RRB NTPC: Solve Seating Arrangement Questions in a Go

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Oct 15, 2020

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Seating Arrangement marks one of the most integral and scoring topics in the Reasoning section of the RRB NTPC exam. The frequency of questions from this topic is consistent and at least two or three sets of Seating Arrangement questions are being asked every year.

Seating arrangement questions are generally based on linear, circular, square/rectangular shapes. Although the level of difficulty is average many aspirants find its tough row to hoe. But with consistent practice and a clear understanding of basic ideas, aspirants can easily solve questions asked from the seating arrangement topic.

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What does the Seating Arrangement mean?

Seating Arrangement is the logical arrangement of either objects or people in a conceptual manner. Aspirants need to analyze logically the arrangement asked in the question and carefully de-code to get the answer correct.

RRB Seating Arrangement Questions: Types

Questions in reasoning generally revolve around these 3 types of seat arrangement questions:

1) Linear Arrangement

In Linear arrangement questions aspirants need to check the directions of the people. Arrangements are generally asked in a single row or double row.

2) Circular Arrangement

Circular arrangement questions usually consist of physical quantities arranged in a circular manner They are divided into two types:

  1. A) Facing the center: - Every object or a person in the arrangement will be facing the center of the circle.
  2. B) Facing outwards: - Every object or a person in the arrangement will be facing the outwards of the circle.

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3) Square/Rectangular Arrangement

Following questions are usually asked from the following arrangement:

  1. a) All people are facing towards the center.
  2. b) All the people are facing outside the center.
  3. c) Some people are facing inside while some are facing outside the center.

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RRB Seating arrangement questions: Techniques to solve

Aspirants should follow the given tips to correctly solve Seating Arrangement questions.

  • Carefully interpret the data provided in the question and jot down all direct statements provided in the question.
  • Now look for negative statements provided and accordingly note down the data.
  • Follow the question and try to draw different arrangements in the early steps.
  • Through the data provided in question make possible arrangements and try to decode in simpler terms for easy understanding.
  •  Do a neat rough work for a clear understanding of the steps and question data. Consider all the possible scenarios which may be formed as per the data given in the question.
  • After the desired answer, carefully look for the answer and tick accordingly.
  • Practice all types of Seating Arrangements questions to solve the questions smoothly.
  • Never repeat the same mistakes again and always open to new ideas and tricks.

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