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Feb 4, 2019

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The mathematics section in UPTET is generally a tough nut to crack. Most candidates have a hard time to prepare and perform well in this section. But, fret not! We are here to help you with the best preparation tips, paper-wise syllabus and recommended books for the Mathematics Section in UPTET.

Let us first understand about the Utter Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test. It is conducted by Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board (UPBEB) in the month of December each year. UPTET consists of 2 papers. Paper-1 is for candidates interested to teach class 1st to 5th, whereas Paper 2 is for candidates intending to teach 6th to 8th class.

Facts related to UPTET Math Section:

  • Mathematics is a part of both the papers. While it is compulsory in paper 1, it is optional in paper 2.
  • As per the paper pattern, the maths section in paper 1 has 30 questions, while paper 2 has 60 questions. 
  • Each question carries 1 mark each.
  • As students are given 150 minutes for each paper, it is important to attempt every question wisely and swiftly as the candidate will get a single minute for each question.

Mathematics Section in UPTET Paper 1

In UPTET Exam, the mathematics section is compulsory to attempt. This section accounts for 30 questions in total. The other sections of paper 1 include Child Development, Learning & Pedagogy, 1st Language, 2nd Language, and Environmental Studies.

UPTET Syllabus for Mathematics

Here are some of the most common topics that you need to study for the Mathematics section of Paper 1. These topics are from the NCERT books of class 1-5.

Unit Topics
1 Whole number up to one crore, Place Value, Comparison, Fundamental mathematical operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division; Indian Currency.
2 Concept of fraction, proper fractions, comparison of paper fraction of same denominator, mixed fraction, comparison of proper fractions of unequal denominators, Addition and Substation of fractions. Prime and composite number, Prime factors, Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) and Highest Common Factor (HCF).
3 University Law, Average, Profit-Loss, Simple interest.
4 Place and curved surfaces, plane and solid geometrical figures, prosperities of plane geometrical figures; pint, line, ray, line segment; Angle and their types. Length, Weight, Capacity, Time, measurement area and their standard units and relation between them; Area and perimeter of plane surfaces of square and rectangular objects.
5 Nature of Mathematics/Logical thinking. Place of Mathematics in Curriculum. Language Mathematics. Community Mathematics.
6 Evaluation through formal and informal methods. Problems of Teaching. Error analysis and related aspects of learning and teaching. Diagnostic and Remedial Teaching.

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UPTET Marking Scheme for Paper 1

  • Mathematics section of the question paper consists of 30 objective type questions.
  • Every correct answer will be given 1 mark each.
  • There is no negative marking.

UPTET Analysis for Paper 1

It seems from previous years papers that Paper 1 Mathematics Section comes at Moderate difficulty level. An attempt of 17 – 18 questions correct answers will be considered enough for the mathematics section in Paper 1. 

UPTET Preparation Tips for Mathematics (Paper 1)

  • Each problem has its own characteristics and it’s important to have solved it in different ways before tackling the exam.
  • You should review your solved questions and understand where your problem-solving skills let you down.
  • It is better and rewarding if you focus on understanding the concept and process to get a better view of logic that is involved.
  • Instead of skipping and avoiding the difficult questions, try and solve them for better results and to avoid future problems with the same questions.
  • A proper study environment is very important for studying. Create an environment which avoids distractions.
  • Create notes and flash cards for studying properly. Don’t confuse mathematics terminology with each other.

Mathematics Section in UPTET Paper 2

  • This section accounts for 60 questions in total.
  • The mathematics section is optional to attempt. Candidates can choose between Maths or Social Science.
  • The total marks allotted to this section is 60.
  • Mathematics section consists of questions from science as well.
  • The other sections of paper 1 include Child Development, Learning & Pedagogy, 1st Language and 2nd Language.

UPTET Syllabus for Mathematics

Here are some of the most common topics that you need to study for the Mathematics section of Paper 2. These topics are from the NCERT books of class 6-8.

UPTET Syllabus for Paper 2
Pedagogical issues
Number System
Data Handling

UPTET Marking Scheme for Paper 2

  • All sections carry 30 questions, while Maths/ Social Science account for 60 questions.
  • Each correct answer is given 1 mark.
  • There is no negative marking.
  • There are total 150 questions asked in the paper.
  • Maximum marks that a candidate can score are 150.

UPTET Analysis Paper 2 

Through our analysis, we found that the mathematics in Paper 2 is more difficult compared to other sections. An attempt of 45 questions with a correct answer will be considered good attempt. 

Question Weightage:

  • Advanced Mathematics –  9 to 10 questions
  • Geometry – 3 to 4 questions
  • Mensuration – 2 to 3 questions
  • HCF and LCM – 1 to 2 questions
  • Pie Chart – 1 question
  • Probability – 1 to 2 questions
  • Number System – 2 questions
  • Compound Interest – 3 Questions
  • Pedagogy – 8 Questions

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UPTET Preparation Tips for Mathematics (Paper 2)

Paper 2 of UPTET exam consists of various parts to be focused upon in the question paper. Here is the list of important things to be studied for the paper:

  • As the paper requires thorough revision and study for teaching classes 6th to 8th, it is important to focus on topics like Algebra, Equations, Logical Thinking and geometry.
  • Group study may prove to be useful for questions that are hard to solve. Studying in Groups may help in solving difficult problems.
  • Practice is the key. Make sure you do not compromise on your preparation plan.
  • Exchange practice tests with your friends and keeps mock tests to check your growth.

UPTET Recommended Books

UPTET Books, UPTET Recommended Books, UPTET Best Books
Book Name Author/ Publisher
UPTET & CTET Maths Youth Competition Times
UPTET & TET Maths Knowledge Bank YCT
UPTET Paper II Teacher Selection for Class (6-12) Arihant Experts
UPTET 2018 Paper 1-5 GKP
UPTET 2018 Paper 6 – 12 GKP

We hope you have gained enough insights on preparing for the Mathematics section in UPTET. Practice regularly and you are good to go!

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.