Strategy to Crack the CSIR-UGC NET Exam 2020

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Jun 22, 2020

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If you are preparing for CSIR UGC NET Exam, then you are about to reach your climax of preparation for this exam. The most helpful and beneficial thing is you must realize the importance of the CSIR UGC NET Exam. The aim must not be just qualifying the exam but gain the award of JRF or Assistant Professorship which can be achieved only with a good score and dedicated preparation. Here are some tips to reach the peak of your achievement:

  • Gain concept clarity

CSIR UGC NET Exam is a complex and tricky exam as we know it is conducted to identify the deserving candidates for research purposes and professorship. Your growth of career is depending on CSIR UGC NET Results. Hence, you must get the basic things about the exam clearly:

  • Be very sure about the exam pattern and the current trend of the types of questions that are being faced in the exam.
  • Understand the duration and time management needed for the exam.
  • Once you find that you are quite sure enough to for this exam, keep note application dates, exam dates, the changes in the exam dates, and other information related to the exam. Check the important Dates of CSIR UGC NET 2020.
  • Memorize the Syllabus of CSIR UGC NET Exam

You already have set your mind that you are going to appear in the CSIR UGC NET Exam and you have taken a good look at the syllabus of CSIR UGC NET Exam but yet something is missing. In such cases follow these instructions:

  • Write down the detailed form of the CSIR UGC NET Syllabus that you manage to find and the topics that are included among the chapters noted in the syllabus.
  • While noting your syllabus, make sure that you are dividing them according to the exam pattern of your subject CSIR UGC NET Exam.
  • In the case of the detailed preparation, it is important to know the important topics. Such cases if you have already memorised the syllabus you have come to know that what is to read and what to omit.
  • Take look at the previous years’ questions to identify the topics getting repeated in the exam and give importance to them.
  • Memorizing the syllabus and exam pattern will also save you time when you have come across a topic unknown as well as unsure whether the topic is included in the syllabus of the CSIR UGC NET Exam.
  • such cases will often happen and you need to keep the detailed syllabus in mind to prepare faster.
  • Always keep handy both: softcopy and a hard copy of CSIR UGC NET Detailed syllabus.

Check CSIR UGC NET Syllabus Subject-wise and Exam Pattern.

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  • Sustain a well-planned Method of study

It is extraordinarily difficult to qualify CSIR UGC NET Exam as a JRF unless you are following a study plan. As the research says that the students who consistently maintain a routine of their daily doings and stay motivated likely have a lot more chances to qualify tough exams like CSIR UGC NET Exam. Before you make a study routine, keep the following things in mind:

  • The foremost strategy is not to waste your time looking for shortcuts.
  • Your study plan should be according to your lifestyle. Do not follow other people’s plans which will make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Make time for mock tests or previous year papers on alternative days.
  • If you have 6 months in your hand for preparation, you can make a plan of 5-7 hours of study on a daily basis.
  • If you have only 2-3 months left to the exam and not yet well prepared, make a study plan which dedicates at least 10-12 hours a day.
  • Read with unique methodology

There is no doubt that the syllabus of CSIR UGC NET Exam is pretty vast and most of the students follow the syllabus like their degree course. Ready the topics in a monotonous way can make you feel bored and exhausted some times also. Here are some methods which way candidates can make the preparation:

  • First, Divide the syllabus according to your difficulties, and start with the easier ones.
  • Start your preparation with the topics you are already familiar with and good at. Do not waste time on the totally unknown concepts.
  • While preparing the familiar topics, try to relate them with the unknown topics. This way you will feel less pressure and gain control over the unknown topics as well.
  • While studying the basic concepts and fundamental factors, it is sincerely advised to skip the mugging up strategy and try to understand and then, memorize it if needed.
  • Do not skip the reference books because most of the questions have the chance of being asked directly from these books.
  • Keep a handy notebook for noting the highlights of each chapter so that in the time of the revision, you won’t require to read the ook minutely.
  • Make your own note in your language. Thus, you will have a clear idea about the topic and you will not need to reprepare the topic due to having notes in your own language.
  • Stick sticky notes ide of your notes while mentioning some important pieces of information.
  • While making notes, use diagrams, flow charts, bulletins, and boxes that you can memorize it much effectively.
  • You can watch online videos and online sources of topics not to waste time while getting bored with books yet it will make it interesting.
  • Tips on How to Revise

Another great tool for proper preparation is to revise. Revision is necessary for any exam preparation, and when it comes to CSIR UGC NET Exam, it becomes more essential. Here are some important methods you should keep in mind while revising:

  • Do not revise like you are preparing the topic for the first time.
  • Revise by reading the note and highlighted areas. These ways you will save so much of your time
  • Run through the topic at the end of the week what you have prepared throughout the week.
  • While revising, retake the mock tests and test yourself if you are making the same mistakes.
  • If you do not revise regularly, it is possible to get confused among the difficult topics, and in the exam hall, it will consume more time to answer the questions.
  • As through CSIR UGC NET Exam, they are identifying candidates for research and professorship, you must gain the depth of each topic and be confident about it.
  • In the revision period, take the help of reference books and other sources to have the desired depth of knowledge.
  • Solve Previous Years’ Papers and Sample Papers

Before you get into your preparation, it is important to have the previous years of question papers. This way you will be able to know what sorts of questions are most often, what shorts are of least importance. You follow the below-mentioned tips while practising the sample papers and previous years’ papers:

  • While reading a topic, after reading look into the question papers, whether any questions have been asked in any year of CSIR UGC NET Exam.
  • Note the solved question at the end of the note-making of a specific chapter.
  • By practising more and more the previous years’ questions and sample papers will help you to maintain accuracy and also will increase your confidence.
  • While practising, you will understand the tricks and twist of the questions even before the exam. This helps to avoid some silly mistakes and learn to read the questions patiently.
  • By going through the previous years’ papers and sample papers, you will be able to predict the people’s questions and type of questions.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, it is hard to get the previous year of questions in the market among such crisis. Click to download the Previous Years’ Questions and Sample Papers of CSIR UGC NET.

  • Mock tests and Time Maintenance

Mock tests are very crucial. Try to give one mock test every week. This will let you know your growth. We would suggest you save the analysis of each mock test so that you can analyse them decide your weakness and strength and work on them accordingly. It also will help you to increase your accuracy.

Another thing you will learn by taking mock is time management. Each mock test is designed like you are in the exam hall and attempting the exam itself. You need to answer 120 questions within 3 hours of duration. This means that you have 1 minute 30 seconds with accuracy.

Mode of the exam is online which is really helpful. Taking online mock tests will give you CSIR UGC NET exam-like environment. Take Test series as per your choice of Subject. Click here to for Test Series of CSIR UGC NET 2020.

  • Stay Motivated

Everything depends on your psychological state. Do not lose hope. Losing hope will affect your study as well and you will have hard time in concentrating on your studies. High energy and a positive attitude will guide you towards the great achievement for which you are preparing in spite of all the challenges in your life. To stay motivated, you should do yoga or exercise as per your choice to stay healthy and fit both psychologically and physically.

Tips for your First Attempt at cracking CSIR NET 2020

If CSIR UGC NET 2020 is your first attempt, do not be afraid. Here we are mentioning to help you out in your first attempt to give the best of yourself:

  • This exam is an online exam, so it will be a lot like online mock tests.
  • Be true to yourself. To qualify the exam needs a lot of time management skills. You need to count all the hours of each day to the day of the exam and utilize it properly.
  • As you need the depth of knowledge, you also need to be patient. There will a lot of difficulties in understanding some questions and answers. In these cases do not lose hope.
  • Your focus must be on clearing the conceptual understanding.
  • At the end of your preparation, do not feel like you are not well prepared due to nervousness. Go for long walks or meditate to calm yourself.
  • A day before the exam only revises the notes you have made with your eyes. No need to go in detail.
  • Lastly, Maintain a good diet and sleep at least 6-7 hours a day.

There is no substitute for hard work but if you make the same mistake repeatedly, your ward work will not be fruitful. There follow a smart study plan. Start preparing for CSIR UGC NET Exam. Check Career Prospects after CSIR UGC NET 2020.


Ques. What is the difference between CSIR NET and UGC NET?

Ans. The biggest difference between the CSIR NET Exam and UGC NET Exam is :

  • CSIR NET is organized only for science stream students in five subjects. CSIR NET exam age limit for JRF is 28 years
  • UGC NET is conducted in approx 100 subjects. in UGC NET the maximum age limit is 30 years for JRF.

Ques. Which is better CSIR and UGC NET?

Ans. One cannot compare these two exams because both of the exams pursue the same aim i.e. check the eligibility of the candidates for lecturership and junior research fellowship. If you choose CSIR UGC NET, click here to check out the eligibility criteria of the CSIR UGC NET Exam, or if you choose to UGC NET, check the eligibility criteria of UGC NET.

Ques. How many attempts are there for CSIR UGC NET Exam?

Ans. There is no restriction upon the number of attempts. If they are appearing for JRF they have to remember the upper age limit i.e. 28 years. For Assistant Professor, there is no upper age limit.

Ques. Is there any negative marking in CSIR NET Exam?

Ans. The negative marking for CSIR NET Exam changes as per the main subject you choose. To know the Exam Pattern of CSIR UGC NET subject wise, Click Here.

Ques. Can we crack CSIR NET without coaching?

Ans. Yes, one can 'crack' CSIR-NET without coaching, if one believes. If you are not ready to put in efforts and think coaching will do the trick, you are completely wrong. If you have made your mind that you are going to crack this exam without coaching, follow the above mention strategies in this article.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.