. All claims regarding foul play have been rejected by the commission by emphasizing that shortlisting a lesser number of candidates is a common practice for a long time. The rumour on backdoor and lateral entry arose due to the lesser number of candidate selection despite of an earlier notice for 927 vacancies. The discrepancy has also led to a widespread rumor of possible scam with the hashtag #UPSC_Scam trending for many hours on social media platforms like twitter. Check UPSC eligibility criteria here.

The official statement was released on Thursday by UPSC. Earlier records of such shorter merit list happened in 2018 when 759 candidates were selected against 812 vacancies. In 2017, 990 candidates were selected against 1058 vacancies. In 2016, 1099 candidates were selected against 1299 vacancies.

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