SSC CGL 2017 Inspectors: Job Profile, Career Prospects, and Growth Opportunities

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Jun 1, 2017

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SSC CGL is a premier national level recruiting exam held every year for the recruitment of candidates to serve in various central government ministries and departments.  Out of the various posts that, are filled through SSC CGL 2017 , the post of Inspectors has special liking among candidates from commerce background.  

  • There are four main posts under the profile of an Inspector.
  1. Inspector (Central Excise),
  2. Inspector of Income Tax,
  3. Inspector (Preventive Officer),
  4. Inspector (Examiner).
  • All these posts are Group B posts related to the taxation machinery of the country.

The reason for it may be sighted from the fact that the job profile of an Inspector carries a certain amount of power and aura, high social status, job satisfaction, etc. All these perks and packages make this profile a hot favorite among candidates.

Candidates aspiring for the post of Inspector would have to take the SSC CGL 2017 exam which is an online based 4 tier (4th tier only for Auditor’s post) exam. Each tier would be an eliminating one where candidates not qualifying the cut-off would be eliminated from the further recruitment process.

SSC CGL 2017 Inspectors Vacancy

The vacancy for all the four posts of the Inspector is yet to be disclosed by the SSC. This year SSC has come out with some changes in the application process and vacancy disclosure.

  • The posts of Inspectors are grouped together and are allotted a category B. Candidates who want to apply for the post of Inspectors would have to fill option B as their first preference. Similarly, other posts are also grouped together based on their nature and are allotted category B, C, and D.

From this year SSC has adopted a method of disclosing vacancies for that year in later stages and not at the time of application. The reason behind this is that many departments and ministries submit their vacancies after the beginning of recruitment process for that year.

The vacancies for the post of the Inspectors are expected to be similar in number as that of last year. For your reference, we have tabled the vacancies for the post of Inspectors from the previous year.

Post Vacancies (Including SC, ST, and OBC)
 Inspector (Preventive officer) 121
Inspector (Central Excise) 855
Inspector (Examiner) 37
Inspector of Income Tax 319

SSC CGL 2017 Inspectors Cut-off

Due to the large preference of this post among male candidates, the cut-off for the job always hovers on the higher side. With a limited number of the posts under the recruitment process, the competition for grabbing the job is cut-throat. However, for someone who is preparing for the exam from quite sometimes, it would not be difficult to achieve that cut-off. For you reference, we have tabled the previous year’s cut-off for the post of Inspectors.

Post Category Cut-off
Inspector (Preventive officer) General 501.52
SC 434
ST 433.75
Inspector (Central Excise) General 496.25
SC 434.75
ST 424
Inspector (Examiner) General 523.5
SC 466.75
ST 467
Inspector of Income Tax General 519.25
SC 462.25
ST 459

The cut-off can vary from the previous year as it depends upon multiple factors. Following factor affect the cut-off of this year’s (for that matter any year’s) SSC CGL 2017 exam post wise cut-off.

  • Number of vacancies for that post
  • Difficulty level of exam
  • Number of applications made for that post
  • Score of the candidates

Thus, cut-off is variable in nature and can change every year. However, the wider range would be in accordance with the above tabled cut-off.   

SSC CGL 2017 Inspector Job Profile

As we discussed earlier in this article that the profile of Inspector has four sub-profiles, and each sub-profile has different work environment. We will here discuss the job profile of each post.

Job profile of Inspector (Preventive officer)

As a preventive officer you would get either field posting or office posting. If you are posted in office, just like other SSC jobs, you will do a lot of file and paperwork. In field posting, you would feel like actual customs preventive officer.

  • Your duty would include stopping smuggling activities and monitoring proper and timely payment of various duties levied by Indian customs department.
  • You would have some executive powers like power to arrest, search, seize, or detain.
  • Being a uniform job, the work is usually divided into shifts as customs prevention is round the clock process.
  • You will have to be ready to work in different shifts according to duty changes.

Job profile of Inspector (Central Excise)

As an Inspector of (Central Excise), you would work for Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) which is a part of the Department of Revenue under Finance, Ministry.

  • The work profile of Inspector (Central Excise) is quite similar to that of preventive officer.
  • It also involves both field and office work.
  • Your duty will involve administration of matters relating to customs, Central Excise, Service Tax and Narcotics and preventive actions.

Office job would involve lots of paperwork where as the field job would involve monitoring of units manufactured, goods exported, prevention of evasion etc.  

Job profile of Inspector (Examiner)

It as an all-time coastal job, you will be posted in the coastal areas of the country throughout your service tenure.

  • Your main duty would be to assign clearance to goods, access and examine goods, take samples, examine the cargo etc.

It is a non-uniform job. There are chances of doing clerical type paperwork if posted in the Headquarters otherwise it would mostly involve field work on the coasts and ports.

Job profile Inspector of Income Tax

The job profile of an ITI involves both office and field work. The core area of daily job responsibilities depends upon the area you get posted to after joining. In Income tax department, there are two separate sections where a newly joined ITI can be posted. These are

  • Assessment Section
  • Non-Assessment section

In Assessment Section there is more of desk work. The job profile would include assessment of Income Tax which citizens or companies are liable to pay. Handling refund claims and TDS related queries fall under this category of job profile.

  • While in Non-Assessment Section, you would be subjected to field work. You would be a part of rapid response team which conducts raids.
  • The desk work would be limited to gathering Intel and proper evidence against possible defaulters. The profile sounds interesting but can be risky at times.

Work Timings are defined by the department. Generally office timings are from 9 AM to 5 PM, but in some special cases like of an impending raid or search the Inspector is required to work for longer than usual and for uncertain conditions.

SSC CGL 2017 Inspector Pay scale

The pay scale for all the post has been revised after the 7th Pay commission’s implementation. The pay scale of auditors has also seen an upward revision. The grade pay and in hand (approximate) salary for various posts of Inspectors are tabled below for your reference. 

Post Grade Pay In hand (Approximate)
Inspector (Preventive officer) 4600 40,000
Inspector (Central Excise) 4600 40,000
Inspector (Examiner) 4600 45,000
Inspector of Income Tax 4600 40,000

Apart from pay commission revision there are Dearness Allowance revisions which are frequent and would be help in upgrading the salary. The DA hike is more or less takes place within a year’s gap.

SSC CGL 2017 Inspector Transfer options

As we discussed under the job profile that all the four posts of Inspector involves both field work and office work with high leaning towards field work chances of transfer are high. Candidates opting for the post of Inspectors should keep in mind that transfer is a part of their job.

  • You would be posted mostly in coastal zones of the country. However, later on in your career you may get to settle in the head offices in Delhi or other state headquarters.

SSC CGL 2017 Inspectors Promotion opportunities

Opportunities for Inspector (Preventive officer)

The growth prospects for all the four posts are quite good. For, your reference we have listed the various promotions options for all the posts of Inspector.

  • Superintended of Customs (After 8 years of service) Group B post
  • Assistant Commissioner Group-A (IRS)
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Joint Commissioner
  • Additional Commissioner

Opportunities for Inspector (Central Excise)

The growth opportunities for Inspector (Central Excise) are identical to that of Preventive officer. The reason being overlapping nature of work and supervision of same parent authority.

  • Superintended of Customs Group B post
  • Assistant Commissioner Group-A (IRS)
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Joint Commissioner
  • Additional Commissioner

Opportunities for Inspector (Examiner)

The promotion path for Inspector (Examiner) is similar with that of other Inspector profiles and involves gradual promotion opportunities. The promotion opportunities are listed below.

  • Appraiser (Group-B)
  • Assistant Commissioner Group-A (IRS)
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Joint Commissioner
  • Commissioner

Inspector of Income Tax

The career growth of an ITI is stable and rewarding. Once you get posted as an ITI in CBDT your career growth will follow the following path

  • Income Tax Officer: Group B Gazetted Post, in 4 to 6 years of duty.
  • Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax: In around 10-12 years of duty.
  • Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax
  • Joint Commissioner Of Income Tax
  • Additional Commissioner of Income Tax
  • Commissioner of Income Tax

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.