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Jun 20, 2017

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Fill in the blanks is one of the most important topics in SSC CGL English Comprehension. English Comprehension consists of 25 questions in Tier 1 where 2 marks are awarded for the every correct answer and contains 200 questions in Tier 2 where each question carries 1 mark.

  • Fill in the Blanks consists of 3-5 questions in Tier 1 i.e. 6-10 marks. The questions are in the form of sentence where blank space is provided and candidates are asked to choose the correct option to fill in the blanked space.
  • The topic consists of 24 questions in Tier 2 i.e. 24 marks. Blank spaces are provided in the passage and candidates are asked complete the whole passage by filling the correct choices.
  • Questions check candidate’s command over English Grammatical rules and proper Vocabulary.

Topic is easy as well as scoring so proper practice and knowledge can save your much precious time. Important tips and previous year questions are provided in the article.

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English Comprehension Important Tips for Fill in the Blanks

1) Good vocabulary: Questions related to fill in the blanks mainly are related to English Vocabulary and good command over it will definitely add more marks in your account as well as will save your time which you can invest in some other important and time consuming section.
Example: He is _______ connected.


1) Respectively
2) respective
3) respectably
4) respectable

  • For improving the vocabulary, candidates must read newspapers, novels, online articles etc.
  • Try to use complex words in your daily routine. In addition to your learning, it will also enhance your communication skills.
  • Try to find meanings of all the new terms you come across. Also try to find their antonyms. This way you will learn more new terms.

2)  Knowledge of English Grammar: Fill in the blanks questions includes high knowledge of tenses, narration, idioms, voice, articles, preposition, conjunctions and other grammatical rules. Example:

After retirement Surti lived _______ Australia.

1) In
2) at
3) over in
4) over at

Radium __________ rays that blind the eyes.


1)gives away
2)gives over
3)gives up
4)gives off

  • Above examples revolves around English grammatical rules and their usage. Candidates who have control over all the rules and topics can easily solve questions due to its easy to moderate difficulty level.
  • Go through all the important topics- tenses, prepositions and idioms. Learning these three topics are enough to solve questions correctly.

3) Proper understanding of English language- Such questions check that whether you understand the sentence or not. If you know, you can make the sentence yourself also without much trouble.

See me tomorrow without __________.


  • Such questions do not include any vocabulary or grammatical rules but are general and easy to solve.
  • If you are not able to solve by looking at the question, try to fit provided options in it. Elimination method will prove beneficial while solving such questions.

SSC CGL Fill in the Blanks Sample Questions

Practicing previous year questions will help the students to understand the format as well as concept of the questions. Some of the SSC CGL previous year questions are provided below.

a) He ________ the low pay.


1) Moan at
2) complain about
3) grumbled at
4) ran after

b) You will have to work __________ you are in the office.
1)as long as
2)as good as
3)as far as
4)so far as
c)The aim of a Peace Council is ________ rather than cure.


1) Salvation
2) preservation
3) maintenance
4) cultivation

d)He gives everyone _________ the class opportunities for practice.


1) At
2) in
) of
4) on

e) Harish soon gained _________ in English.


1) Provincialism
2) proficiency
3) efficiency
4) eminency

Passage fill in the blank questions:

The (1) age is the age of machines. From the (2) the industrial revolution began in Europe. Man’s life has been changing (3) many ways. At first the change was (4). Now machines have become (5) of our daily lives.

a. Modern
b. new
c. civilized
d. present

a. birth
b. time
c. beginning
d. start

a. into
b. to
c. in
d. with

a. slow
b. steady
c. fast
d. stagnant

a. component
b. part
c. necessity
d. support

Challenges Faced by Students

  • Time Management: Students face problems because they are not able to manage their time properly during the examination. Only 60 minutes duration is provided so candidates must allot their time section wise accordingly. Difficult section should be given more time and easy section the least.
  • Language Difficulty: Sometimes questions are very difficult to understand which leads to more time consumption or incorrect attempts during the examination. So candidates are advised to learn the grammatical rules as much as they can.

General Tips for SSC CGL Fill in the Blanks Preparation

  • Practice: Practice is the key to success. Students are advised to practice as much as they can and try to read textbooks, newspapers, magazines and all other literature related stuff that will help in enhancing their vocabulary. Also try to learn and revise all the grammatical rules and try to use them as much as you can.
  • Previous year question papers: By looking at the SSC CGL previous year questions, Candidates will get to know about the difficulty level of the questions and they can practice accordingly.
  • Negative Marking: Marks will be deducted for every wrong answer so try to avoid any guess work.

H3Books Recommended for Fill in the Blanks

Books Author
Word power made easy Norman Lewis
Objective General English SP Bakshi

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.