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Career Options after Qualifying CSIR NET 2020 Exam

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Jun 18, 2020

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CSIR NET is organized twice in a year (June and December) to select the talented researchers and lecturers who can contribute their knowledge and skill to the education industry. As you can imagine that qualifying CSIR NET has always been a great delight and pride for the aspirants yet Most of the CSIR NET aspirants often ask, “ What is after CSIR NET? or “ what are the career options after clearing CSIR NET?”. There are various career scopes after qualifying the exam, yet students find themselves with a lot of questions regarding these opportunities.

It is important to have a clear knowledge of the career path you are already following or have decided to follow. In this article, you will find the possible career opportunities you can follow after clearing the CSIR NET and the growth of the career path you might follow. The most possible career paths are:

  • Ph.D. in India

CSIR NET qualifiers with top-ranking marks in the exam can go for Ph.D. programs and add the doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in your glamorous resume. Altogether, the degree of a doctorate will give any candidate once in a lifetime chance to enhance their knowledge. On the other hand, all reputed and advanced research universities and institutes in India while selecting a candidate for their Ph.D. program prefers a student who has cleared his/her CSIR NET exam.

For the first two years, the fellowship of INR 31000/- + HRA per month depends on different institutes and for the next three years, the fellowship of INR 35000/- + HRA per month depending on various universities and institutes, shall be provided. The fellowship is also provided by some private universities and institutes under some policies. Ph.D. is such a degree while you get to have a regular job and a degree. such opportunities will provide you to start a new journey to explore what Carrer options are available after qualifying the CSIR NET exam.

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  • Ph.D. Abroad

After qualifying CSIR NET, candidates get golden opportunities to pursue their Ph.D. from Abroad universities. Countess Indian scientists had been bestowed with awards in Abroad. And this is a time when candidates get into renowned universities like Max Planck, Mcgill University, Cornell University, Oxford Universities, and many more. They are aware of the CSIR NET exam. Therefore, a qualified CSIR NET candidate plans to apply in these universities in these scientist’s labs then he/she will have an advantage of getting selected.

  • Professorship

Teaching as a profession is one of the noblest and if you venture to make a difference in our society and our nation, this is an area where you can build your career and make a difference positively. Many universities under State/Central government have declared that CSIR NET is mandatory for applying for the teaching positions.

According to the latest notice which is issued by the Indian government it is mandatory to have a Ph.D. degree, CSIR NET qualification in order to become a permanent employee in the teaching field in various government institutes and universities.

Other than the Government Job Opportunities, CSIR NET Qualified candidates are being considered on priority in the private sector also. You will get high packaged jobs Private Universities after qualifying the CSIR NET qualified and at least ten years of experience in Professorship and also can be promoted in some prestigious positions like:

  • Head of Department,
  • Principle,
  • Vice-Chancellor.

As a professor, in the current prospect, you will be able to ear at the beginning of your career approx INR 5.75 Lakhs to 11.88 Lakhs per annum depending on various universities and institutions, scores and your academic performances.

  • Lecturer or Assistant Professor as Teaching prospects

We all always remember the teacher, especially those who inspired and motivated us to become what we are really passionate about. The position of a Lecturer or Assistant Professor is such a position where you have the opportunity to change the lives of numerous aspiring students.and will be able for teaching positions (assistant professor) in colleges and universities throughout the country. You will receive a salary of around Rs. 45,000 per month.

Teachers/ Lecturers are great influencers. They are contributing their precious knowledge to educate our country people and make them more skilled. Here are some benefits worthy to be mentioned:

  • You will get a chance to work with the new generation and learn about the updated and new things from them.
  • You can make a significant positive change in the Indian Educational System by following a unique teaching style.
  • Will gain different Experiences and face interesting challenges daily while teaching and meeting new people almost every day.
  • You will become creative and exercise and enhance your knowledge while distributing your experience and knowledge.
  • You will be able to see yourself in other students and help them out in their difficulties.
  • You will get the chance to inspire and guide a student while conveying information.
  • You can share your passion through your teaching and knowledge sharing abilities.
  • It is such a field where you can learn as well as earn.
  • The duty hours and the policies of leave and salary are often excellent.

In one word, being a lecturer or assistant professor is a job like a dream come true.

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  • Joining Research Labs

Students can set up their own Research Labotaries with the permission of the Government and with the aid of strictly following the pointers issued by way of them to start their laboratories.

Another option is CSIR NET cleared candidates can move forward as a researcher through applying for Research Fellow Position in any of the reputed CSIR Research Laboratories. DRDO especially coincides the CSIR NET Certificate for recruiting candidates in various labs such as :

  • Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), Bangalore
  • Advanced Numerical Research & Analysis Group (ANURAG), Hyderabad
  • Aerial Delivery Research & Development Establishment (ADRDE), Agra
  • Armament Research & Development Establishment (ARDE), Pune
  • Center for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (CAIR), Bangalore
  • Center for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety (CFEES)
  • Center for Military Airworthiness & Certification (CEMILAC), Bangalore
  • Centre for Air-Borne Systems (CABS), Bangalore
  • Combat Vehicles Research & Development Estt. (CVRDE), Chennai
  • Defence Institute of Bio-Energy Research (DIBER), Haldwani
  • Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE), Bangalore
  • Defence Bio-Engineering & Electro Medical Laboratory (DEBEL), Bangalore
  • Defence Electronics Application Laboratory (DEAL), Dehradun
  • Defence Electronics Research Laboratory (DLRL), Hyderabad
  • Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), Mysore
  • Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), Deemed University, Pune
  • Defence Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR)
  • Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences (DIPAS), Delhi
  • Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), Delhi
  • Defence Laboratory (DLJ), Jodhpur
  • Defence Materials & Stores Research & Development Establishment (DMSRDE), Kanpur
  • Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL), Hyderabad
  • Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL), Hyderabad
  • Defence Research & Development Establishment (DRDE), Gwalior
  • Defence Research Laboratory (DRL), Tejpur
  • Defence Scientific Information & Documentation Centre (DESIDOC), Delhi
  • Defence Terrain Research Laboratory (DTRL), Delhi
  • Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE), Bangalore
  • Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), Bangalore
  • High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL), Pune
  • Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences (INMAS), Delhi
  • Institute of Systems Studies & Analysis (ISSA), Delhi
  • Institute of Technology Management (ITM), Mussorie
  • Instruments Research & Development Establishment (IRDE), Dehradun
  • Integrated Test Range (ITR), Balasore
  • Laser Science & Technology Centre (LASTEC), Delhi
  • Microwave Tube Research & Development Center (MTRDC), Bangalore
  • Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL), Ambernath
  • Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), Cochin
  • Naval Science & Technological Laboratory (NSTL), Vishakapatnam
  • Proof & Experimental Establishment (PXE), Balasore
  • Research & Development Establishment (R&DE), Pune
  • Research Center Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad
  • Scientific Analysis Group (SAG), Delhi
  • Snow & Avalanche Study Estt (SASE), Chandigarh
  • Solid State Physics Laboratory (SSPL), Delhi
  • Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory ( TBRL), Chandigarh
  • Vehicle Research & Development Establishment (VRDE), Ahmednagar

CSIR NET Salary Structure in DRDO for various positions as given below:

Name of the Position Pay Scale
Scientist ‘B’ INR 15,600-39,100
Scientist `C’ INR 15,600-39,100
Scientist `D INR 15,600-39,100
Scientist `E INR 37,400-67,000
Scientist `F INR 37,400-67,000
Scientist `G INR 37,400-67,000
Scientist `H INR 67000-79,000
Distinguished Scientist INR 75,500-80,000
Secretary DRDO, DG R&D and Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri  INR 80,000

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  • Joining Public Sector

After qualifying the CSIR NET 2020 exam, You will get an amazing career scope of joining in Public Sector Organizations. PSU offers a wide range of benefits and wonderful salary packages to talented people. In India, now many public sectors are taking an interest and considering CSIR NET qualified candidates for recruitment. Here we are proving a list of Public organizations which gives priority to CSIR NET qualified candidates:

  • Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
  • Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR)
  • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)
  • Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore
  • Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI)
  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI)
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)
  • Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC)
  • Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)
  • Centre for Studies in Social Sciences

Other than national-level organizations, there are countless sate organizations that prefer CSIR NET qualified candidates for their vacancies and recruitments.

  • Scientific Laboratory Technicians

You can be a scientific laboratory technician or support executive with a science background and the desire to support analysis, investigation, research, and development. The career opportunities as a Scientific Laboratory Technicians, you can have:

  • As a Scientific Laboratory Technician, you may be involved in quite a few laboratory-primarily based investigations like sampling, testing, measuring, recording and studying results within biological, chemical, physical and life technology areas.
  • You also can carry out sampling, testing, measuring, recording, and analyzing results as part of a scientific team.
  • While running as a Support Executive inside the Research laboratory, You have to assist the Research Analysts and guide them to work properly.
  • Also, You have to convey work that assists in the advancement and development of modern science and technology.
  • Private Corporate Sector and Firms

Private corporate firms like Novartis, Lupin, GSK, Dr.Reddy’s, Thermo Fisher, etc are some of the leading life science and pharmaceutical companies which hire life science candidates for various roles. Indian cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad is a hub for a wide range of life science and pharmaceutical companies. If a candidate is CSIR qualified that gives the impression that the candidate is quite talented and educated, and this works in favour of the qualified candidate to get selected by the employer of such companies. Specifically, chemistry students have an immense advantage to get selected in life science, chemistry as well as pharmaceutical companies.

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  • Entrepreneur

In the process of preparing for CSIR NET exam one gains so much knowledge that they can make their own formula or commercial product. From products like enzymes, or providing various types of services like analysis of scientific data, and blood samples to education, one can very well come up with innovative ideas to progress as a business person or entrepreneur. There are uncountable start-up businesses are raising by such talented and motivated candidates who aim to make their own empire rather than going for a regular job.

So when you are going for a national level exam like CSIR NET and qualifies it with your full potentiality, your career scope becomes like an open path. You just do not get a job in one position, you get to decide your future according to your capabilities and passion. So, dearest aspirants, start preparing for CSIR NET as soon as possible to achieve the milestone of your dreams because as they say “ The more the better”.


Ques. What is the salary of UGC NET qualified lecturer?

Ans. The certificate of UGC UGC NET Qualification provides you with the eligibility to teach in colleges and universities as well as institutes. Once you get the job, you will receive a salary of around Rs. 75,000 per month depending on the University and the institute and your academic performance.

Ques. What are the benefits of clearing CSIR NET?

Ans. There are multiple opportunities available you can grab after passing UGC NET JRF exam in India as well as abroad such as Working in Top Laboratories, assistant professorship, professorship, as a researcher, etc. to know more, read the above article carefully.

Ques. Is JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) a permanent job?

Ans. The Junior Research Fellowship is a position that can be availed by qualifying national level exams conducted by agencies like UGC, CSIR, ICMR, DBT, ICAR-NET, and GATE also enable the award of the fellowship.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.