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Top 5 Posts to Aim for SSC CGL 2017

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Aug 14, 2017

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SSC (Staff Selection Commission) conducts Combined Graduate Level Exam (CGL) every year for recruitment to non-technical posts (Group B and Group C) in various ministries/departments of the Government of India. SSC CGL 2017 will be held from August 5, 2017 to August 24, 2017. 

  • There are two types of jobs offered by SSC- Field Jobs and Desk Jobs.
  • Candidates have to mark the job preferences during SSC CGL registration process to ease out the selection process.
  • Once marked, the job preferences cannot be changed.

It has been observed over the years that male candidates opt for field jobs and female candidates usually prefer desk jobs. Here we will try and look at the factors which lead to the preference chosen by both the genders.

5 most sought after posts offered under SSC CGL

There are many job opportunities that have been created by SSC CGL for aspiring candidates, but it is on the basis of some calculated analysis that we have come to a conclusion. According to the observations made, many candidates wish to seek jobs in Group B of SSC CGL. Given below are the 5 most sought after posts of SSC CGL. 

  • Examiner: The first choice among the candidates appearing for SSC CGL exam is of Examiner or an Inspector in Customs Department. Candidates applying for the post of Inspectors have to fill option B. There are 37 vacancies for this post.  An examiner can earn around INR 45,000 per month. He/She can get promoted as Appraiser (Group-B), Assistant Commissioner Group-A (IRS), Deputy Commissioner, Joint Commissioner and Commissioner.  Read About SSC CGL Inspectors Job Profile
  • Income tax Inspector: According to the record of 2015, almost 15 out of 20 candidates preferred post of Income Tax Inspector in SSC CGL. The preference is natural for the fact that every city/state has income tax department so the candidates can apply for this job in their hometown. There are around 346 vacancies for this post. Candidates can earn an initial pay of INR 13, 900.  They can be promoted as 
  1. Income Tax Officer: Group B Gazetted Post, in 4 to 6 years of duty
  2. Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax: In around 10-12 years of duty
  3. Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax
  4. Joint Commissioner Of Income Tax
  5.  Additional Commissioner of Income Tax
  6. Commissioner of Income Tax
  • Excise Inspector: The number of vacancies is high for Excise Inspector in SSC CGL 2017. The job offers the inspectors with a 3-star uniform and diversity in the job profile. There are over 855 total vacancies for the post of Inspectors (Central Excise) that falls under the grade pay of 4600. It is categorized under Group B. Candidates will be posted in different sections and departments from time to time. However, promotions in this job are comparatively slow. 
  • Assistant in MEA and CSS: For Delhi candidates, this job is most preferred as the job posting is in Delhi and even in a foreign country. Post of Assistant through SSC CGL has been number one choice among female candidates because the nature of work is a desk job.
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer/ Sub Inspector (CBI): It is a respectable job profile with the diversity of operations. These posts involve extreme hard work and dedication, so the candidates who wish to prepare for UPSC may not get time for the same. Otherwise, perks and salary of Sub inspector are good.   

Factors responsible for marking preferences in SSC CGL Exam

Candidates need to be very careful while marking their post preferences in SSC CGL Application Form. The choices once submitted cannot be retracted or changed. There are many factors that are considered before applying for a specific post, so, here are some considerations that are made while marking the post preference in SSC CGL Application Form:

  • Field Job vs. Desk Job: A field job requires a lot of traveling and outdoor job services, therefore, it has been observed that male candidates can be spotted on such job posts. While jobs which are commenced within the office premises are preferred by female candidates mostly.
  • Location: Almost every candidate looks for a job which is available in his/her home state. While choosing the post, candidates look for posts such as Divisional Accountant in CAG, Auditor in CAG, etc. as their offices can be found in major cities and states.
  • Pay scale, Salary, and Perks: Every candidate aspires to get higher pay/salary along with perks. SSC CGL Group B posts have higher pay scale than the job posts offered in SSC CGL Group C. Therefore, it is important to check out Salary Structure of SSC CGL Posts before marking the preferences. 

Males and Females do have different preferences for job profiles in SSC CGL. For example, in women, the most preferred post is Tax Assistant (CBEC) while in men it is Inspector (Central Excise). List of preference of posts by male as well as female candidates are given below in the table:-

Male Pref. Code Post Type Posting Female Pref.
1 K Inspector (Central Excise) Office as well as Field All India 8
2 M Inspector (Examiner) Office as well as Field Coastal Regions 9
3 J Inspector of Income tax (CBDT) Office as well as Field All India 10
4 L Inspector (Preventive Officer[CBEC] Office as well as Field Coastal Regions 22
5 P Inspector of Posts (Postal Department) Office as well as Field All India posting 12
6 N Assistant Enforcement Officer Office as well as Field Coastal Regions 16
7 Q Divisional Accountant (CAG) Office Delhi / State Capitals 11
8 R Statistical Investigator GR-II Office as well as Field All India posting 17
9 A Assistant Section Officer (Central Secretariat) Office New Delhi 7
10 D Assistant (Railway) Office New Delhi 15
11 E Assistant (External Affairs) Office Delhi Or Foreign 5
12 F Assistant Audit Officer Office Tier-1,2 Cities 3
13 S Inspector (CBN) Office/Field All India Posting 26
14 C Assistant (IB) Office Delhi / State Capitals 18
15 B Assistant (CVC) Office Delhi / Metro Cities 19
16 G Assistant (AFHQ) Office Delhi / Metro Cities 25
17 H Assistant (Other Ministries) Office Delhi / Tier-1 Cities 20
18 I Assistant (Other Ministries) Office Delhi / Tier-1,2 Cities 21
19 O Sub-Inspector (CBI) Field All India Posting 27
20 % Sub-Inspector (NIA) Field All India Posting 29
21 T Auditor (C&AG) Office Delhi /State Capitals 4
22 U Auditor (CGDA) Office Delhi /State Capitals 23
23 V Auditor (CGA) Office Delhi /State Capitals 24
24 @ Tax Assistant (CBEC) Office/Field All India Posting 1
25 Z Tax Assistant (CBDT) Office/Field All India Posting 2
26 X Accountant / Jr. Accountant (CGA) Office Delhi /State Capitals 13
27 W Accountant / Jr. Accountant (C&AG) Office Delhi /State Capitals 6
28 Y Senior Secretariat Assistant Office All India Posting 14
29 # Sub-Inspector (CBN) Office/Field All India Posting 28
30 $ Compiler (Registrar General of India) Office Delhi Posting 30

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.