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Best Books for SSC CGL General Awareness

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Mar 3, 2020

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General Awareness is one of the prominent topic in SSC CGL Tier I.  The General Awareness section is easy and can fetch you good marks if you can cover all the important topics: Science, Polity, History, Geography, Economy, Misc.

This article is focused at providing a comprehensive list of books to prepare General Awareness for SSC CGL. The syllabus for SSC CGL General Awareness section is quite lengthy.

Some quick tips and insights for preparing General Awareness section are discussed below.

  • 2-3 questions are usually asked from all the major topics.
  • Prepare the topics in descending order of difficulty.
  • Solve more sample papers to get familiarized with the type of questions.
  • Mostly straightforward questions are asked from economy.
  • Best method to score well in General Awareness section is frequent revision of topics.
  • On an average, candidates will have 15 minutes to solve the General Awareness section.

SSC General Awareness Pattern Highlights

Candidates can check below the important highlights of SSC CGL General Awareness

  • A total of 25 questions in the section.
  • 1 mark will be awarded for every correct answer.
  • 0.25 marks deducted for every wrong answer.
  • No marks will be awarded or deducted for un-attempted question.
  • 15 minutes given to complete the section.
  • Good attempts come around 15-18.

SSC CGL General Awareness Expected Weightage

All topics are important but science section is most important as its subheads also form separate questions. The priority can be decided on the basis of the marks a topic has been awarded. The list shows important topics in descending order.

Subject Topic No. of Questions Total
Static GK Culture 1-2 8-14
Indian History 2-3
Geography (Indian+ World) 2-3
Environment 1-2
Economy 1-2
Polity 1-2
Science Biology 1-2 4-8
Chemistry 1-2
Physics + Space science 2-3
Computer & Mobile Technology 0-1
Disease pollution 0-1
Nutrition 0-1
Others Current affairs 1-2 3-6
Important dates, Portfolios, schemes 1-2
Miscellaneous GK: Sports, People in News, Books etc 1-2

Check SSC CGL Syllabus

Topic 1: Indian History & Culture


  • 4-5 questions can come in total.
  • Questions are direct and easily answered.
  • Confusion takes place between different eras and the hierarchy system.
  • Mark the answers carefully as they are easy and tricky sometimes.

Important topics in Indian History & Culture

Ancient History Medieval History Modern History
Indus Valley Civilization Establishment & Expansion of the Delhi Sultanate Major Battles
Buddhism & Jainism Religious Movements in the Fifteenth & Sixteenth Centuries Social & Cultural Awakening in India
The Mauryans Mughal Dynasty The Great Revolt of 1857
Post-Mauryan Kingdoms Later Mughals Indian National Congress
The Gupta Period The Maratha State Nationalist Movement, 1905-1918: Growth of Militant Nationalism
Struggle for Swaraj – I, 1919 – 1927
Struggle for Swaraj – II, 1927-1947
Governor-Generals of India
Indian Princely States

Best books

Book name Publisher ISBN
NCERT Textbooks (Std. 6-10) NCERT  -
The Gist of NCERT History Kalinjar Publications; First edition (2014) 9382732780
The History Compendium for IAS Prelims General Studies CSAT Paper 1, UPSC & State PSC Disha Publication; Second edition 9386323443

Topic 2: Geography Indian & World

  • River names can be easily mixed or can create confusion.
  • Questions can be asked about states adjoining planes and rivers.
  • Information about the terrain, soil, etc. can be asked.

Important topics in Geography Indian & World

Movement of Earth Ocean & Ocean Currents Soils In India
Interior Of Earth Volcanoes & Earthquakes Mineral Resources In India
Physical Features Of India World Geo. Facts I.E. Continents in the World Rivers In India
Atmosphere Forests In India All you need to know about States of India

Best Books

Book name Publisher ISBN
NCERT books from class 6-10. NCERT  -
The Gist of NCERT Geography Paperback – 2014 Kalinjar Publications; First edition (2014) 9382732764

Topic 3: Environment

  • Questions are based on pollution levels and global warming.
  • Discovery of new flora and fauna.
  • Problems on atmospheric layers.
  • Melting glaciers and new changes in environment.
  • New pollution control acts and earth submit questions.

Best Books

Book name Publisher ISBN
The Ecology & Environment Compendium for IAS Prelims General Studies CSAT Paper 1, UPSC & State PSC Disha Publication (15 April 2017) 9386323613
Environment And Ecology – A Complete Guide – by R. Rajagopalan Lexis Nexis 9350357585
Environment for Civil Services Prelims and Mains – by Khuller and Rao (McGraw Hill) 938345444X

Topic 4: Economy

  • National and International Economy is the primary focus of this topic.
  • Questions are also based on old and new economic policies.
  • New trends visible in an economy
  • Worth of rupee as compared to different currencies
  • Questions on currency name of various countries

Best Books

Book name Publisher ISBN
Indian Economy Paper back McGraw Hill Education; Ninth edition 9352606140
Indian Economy : A Hand Book Smiling Unicorn Publications 8193212789

Topic 5: Polity

  • Candidates are quizzed on national and international politics
  • New laws passed or amendments made in the constitution
  • Recent reports published by UN or SAARC nations

Important Topics in Polity

Framing of The Constitution President Governor
Schedules & Parts Of Indian Constitution Attorney General Of India Vidhan Parishad
Citizenship Lok Sabha Parliamentary Funds
Sources Of Indian Constitution Vice President Vidhan Sabha
Citizenship Lok Sabha Parliamentary Funds
Article 370 Rajya Sabha Supreme Court
Emergency In India Bills High Court
Commissions Prime Minister & Cabinet Ministers Writs

Best Books

Book name Publisher ISBN
F22-NCERT GIST OF INDIAN POLITY Kalinjar Publication 9351720241
Indian Polity 5th Edition McGraw Hill Education; Fifth edition 935260363X

Topic 6: Biology

  • Questions are common from Anatomy and Physiology of Animals and Plants.
  • Single cellular and multi-cellular organisms.
  • Plant kingdom and animal kingdom classification
  • Newly discovered plant or animal species

Important Topics in Biology

  1. Parts of Plant & their Functions
  2. Parts of Human Body & their Functions
  3. Basics of Animal Kingdom.
  4. Diseases, Prevention & Cure
  5. Diseases, Prevention & Cure

Best Books

Book name Publisher ISBN
Selected MCQs on GK - Biology (Complete Set) Practice guru -
NCERT science books for class 6-10 SCERT  -
Objective Biology: Concise Study Material with MCQs (OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS SERIES Ramesh Publishing House 9350126222
Objective Botany Ramesh Publishing House 8178129221
Objective Zoology Ramesh Publishing House 817812923X

Topic 7: Chemistry

  • Reactivity series is the most important topic in terms of number of questions
  • Formulae of Soaps and detergents
  • Problems on alkenes, alkynes, carbon or hydrocarbons
  • Formula or structure identification of different gases, polymers, etc. 

Important Topics in Chemistry

  • Uses, common names and composition of various chemicals
  • Alloys
  • Definition Based Questions (Heat, Oxidation, Reduction etc.)
  • SI units
  • Chemical Change & Physical Change
  • Chemistry in Everyday life

Best Books

Book name Publisher ISBN
NCERT books class 6-10 NCERT  -
Objective Chemistry Ramesh Publishing House 8178121859
Chemistry Formulae & Definitions RPH; 27 edition 8178125234
Basic Concepts of Chemistry  Pegasus 8131912523

Topic 8: Physics & Space Science

  • A a good deal of questions form Laws of Gravitation and Motion
  • Different types of Constellations and Star Formation
  • Composition of planets and asteroid belts
  • New found planets

Important Topics in Physics & Space Science

Motion Gravity Work
Pressure Units of Measurement Sound
Heat Electronics Magnetism

Best Books

Book name Publisher ISBN
Physics Formulae & Definitions Ramesh Publishing House 8178125242
Physics Dictionary (Pocket Book) Ramesh Publishing House 9350125870
Science books SCERT  -

Topic 9: Computer & Mobile Technology

  • There are direct questions on logo and commands of MS office
  • Paint command sequence
  • Questions on different kinds of computer devices
  • ASCII code questions
  • Questions on logic gates  

Best Books

Book name Publisher ISBN
Objective Question Bank of Computer Awareness for General Competitions Arihant Publication 9351768171
Computer Knowledge & Literacy Objective Question Kiran Prakashan  -
OBJECTIVE Computer Awareness Arihant 9351761606

Topic 10: Diseases, Pollution & Nutrition

  • Questions on nutrition deficiency and vitamin deficiency
  • Effects of pollution of air, water, noise, etc on society
  • Deficiency in children
  • Communicable and non communicable diseases
  • Treatment of water for cleaning

Best Books

Book name Publisher ISBN
The Ecology & Environment Compendium for IAS Prelims General Studies CSAT Paper 1, UPSC & State PSC Disha Publication 9386323613
Objective Biology: Concise Study Material with MCQs (OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS SERIES Ramesh Publishing House 9350126222

Topic 11: Current Affairs

  • Candidates need to know about recent developments taking place both at national and international level.
  • Union Budget, Demonetization and Economic Survey
  • Nobel prize winners, year, name and field of excellence.

Important Topics in Current Affairs

Population Census Oscar Winners Olympics
Asian Games Sea Ports Airports
State Animals and Symbols Important Institutions of India Important Books & Writers

Best Books

Book name Publisher ISBN code
General Knowledge 2020 Ramesh Publishing House B06XZ5FQ3G
General Knowledge 2020 Capsule with Current Affairs Update 2nd Edition Disha Publication; 2nd edition B06Y1P6T9F
Quarterly Current Affairs - January to March 2020 for Competitive Exams Disha Publication B06XWTHH7F

General Tips to Prepare for SSC CGL General Awareness

These are some general tested tips that candidates will find handy while preparing the General Awareness section for Tier I.

  • Don’t waste your time on learning facts related to banking; they are rarely asked.
  • Prepare science section first then other sections.
  • Revise all topics.
  • Make chits to remember important topics and formulae
  • Create a notebook with all the important formulae written on it.
  • Create highlighted notes to remember history dates related to different eras.
  • Make a note of all parliamentary acts and amendments.
  • Spend some time daily to revise and memorize various facts.
  • Make a board and stick notes about facts which you forget easily.
  • Do more practice papers to continuously assess your existing knowledge and preparation.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.