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SSC CGL 2017 Answer Key, Question Paper & Analysis

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Nov 23, 2017

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SSC has published Final answer keys for SSC CGL Tier I. To download answer keys, candidates need to login with Roll Number and Password on official site. SSC CGL 2017 Tier I Result was announced on October 30.

Candidates can download answer keys till December 22, 2017 (till 5 pm). SSC CGL 2017 Tier II is scheduled from January 18 to January 20, 2018. Check the SSC official notification below:

SSC CGL 2017 Tier I Final Answer Key
SSC CGL Tier 1 Final Answer Key 2017
August 11, 2017 SSC CGL August 11 Answer Key

SSC had earlier released tentative answer keys of CGL Tier 1 examination, 2017. Candidates had option to check the answer key and raise objections until 5 PM on September 12, 2017. SSC conducted CGL Tier 1 examination, 2017 between August 5 and August 24, 2017. A total of 15,43,962 candidates appeared in the examination, which was conducted in 43 batches across the country.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Answer Key 2017 (With Respective Dates)
August 11, 2017 SSC CGL August 11 Answer Key
August 18, 2017 SSC CGL August 18 Answer Key

ssc cgl tier 1 answer key 2017

SSC CGL 2017 Tier 1 Exam Result to release on October 31, 2017. Know How to Check Result
  • The official question paper will also be made online alongside.
  • SSC CGL 2017 was successfully concluded in online mode on August 24, 2017.
  • The day trigger off in multiple shifts and candidate who are able to crack CGL Tier 1 will be called for SSC CGL Tier 2. Check SSC CGL Question Paper 2017 
  • In 2016, the tier 1 cut off was around 137 which was a record high. But for CGL Tier 1 2017, cut off will be less compared to CGL Tier 1 2016. 
  • SSC CGL Expected cut off 2017 for Tier 1 will be in the gap of 117-122. It could be any number in this range.
  • SSC CGL Result of Tier 1 will be declared in the form of category wise cut off in October 2017.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Paper Analysis August 24, 2017

Let’s have a look at the detailed Section-Wise and overall analysis of SSC CGL 2017 Analysis for August 24.

Section Difficulty Level (Shift – 1) Good Attempt Difficulty Level (Shift – 2) Good Attempt Difficulty Level (Shift – 3) Good Attempt
Reasoning Easy 20-22 Easy 19-22 Easy 20-23
General Knowledge Moderate 16-19 Moderate 17-19 Moderate 17-20
Quant Easy to Moderate 17-19 Moderate to Difficult 16-18 Moderate 16-18
English Moderate 17-20 Moderate 16-18 Moderate 17-19
Overall Moderate 74-83 Moderate 71-81 Moderate 73-80
  • English section was Moderate to difficult for candidates.
  • In Reasoning, maximum questions were asked from miscellaneous and series.
  • Level of GK section was easy to moderate.
  • Mostly, questions were asked from the Politics.
  • In Quant, questions were asked from Mensuration and Profit & loss was easy to moderate.
  • Maximum questions were asked from Algebra, DI and Mensuration. 
  • SSC CGL Expected Cut Off 2017 of Tier 1 will be declared in October along with the result. 

SSC CGL Tier 1 Paper Analysis August 23, 2017

The exam on August 23 was conducted in three sessions – Morning, Afternoon and Evening. Candidates can check the question papers for all the three sessions:

  • GK had some difficult questions but some were easy.
  • Maths had many formulae based questions which were very easy. 2-3 questions were tricky.
  • Reading Comprehension was asked which was based on OSCAR (Movie such as la la land, Moonlight).
  • The vocabulary was moderate.
  • Some of the questions asked in today's morning shift paper are:-
  1. Where is Golgumbaj Situated? - Bijapur
  2. How much is water % there on earth? - 71%
  3. Which whose permission there can be a change in State List?
  4. Crystallization is which process?
  5. Where will the 2019 cricket world cup will be conducted?
  6. Idiom - Keep it Under my hat (To keep a secret)
  7. Idiom - Getting  on my nerve ( something is very annoying)
  8. Spelling error - Ellicit
  9. Spelling error - Brutality

SSC CGL Tier 1 Paper Analysis August 22, 2017

Student’s Review –

One candidate, Pankaj said, “A lot of time was spared for each section. GS was a bit tough compared to other sections. Otherwise, overall it was an easy paper. I did not expected this level paper for the graduate level exam.”

Ajay said, “​Almost 30 per cent questions in Maths and GK were repeated (from previous years) but the English paper was totally different,”

Jay said, “The difficulty level is not expected in the pre-round. The level of toughness will rise with the mains exam. Many questions from previous years are repeated. 

The level of the exam can be considered Easy to Moderate. Overall SSC CGL Cut off 2017 may be higher than what it was last year.”

Section Level Good Attempts
English Language Moderate 16-18
Quantitative Aptitude Moderate 19-20
General Intelligence Easy 21-22
General Awareness Easy-Moderate 14-15
Overall Moderate 73-78
  • In Quatitative Aptitude, questions were asked directly based on formulas.
  • A few questions demanded rigorous calculations.
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning and Series questions were easy. 
  • Spelling check questions were not that easy although the words are very common.
  • Para-jumbled questions were also asked.
  • General Awareness yet again was Easy to Moderate.
  • Major area of focus this year was on questions in the field of sports and awards and honors.
  • Science was given a higher weightage this time.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Paper Analysis August 21, 2017

Today, the papers were easy to moderate in nature, predicted by our experts. Commission will release SSC CGL Cut off phase-wise in the month of October 2017.

Here is the overall SSC CGL Analysis August 21, 2017.

  • Questions from tabular DI were asked and there were 6 questions of SI & CI and Profit & loss.
  • Algebra was a little bit troublesome. Know some memory based questions –
  1. Find the value of a3+b3, if a+b=4 and ab=3?
  2. Find the value of tan 45 + 4 sec 60?
  3. Find the value of cosQ, if SinQ = 24/29?
  4. Find the third proportion of 10 and 25?
  5. One Qs from Permutation and Combination?
  6. What is the reflection of (4, -3) if y=1?
  • In General Awareness, maximum questions were from History, Polity and Science. Some questions asked are –
  1. Agra fort was built by whom?
  2. Kelvin is the unit of?
  3. Sliding friction is ____than static friction?
  4. Who invented ECG?
  • In English language – Topics Asked
  1. Idiom: To make up one’s mind
  2. Synonym: Piquant, Yearn
  3. Antonym: Diffident
  4. Spelling Check: Perverted
  5. Topic of Cloze Test
  • Questions were asked from the Analogies, Syllogism, and Series was Moderate. Some questions were as follow –
  1. 1, 1/125, 1/27, 1/64, ?, 1/216
  2. 60 : 15 :: 100 :      ?
  3. Office : Colleagues :: Home : ? 
  4. REGRAIN is coded as QDFQZM then PRY will be codede as?

SSC CGL Tier 1 Paper Analysis August 20, 2017

Here we have mentioned Paper Analysis along with Memory Based Questions being asked in SSC CGL August 20, 2017.

  • Quantitative aptitude and the general awareness sections were of moderate difficulty
  • In Quant section – maximum questions were asked from Algebra, DI, and Mensuration. 
  • Vocabulary and Reasoning section were a bit tricky or some say quite easy.
  • Each section had number of questions in which some sections were perplexing, while some were too easy.
  • SSC CGL Cut off might go higher than previous years as the difficulty level of the papers has not been too high so far.

SSC CGL August 20, 2017 Memory Based Questions –

GK Questions Questions Asked on August 20, 2017

  1. Study of tumor is called? Oncology
  2. “Queensburry Rule” is related to which sport? Boxing
  3. French open winner in 2016?
  4. Bacteria was discovered by?
  5. First governor general of Bengal?
  6. Barren islands is in?

Maths Questions Questions Asked on August 20, 2017

  1. Surface area of sphere is 145sq unit, find diameter
  2. If the radius of the incircle of an equilateral triangle is 10 cm. Find circumradius?
  3. Marked price is 1380 and selling price is 80. Find discount percentage (%)?

English Questions Questions Asked on August 20, 2017

  1. Synonym – Cluster, Jeopardy
  2. Idioms – Rise like a phoenix, Black and white

SSC CGL Tier 1 Paper Analysis August 19, 2017 

'According to the students Tier-1's Shift 1 was not as easy as the CGL Tier-1 2016 but it was of moderate level,'

Today, the papers were similar to the predicted exam pattern by our experts. Here is the overall SSC CGL Analysis August 19, 2017.

  • While general intelligence (reasoning) section was easy with no questions from mathematical operations, English proved to be tougher.
  • Questions related to para jumble were asked in the exam, for the first time.
  • Cloze tests, which were not asked in the exams since 2-3 years made their way to this year's question paper.
  • Quantitative aptitude was tricky in trigonometry, mensuration and algebra sections which comprised of a total of 5-6 questions in total.
  • General awareness was an easy section with maximum questions from History (5-6 questions), Polity (5-6 questions) and Science (7-8 questions).
  • The overall difficulty level of the section was easy-moderate.
  • Commission will release SSC CGL Cut off phase-wise in the month of October 2017.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Paper Analysis August 18, 2017 

  • Difficulty level of the paper was moderate to difficult.
  • Questions on general intelligence or reasoning were quite easy.
  • Some of the questions were difficult to solve were from figure counting and coding-decoding.
  • Quantitative Aptitude was a moderate level Section with lot of calculation involved.
  • Geometry questions were tough and 5 questions of SI, CI, Profit and loss.
  • Cloze Test seems to have replaced the Reading Comprehension section this time in SSC CGL Tier 1 exam 2017.
  • Para Jumble was a new introduction to the exam and is time consuming.
  • Questions from Antonym and Synonyms were difficult.
  • General awareness section was moderate with questions majorly asked from history, science and polity.
  • SSC CGL Result 2017 will be expected to be declared in the month of March 2018.

SSC CGL will conclude on August 24, 2017, as scheduled, and will be conducted by SSC Commission on an all India basis. Government job aspirants have given a good response to SSC this year with over 30 lakh candidates applying for the SSC CGL job. The exam on August 18 was held in three slots from-

  • 10:15 am to 11:15 am,
  • 01:15 Noon to 2:15 pm and
  • 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm

SSC CGL 2017 Answer Key

SSC CGL 2017 Answer Key will be tentatively accessible online on September 18, 2017. The answer key will be available for 4 subjects viz English Comprehension, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude and General Intelligence & Reasoning.

  1. With the help of SSC CGL answer key 2017, every student has the option to estimate their approximate score.
  2. The official answer keys will be published at, so students can calculate the answer in their own way.

Some coaching institutes also provide unofficial SSC CGL Answer key 2017 which are made by their subject experts. Candidates can use the answer keys for the following reasons:

  • To know the correct answer for the questions asked in the examination
  • It requires to know the solved steps and answers for the questions
  • To evaluate the candidate’s answers with the actual answer

Candidates can even challenge the answer key if they find any discrepancy. The challenges against the answer key will be referred to the exam board committees constituted by SSC.

How to Check SSC CGL 2017 Answer Key?

In order to access SSC CGL 2017 answer key, candidates have to visit the website and follow the steps:

SSC CGL 2017 answer key
  1. Visit the official website i.e.
  2. Click on link for ‘Answer key’ in the top navigation bar of the home page”
  3. Enter the required credentials i.e. Roll Number and Password or DOB.
  4. Then, click on submit button. SSC CGL 2017 Answer Key will be displayed.
  5. Download the Answer key and match answer with your responses.
  6. Take a print out for future reference.

Challenging SSC CGL Answer Key 2017

Candidates who have any complaint regarding any answer key (s) given in SSC CGL 2017 answer key can send in their complaints by certain period of time. The final answer key of SSC CGL 2017 Tier 1 will be released tentatively on September 18, 2017. To challenge SSC CGL Answer key, candidates has to submit their challenge or grievance only through an-

  • Candidates will have to login using their roll number and password as provided during online registration.
  • Need to pay INR 100 for per answers.

Candidates can check below the procedure to submit challenges-

  1. Click the link provided on this page.
  2. Enter roll number and password.
  3. Mark the questions for which candidates want to submit the challenge.
  4. Pay the requisite fee and submit.

SSC CGL 2017 Paper Analysis

  • Unlike previous years, there were no ambiguous question this year.
  • SSC CGL was moderate to difficult in nature with direct and conceptual questions.
  • SSC CGL 2017 seems to have been moderately easy yet lengthy.
  • Few questions from some subjects were even lengthier than last year.
  • New changes like cloze test being included along with the para jumble questions.
  • Subjects were of varying difficulty in which Quantitative aptitude was on the tougher side compared with English Comprehension and Reasoning.
  • General awareness was of easy to moderate in nature.
  • As a major shock for candidates, there was no reading comprehension in the paper.
  • Questions from antonyms and synonyms were quite difficult.

How is SSC CGL Result 2017 Calculated?

To find the score of candidate, the commission use the traditional cut off method. Instead, of equating methodology.

  • Question booklet of SSC CGL Tier 1 will carry total 100 questions.
  • Total marks allotted is 200 marks.
  • Each question in SSC CGL Tier 1 will be of 2 marks and 0.5 marks will be deducted for wrong answers.
Sections Total no. of Questions Total Marks Marking Scheme Marks obtained out of 200
General Intelligence & Reasoning 25 50 Correct answer: (+) 2 Wrong answer: (-) 0.5 2 (*) Number of correct responses (-) 0.5 (*) Number of incorrect responses
English Comprehension
General Awareness
Quantitative Aptitude

SSC CGL Cut Off 2017

Through our analyses we have predicted the expected cut off for 2017. Below table depicts SSC CGL 2017 Cut off for Tier 1.


Category Cut off
General 130
OBC 125
SC 110
ST 100

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.