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SSC CGL 2017 Vacancies for Auditors

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Oct 18, 2017

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Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts SSC CGL every year for recruitment of various posts under the Central Government. SSC CGL demands a total cut off (Tier1+Tier2+Tier3) which everyone needs to clear to get a desired post. Also depending upon the final score and rank of the candidate, post allocation is done out of various posts.

  • SSC CGL 2017 is divided into Four Tiers. Tier 1  is open to all eligible candidates and by clearing the Tier 1 you move to the other Tier i.e. Tier 2 and so on.
  • For the post of the auditor (C & AG, CGDA, CGA) and the post of assistant auditor (CAG) you need to clear all the three levels i.e. Tier 1, 2 and 3.
  • Tier 4 is meant for some other posts but not for the job of an Auditor.

SSC CGL Auditor Job Profile

  • TO INSPECT: Audit means inspect, so the term Auditor itself defines about the job of an Auditor which revolves around the inspection and to supervise the Government’s expenses and also to keep a check on the money spent. Inspection depends on the department they are in. For example if they belong to the railway department they will keep a check on each and every activity related to money- how they are using it.
  • CAN RAISE A QUERY: They can raise a query if the money is not used judiciously or not used in accordance with the people’s interest. For example if they suspect any suspicious activity going on in their assigned department they can question the process.
  • POWER OF AN AUDITOR: They have the power to bring the wrong-doings of others through their inspection and can further take matter for the proper research after permission from other higher officers.

SSC CGL Vacancies for Auditors and Assistant Auditors

  • SSC CGL (for Auditors) has around 3333 vacancies and also 1000 vacancies for an assistant auditor.
  • CGDA, CGA and C&AG belongs to the Group C (Income Tax Inspector)
  • Assistant Auditor (CAG) belongs to the Group B (Excise Inspector)
  • Many seats are reserved for the Outcastes and Physically challenged people.

SSC CGL Auditor Vacancy for CGDA

CGDA stands for Comptroller General of Defense Accounts. Degree from recognized university or equivalent is required.

  • Nature of work – Audit expense reports of Accounts of defense forces
  • Your work profile will depend upon where you are posted.
  • Departments include auditing in Defense, Pension, PAO, Audit of Army and Air Force.
  • If posted in departments like Defense and PAO, you just have to do only the accounts duty that means it’s a desk job.
  • For departments like Local audit of Army and Air Force, field work is required.
  • GP (Grade Pay) for CGPA is 2800
Category Vacancies Cut off 2013
TR  1582 411 
RC  433 350 
RT  301  332 
NAC 809  397
DWS  339   -
NH 45   -
GH 22  -
UH  20  -

SSC CGL Auditor Vacancy for CGA

CGA stands for Comptroller General of Accounts. CGA is the apex accounting body in the Government of India.  The principal Accounts Adviser to the Government of India.

  • The work nature of Accountants are mainly clerical in nature.
  • Bill Passing- They look through all the bill procedures – from salary to office expenses.
  • They are responsible for proper accounting of revenue and compiling the expenditures incurred in civil ministries
  • Also it’s their responsibility to keep a check on the pension provided to the people and also to look into entire GPF Account maintenance of the staffs.
  • GP (Grade Pay) for CGA is 2800.
Categories Vacancies Cut off 2015
TR  432
RC  3 378
RT  1 369 
NAC  0 421 
DWS  0  -
NH  -
GH 0  -
UH  -

SSC CGL Auditor Vacancy for C&AG

Comptroller and Auditor General is an auditor level post. Main work is to audit expense reports of State Department.

  • Your work profile will depend upon where you are posted.
  • You will be posted in various wings like Railway, Commercial, Civil, Scientific, Economic and Revenue, Central Government etc. and their main job is to audit depending upon the nature of the fields. Like a railway has to examine all the activities of railway department and so on.
  • It is the responsibility of CAG HQ to allot the candidates in these wings generally on random basis.
  • Grade Pay for C&AG is 2800.
Category Vacancies Cut off 2015
TR 101 430
RC 30 368
RT 15 351
NAC 54 412
DWS 20 -
NH 3 -
GH 3 -
UH 0 -

NOTE: It is suitable for people with color blindness.

SSC CGL Audit Officer Vacancy for CAG

CAG stands for Comptroller and Auditor General of India. In India, CAG has only auditing role, that is, work is of a policing accounts, which is basically checking after the money has been spent.

  • CAG audits different types of Government acts.
  • Audit reports are submitted to President and the President presents   this report before of the House of Parliaments.
  • They are also responsible for assigning duty to the auditors working in C&AG Department.
  • For getting a job in CAG you also need to clear Tier 4 because it’s an interview post.
  • Grade Pay for CAG is 4800.
Category Vacancies Cut off 2015
TR 505 494
RC 150 431
RT 75 416
NAC 270 473
DWS 0 -
NH 15 -
GH 15 -
UH 0 -

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.