UGC NET December 2019 Exam Analysis

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May 19, 2020

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The NTA UGC NET was conducted from December 2, 2019 to December 6, 2019 in morning and afternoon shifts. It is being conducted in online mode for the past couple of years and to get an idea about the difficulty level, you must consider the paper analysis of individual shifts. Smart studying is the best way to maximize your chance of cracking this exam. The exam is crucial for hiring assistant professors and research scholars in 81 different subjects. Being a national level exam, there are exam centers spread all over the country. Approximately 10, 34,872 candidates had appeared for the December 2019 exam.

This article gives an in-depth analysis of the papers to help the future candidates prepare for it smartly.

UGC NET exam pattern

The exam consists of two papers- the general Paper-I whose syllabus is the same for every candidate and Paper-II which is dedicated to the specialized subject and spans through the entire syllabus of bachelor’s and master’s degree courses. Both papers are conducted in a single session of 3 hours and the candidates can switch between the papers as per their convenience while answering. Paper 1 has 50 questions and 100 marks while paper 2 has 100 questions and 200 marks. Hence you have to complete 300 marks and 150 questions in 3 hours. There is no negative marking for wrong answers.

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UGC NET December 2019 exam highlights

The exam pattern has evolved quite a lot in the past 2-3years. The following are the latest highlights of the exam pattern followed for NTA UGC NET December 2019-

  • Both the papers are conducted online and there is no break in between. The total duration is three hours.
  • All the questions are compulsory, but there is no negative marking.
  • Both papers are bilingual and have questions in English and Hindi. The only exception is the English paper for obvious reasons.
  • Candidates had to bring their admit card, along with two passport size photos and government approved photo identity proof. One photo is to be affixed on the admit card and another is for the attendance sheet.
  • Candidates are not allowed to bring any belongings to the exam hall. Pens are rough sheets provided by the exam center. They are not allowed to take the rough sheet home after the completion of the exam.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to leave the exam hall until the completion of the exam. Bathroom breaks are given before the exam starts but not allowed within the 3 hours.
  • The exam center will not be responsible for the safekeeping of any excess belongings the candidates bring and not liable for loss or damage to the belongings.
  • Gadgets of any kind are not allowed. Alongside that metal items are not allowed. Metal detection checking is done at every exam centre and even items like jewelry, religious trinkets, belts, hair clips, are confiscated. It is advisable to have someone accompany you to the exam hall in case you need to dispose of any such items you were carrying unknowingly as the centre will confiscate but not take any responsibility for it if they are lost.

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UGC NET general exam review for December 5, 2019

The exam is conducted in morning and afternoon shifts for four days and the questions paper for each shift was different. Your shift and exam date will be mentioned in your admit card. From analysis of all the papers throughout the span of four days, one can conclude that:

  • The difficulty level of the papers was moderate to difficult in case of paper-I for all the shifts.
  • In many cases, the paper for shift 2 was more difficult than shift 1.
  • A few questions were unexpectedly out of the syllabus for almost all candidates.
  • The option to switch between paper-1 and paper-2 was positively welcomed by many candidates and universally accepted that it made time management much easier for them.

UGC NET shift-wise exam analysis- Paper- I

Since the paper for each day and each shift was different, we have compiled a shift-wise and day-wise analysis of paper-I whose syllabus is the same for all. The paper-I is designed to test the candidate’s teaching aptitude, reasoning and logical mindset that is necessary for handling a class or research topics. The analytical skill, general awareness, and divergent thinking of the candidate is judged from their attempt at paper-I.

Download: UGC NET Question Papers

Paper-I, UGC NET December 5, 2019

UGC NET on December 5, 2019 was the last day of the exam.

  • There were several questions on higher education in both the shifts and the difficulty level was moderate to difficult.
  • Shift 2 on this date was more difficult than shift 1.
  • There were several coding and decoding-based questions in both the papers.
  • For mathematics, there was a general emphasis on simple and compound interest, and surface area in both the shifts.
  • Questions on logical analysis were more prevalent and pipes and cistern related questions were also witnessed.

Paper-I, UGC NET December 4, 2019

  • Compared to the previous days of the exam, both shifts on December 4, 2019 were relatively difficult for all students. The paper had a combination of significantly difficult and very easy questions.
  • Some of the questions related to higher education and fair justice were particularly difficult.
  • Data interpretation based questions were fairly easy.
  • One question based on DI did not have the right answer according to sources.
  • In all, the research and teaching based questions were easy in both the shifts.
  • On the other hand, environment based questions were rather difficult in the first shift of the day.
  • Question on Montreal protocol was asked this year.
  • Questions on national parks and national wildlife sanctuaries were asked in both the shifts.

Download: Download UGC NET 2020 Syllabus

Paper-I, UGC NET December 3, 2019

  • The questions for both the shifts on December 3, 2019 was easy to moderate and proved to be the easiest in the span of 4 days.
  • Questions frequented from topics like ration, Number system and blood relation.
  • ICT based questions were particularly tough in the first shift but answerable.
  • Goals and Millennium were entirely omitted this year.
  • There was a match for the following format of question for environment based questions.
  • The communication-related questions were fairly easy in the first shift of the day.
  • DI was the easiest for both the shifts.
  • There was a question on Niti Aayog and it is expected that this topic will be important for the consecutive shifts as well.
  • Inductive reasoning, square opposition based questions were there from logical reasoning and they were on the tougher side.
  • Kothari commission related question was asked which was easy though.

Paper-I, UGC NET December 2, 2019

  • Maths and reasoning based questions were moderate to difficult.
  • Data interpretation was rather easy.
  • Logical reasoning, research aptitude, for both the shifts were difficult.
  • Questions on the higher education system, reading comprehension were the easiest for both shifts.
  • ICT, communication, people and environment-related questions were asked which had moderate difficulty level.

Download: Download UGC NET December 2019 Cutoff PDF Here

UGC NET December 2019 Paper- II Analysis

Paper II of NET is subject specialization and is designed to judge the candidate’s in-depth knowledge of the topic they have chosen. The syllabus is vast in most cases and you will need a thorough understanding of all the topics covered throughout the bachelors’ and masters’ years at every recognized university of the country and the state. UGC NET December 2019 was conducted for 81 subjects in total. We have created a gist of the most popular subjects in the following topic and the difficulty level based on candidate’s observations all over the country.

Subjects  Level of Difficulty for Paper 2 
Commerce  Moderate to Difficult Level 
Management  Moderate Level 
Political Science  Moderate to Difficult Level 
Economics  Easy to Moderate Level 
English  Moderate to Difficult Level 
Library Sciences  Moderate to Difficult Level 
Management  Moderate Level 
Computer Science & Application  Moderate to Difficult Level 
Education  Easy to Moderate Level 
HRM  Moderate Level 
Law  Moderate to Difficult Level 
Political Science  Moderate to Difficult Level 

If you study the specific question pattern for your subject of specialization from the previous years, preparing becomes much easier. Maximum students lose marks in paper 1 as they are unable to quickly solve the paper in time or because they gave too much time to the first paper and did not have sufficient time for the second paper. The new rules are particularly beneficial as you can attempt your paper 2 first and quickly finish the answers you are sure about and then use the rest of the time to solve paper 1.

Important points to note about UGC NET December 2019

The following are important points you must keep in mind for the later selection procedure:

  • The results of the exam were published on December 31st, 2019.
  • The validity of the JRF Score is effective for three years from the date of the issue of the JRF Award letter.
  • For the e-certificate of qualifying NET, the candidates have to contact the head of UGC NET Bureau.

NET exam requires a vast, thorough and in-depth knowledge of your subject as you are appointed at job roles where your academic excellence is the only way to excel. But to qualify the exam, you have to have a smart preparation strategy rather than an elaborate one. And this is where thoroughly understanding the exam analysis for the previous years will help you.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.