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SSC CGL vs SBI PO 2020: Job Profile, Salary, Perks, Exam pattern, Growth

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Jul 18, 2020

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Choosing a specific career is challenging when we have thousands of options around us. This applies to the banking sector as well where there are different entry-level posts and aspirants often get confused about which will be the best in terms of salary, career opportunities, and other determinants. So before selecting an appropriate career you should know your skills, interests, and the most important thing, your passion for the work. This article shares a comparison between two popular public sector jobs, SSC CGL and SBI PO. Both jobs are reputable and stable government jobs. They both have their own pros and cons. Read on, to clear your vision about both the exams and relevant job roles.

SSC CGL vs. SBI PO- Job Profiles

Below given table shows the main aspects of SSC CGL and SBI PO job profile.


  • Administrative works have to be done.
  • Official proceedings such as RTI queries handling of some cases have to be seen.
  • National provisions and nationwide policies have to be taken care of.
  • Supervision, inspection, raid, synchronization are some of the main aspects of this job.


  • Services have to be availed to customers.
  • Clearance of payments are done.
  • Should be able to handle cash transactions and manage accounts of customers.
  • Simulation of banking services and products are taken care of.
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SBI PO and SSC CGL Exam- Syllabus

Syllabus is the most crucial part for preparation of any exam. SSC CGL and SBI PO both exams have their respective set of syllabus.

Below given are some differences in syllabus of SBI PO and SSC CGL.

Business-related questions are much more asked than general knowledge. Questions are asked from current affairs as well as general studies.
All topics of quantitative, aptitude & reasoning are asked but mostly it depends on data interpretation. All topics of quantitative, aptitude & reasoning are asked in SSC CGL.
In the SBI PO exam, many questions are related to Social Economic Awareness. Socio-Economic Awareness is not asked in SSC CGL exam 
Trigonometry is not required. Trigonometry is required.

Salary Comparison between SSC CGL vs. SBI PO

Salary in both the jobs do not have much difference.


  • Since frequent transfers occur, the cost of settlement in SBI increases.
  • Extra perks got added.
  • Salary ranges around 40 thousand per month.


  • In SSC salary gets reviewed under 7th grade pay commission.
  • Salary ranges around 50 to 55 thousand per month.
Job Salary
SBI-PO 43-47K
SSC-CGL 52-55K

SSC CGL vs. SBI PO- Exam Pattern

Below given table is about the exam pattern comparison of SBI PO and SSC CGL.

SBI-PO Preliminary Exam pattern

Section Number Of Questions In Each Section Marks For Each Section
Quantitative aptitude  35 35
English 30 30
Reasoning 35 35
Total 100 100

SBI-PO Main Exam pattern

Section Number Of Questions Each Section Marks For Each Section
Data analysis and interpretation 35 60
General awareness 40 40
Reasoning &Computer aptitude 45 60
English 35 40
Total  155 200

And there is a descriptive test too where 50 questions are allotted for 30 marks. This section helps to test English proficiency of candidates.

SSC-CGL exam pattern

SSC CGL exam is divided into different tier, namely Tier 1, Tire 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4. Below given is the brief description about the exam pattern of each Tire of SSC CGL.

Tier 1 Exam pattern

Subject Number Of Question Marks Negative Marking Per Wrong Answer Duration
English comprehension 25 50 0.25 60 mins
Reasoning& General intelligence 25 50 0.25
Quantitative aptitude 25 50 0.25
General awareness 25 50 0.25
Total 100 200 1

Tier 2 Exam pattern

Subject Number Of Questions Marks Negative Marking Per Wrong Answer Duration
Quantitative aptitude 100 200 0.5 2 hours
Statistics 100 200 0.5 2 hours
General studies 100 200 Not updated 2 hours
English  200 200 0.5 2 hours

Tier 3 Exam pattern

There will be essay writing as a descriptive test. You can choose both Hindi & English as a language. In this test, you will have 60 minutes for 100 questions.

Tier 4 Exam pattern

Data Entry Speed TEST (DEST) and Computer Proficiency Test (CPT) is taken for a few posts. This section has to be completed in 45 minutes.

SSC CGL vs. SBI PO- Promotion and Career Prospects

One of the crucial criteria which stand out is promotion. Everyone aspires for progress and growth and so promotion plays an important role in it.


  • Promotion in this job happens every 4-5 years.


  • Promotion in this job happens every 2-3 years.

SSC CGL vs. SBI PO- Transfer

SSC CGL and SBI PO both have transfer as a crucial criteria.


  • SSC CGL being an administrative service transfer occurs as per the requirement in the department of the person.


  • Everyone gets transferred in SBI PO for every 2 to 3 years. In this case transfer depends upon two criteria promotion and seniority.

SSC CGL vs. SBI PO- Perks and Privileges for Female Candidates

SBI-PO jobs are in favor of females as they can get their posting near to their parents and husband. For male, they have to work for extra hours for inspections and recoveries. In SSC-CGL you will have less stress and financial risk in comparison to SBI-PO. So, for females both the jobs are a little bit more favored.

SSC CGL vs. SBI PO- Growth and Prospects

If you want to grow fast then, SBI-PO job is for you as you can get promotions to higher positions frequently. But if you want time for yourself and your family or simply a less hectic job, then SSC-CGL is best fit for you. But in SSC CGL the growth rate is comparatively low than SBI-PO as you do not get promotion frequently.

SSC CGL vs. SBI PO- Exposure and Status

The exposure rate of SBI-PO jobs is much higher than that of SSC-CGL. In terms of respect, both are equal. Salary and perks are the best and equivalent in both the fields. Both fields provide many allowances. You will have ample opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge. But if you want administrative power then go for SSC-CGL. However, aspirants of SSC-CGL require a great level of patience as growth and exposure is slow paced but in SBI-PO every work is swift and gives great exposure.

Here we have pointed out some of the important aspects of both SBI PO and SSC CGL job profiles. It depends upon individual to individual which one to choose and move ahead. Choose as per your passion and interest that will help you to work with full honesty and dedication.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.