SSC CGL 2020 AAO Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Books

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Oct 3, 2020

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Assistant Audit Officer is amongst the most desirable posts under SSC CGL as it is one of the highest paying and most respected jobs under SSC CGL. As much as 600 vacancies are offered for the post of AAO. There are vacancies for reserved category candidates.

Candidates looking to get this post have to appear in the AAO exam in tier 2 of SSC CGL, which is called paper 4. Along with this, candidates have to appear in the compulsory papers, English and Mathematics as well, which are paper 1 and 2. Check SSC CGL Latest News

SSC CGL AAO exam is considered to be a slightly trickier exam as this involves graduation level topics on the related exams. Let us take a look at the examination pattern, syllabus, books and preparation tips for SSC CGL AAO exam. Check SSC CGL Reservation

SSC CGL AAO Examination Pattern

SSC CGL AAO paper contains a total of 100 questions based on Economy, Governance, Finance and Accountancy. Take a look at the complete exam pattern of SSC CGL AAO below –

  • SSC CGL AAO will comprise a total of 100 questions.
  • Candidates will be given 120 minutes to complete the exam.
  • The question paper will be divided into two parts; One section is Finance and Accounting, whereas the second one is Economy and Governance.
  • Finance and Accounting section will feature 40 questions, and the Economy and Governance section will have 60 questions.
  • All the questions will be multiple-choice questions.
  • There is a provision of negative marking in the paper.

Take a look at the following table for understanding the examination pattern of SSC CGL AAO –  

Finance and Accounting 40 80
Economy and Governance 60 120
TOTAL 100 200

SSC CGL AAO marking scheme is just like most of the government examinations. Following points will explain the marking scheme of SSC CGL AAO –

 SSC CGL AAO Marking Scheme

  • The question paper will be of a total of 200 marks.
  • Thus, each question will carry 2 marks.
  • There is negative marking of ½ marks for each incorrect answer.
  • There is no negative marking to un-attempted questions.

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SSC CGL AAO syllabus

Since SSC CGL is a graduation level exam, the questions asked in SSC CGL AAO will also be of graduation level. Candidates will need to cover graduation level topics of both the sections. However, the questions asked in the exam cover the basic details only, and not the higher-level applications. Download SSC CGL AAO Syllabus PDF

Take a look at the following table for knowing the topics which need to be covered for this exam –

SSC CGL AAO Syllabus for Finance and Accounting

Here is the topic which candidates need to cover for Finance and Accounting section of SSC CGL AAO –

Nature and Scope of Financial Accounting Limitations of Financial Accounting
Basic Concepts and Conventions Manufacturing Account
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Trading Account
Single and Double Entry System Profit and Loss Appropriation Account
Books of Original Entry Balance Sheet
Bank Reconciliation Capital and Revenue Items
Journal Depreciation Accounting
Ledgers Valuation of Inventory
Trial Balance Accounting for the non-profit organization
Rectification of Errors Bills of exchange
Income & Expenditure and Receipt & Payment account Self Balancing Ledgers

SSC CGL AAO Syllabus for Economy and Governance

Constitutional provisions, role and responsibilities of CAG Meaning and Factors of production
Role and Functions of Finance Commission Laws of production – Law of variable proportions and law of returns to scale
Definition of Economics, Micro and Macro Economics Various types of market (perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic and oligopoly)
Scope and Nature of Economics Price determination in different markets
Methods of Economic Study Nature of Indian Economy – Role of Agriculture and other sectors
Central Problem of an Economy Problems and Growth of Services and Industries
Production possibilities curve National Income
Meaning and Determinants of Demand Methods of calculating National Income
Law of Demand Population – size, growth and implications on the economy
The elasticity of Demand (Price, Income Cross Elasticity) Poverty and unemployment
Theory of Consumer behaviour – Marshallian Approach and Indifference curve approach Infrastructure – Energy, transport and communication
Meaning and Determinants of supply Reforms of 1991 – Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization
Law of supply and elasticity of supply Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy
Role and functions of RBI, RRBs, Commercial Banks and Payment Banks Budget and Fiscal Deficits, Balance of payments
Role of Information Technology in Governance Fiscal Policy and Budget Management Act, 2003

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Best Books for SSC CGL AAO 2020

Both the sections of SSC CGL AAO ask questions that are covered in the syllabus of Class 11 and 12 (commerce stream) and B.Com./B.B.A. If a candidate has access to actual syllabus books then it is the best source. However, while going through such books, candidates must understand that they need to cover the topics which are mentioned the syllabus only. Therefore, they do not need to go through any irrelevant topics.

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Here is a list of preferred books for SSC CGL AAO

Book Name Author
Class 11 and 12 Economics Books NCERT
Class 11 and 12 Accountancy Books NCERT
SSC CGL AAO Book Arun Arora
Lawpoint’s Competitive Solutions General Studies (Finance and Economics) with Notes and MCQs for SSC CGL Priti Modi and Roshan Lodha
Rakesh Yadav Sir’s AAO SSC CGL Rakesh Yadav

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SSC CGL AAO Preparation Tips

Candidates also need to understand that having a proper strategy and method of study is also important for SSC CGL AAO exams. To ace this exam, Candidates can follow the preparation tips mentioned below –

  • Starting with NCERT books is always preferred as these provide a very good explanation of basics.
  • Candidates must not leave the numerical questions of accounting as they carry high weightage.
  • Numerical questions asked on accounting are not of very high level, therefore, candidates must not waste time on tough questions.
  • Candidates must keep themselves up to date with current economic and financial news.
  • In economics, graph-based questions can be asked. Therefore, candidates must cover the graphs of chapters like the law of demand, law of supply, production possibilities curve, returns to scale and all such chapters properly.
  • Candidates can refer to ICAI’s website for a basic understanding of concepts.
  • Many youtube channels and videos are there on economics and accounts, and candidates may refer to them for explanations. ‘Khan Academy’ has a very good playlist on economics; some basic chapters can be covered from this channel as well.
  • The key to ace this exam is having good knowledge of basics, therefore, candidates must understand every topic with strong basics.
  • Mock tests are an important part of preparation. Candidates should take 5 to 10 mocks for understanding their preparation level and covering weak areas.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.