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SSC JE 2020 Last Minute Preparation Tips

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Jul 2, 2020

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A state of anxiety right before a big event is especially true for candidates of SSC JE 2020 whose exams are scheduled from March 30, 2020 to April 2, 2020. The admit cards are already being issued from March 18, 2020.

If you are one of those candidates who shelved their preparation for the last minute and now feel lost in the depth of the syllabus, this guide is for you. 

  • The upcoming exam which was scheduled from March 30, 2020 have been postponed infinitely due to the outbreak of COVID-19, and the commission is yet to announce any date.

  • Your last minute preparations plans for this test should be focused more on improving your strengths and making sure you can solve the problems as fast as possible.

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Get Familiar with the Papers in SSC JE 2020

To make your last minute preparation fruitful, you must be thorough with the paper pattern of tier-1 and tier-2 so that you can recognize the topics and areas you need to emphasis on. This way, you can increase your confidence and count on certain sections of the paper for maximizing your score.

Paper-1 of SSC JE 2020

  • Tier-1 or Paper 1 comprises of three parts- general awareness, general intelligence and reasoning and Part A/B/C. Part A is for Civil Engineers, Part B for Electrical and Part C for Mechanical. The Candidates can choose to answer any one between the three parts based on their relevant disciplines and the other two parts remain common for all. 

  • Marks division of Paper-1:

  • eneral awareness- 50

  • eneral intelligence and reasoning- 50

  • Part A/B/C- 100

  • Time Duration of the exam is 2 hours and it is conducted in two shifts.

Paper-2 of SSC JE 2020

  • The paper 2 is a conventional offline exam that comprises of 300 marks and the time is 3 hours on General engineering.

  • There are three parts, namely Part A, B and C and the candidate can attempt any of the parts according to their field of expertise.

  • Like paper 1, Part A is for Civil, B for Electrical and C for Mechanical.

Candidates who have cleared Paper 1 of SSC JE 2020, will be eligible to appear for Paper 2 or the Mains. Hence it is extremely important that you crack this stage which brings us straight to how to prepare for SSC JE 2020, in the last few weeks.

Detailed Study Plan for Tier-1, Paper-1 of SSC JE 2020

Having a clear idea about the exam pattern for Tier 1 will help you quickly navigate through the paper and complete the areas you are most comfortable with. 

  • The general intelligence and reasoning section has 50 questions of 50 marks. 

  • This section calls for keeping a calm head and regularly practicing the mock tests to increase your speed. 

  • It can be very scoring if you are logical enough and can solve these problems in minimum time. 

  • The questions are regarding number series, direction, coding-decoding, triangle, rule-detection, images, completion of patterns etc.

  • The general awareness section also comprises of 50 questions of 50 marks. 

  • This section has questions from world history as well as current affairs. 

  • The more practical approach is to study the daily newspapers thoroughly to cover all the questions regarding current affairs which are majority of the 50 questions.

  • Part A/B/C, each consist of 100 questions-100 marks and the candidate have to choose and answer any one of the parts based on their core subject of expertise.

The first and foremost thing to do is investing in books specifically for paper-1 and their latest editions available. We have listed a few that are highly recommended by us:

  • SSC-JE 2019 Civil Engineering Previous Years Topic wise Objective Detailed Solution with Theory- ies master publication (2019)

  • SSC: Junior Engineer (Civil) Exam Guide for Paper I & II (Civil & Structural)- Ramesh Publication House; 2020 edition

  • SSC JE - 2019 Electrical Engineering Previous Year Objective Detailed Solution Papers ( In Hindi and English)- Zone Tech Publication; Revised Edition 2019

  • SSC JE Paper I (CPWD/CWC/MES) Electrical Engineering - Previous Years Solved Papers (2008-18)- GK Publication (14 December 2018)

  • SSC Junior Engineers Mechanical Engineering Paper 1- Arihant Publication Third Edition (2019)

  • Kiran's SSC Junior Engineer (Mechanical Engineering)-Solved Papers-English- Kiran Prakashan (8 February 2019)

  • SSC Junior Engineers Mechanical Engineering Paper 1- Ies Master Publication; First Edition (2019)

  • SSC Chapterwise Solved Papers General Studies 2019- Arihant Publication (2019)

  • SSC JE (CPWD/CWC/MES) General Intelligence & Reasoning and General Awareness for Junior Engineers Recruitment Examination 2018-19- GK Publication Second edition (16th March 2018)

A Time-table Plan for Preparing SSC JE 2020 Tier-1

Tier-1 or paper-1 has three major sections. We will give a thorough plan for preparing each section in this limited time.

Preparing for General Intelligence and reasoning

eneral intelligence and reasoning section have questions on analogies, judgment, space visualization, relationship concept, observation, arithmetic reasoning and different verbal and non-verbal type of questions.

  • The problems related to coding, arithmetic reasoning and images takes a lot of time if you are out of practice. But they are extremely scoring and can help you get the qualifying marks. 

  • Dedicate 2 hours every day to practice the previous year questions you find in the books you invest in. You can even download the previous year questions online.

  • The questions are often repeated or at least the pattern is the same, hence, constant practice on a daily basis will improve your speed.

  • You will get cumulative 2 hours to solve 200 questions in paper-1 which means, you get less than one minute per question. Many candidates fail to complete the paper because they have spent more than a minute on every question in this section as a result.

  • Since this exam in conducted online, opt for mock online tests to improve your skills.

Preparing for General Awareness

Questions related to the history, culture, geography, current economy of India and its neighboring countries are in this section along with current affairs. The section is designed to test the general awareness of the candidate about their surrounding and everyday affair in their country.

  • Subscribe to a notable daily newspaper and go through it thoroughly every day. Keep a marker at hand and a notebook. Jot down important news and headlines with the date daily. Later you can refer to this notes in the last minute to revise the current affairs.

  • With such limited time at hand, covering the entire syllabus of history, geography and other aspects is nearly impossible. Hence, solve the previous year questions thoroughly so that you get some common ones.

  • Dedicate 2 hours every day to studying for this section and divide this time into two parts- 1 hour for memorizing at least 50 questions related to general awareness, 1 hour to solve a test based on what you studied.

Preparing for Core subjects

The part A/B/C are dedicated to civil and structural, Electrical and Mechanical engineering respectively. You will get more problem-based questions in this section than concept-based.

  • Dedicate 6 hours daily only for the core subject. Set an aim to complete certain chapters every day and make sure you complete them.

  • Depending on the number of days you have at hand, make a schedule and divide the chapters and syllabus accordingly.

  • Divide the 6 hours in 3 hours in the morning and 3 in the evening. In each of the three hours, aim to complete thorough revision of one chapter at least including solving a mock test on it.

  • As you study, take notes and jot down all formulas you come across every day. Dedicate 30 minutes at the end of the day to memorize them. 

  • If you still have your college notes and books, they can be handy for easing the preparation of the core subject.

  • Know your syllabus thoroughly to identify the scoring areas and focus more on them while you study.

Subject Day Night Total hours
eneral awareness 2hours - 1+1- To memorize and make notes+ Mock test
eneral intelligence and reasoning - 2hours 0.30+1.5- understanding the concepts+ Mock test on the same
Core Subject 3hours 3hours (1+2)*2- Studying the basics, theories, formulas and revision of the chapter+ Mock Test on the same

Follow this daily routine rigorously. Make notes of your progress. Prepare notes on each topic and chapter you cover every day in the end. You can go through the notes taken over the course of time and revise them right before the exam starts.

With a daily 10-hour study schedule, you can be more confident about cracking SSC JE 2020. The key is to maintain this schedule thoroughly till the day before your exam. Faltering from such a rigorous schedule is natural, but make up for the lost time the next day.

A Few More Tips for SSC JE 2020 Last Minute Preparation

  • If you have less than a week in hand, dedicate more time to solving at least last ten years question paper with 100% accuracy.

  • Reduce time on social media for these few days to make sure every minute is used productively.

  • Memorize all the formulas and equations necessary for your core subject.

  • Emphasis more on your strengths to ensure absolute accuracy and confidence regarding solving them.

  • Do not study all night, particularly 3-4 days before exam- fatigue will make you slower during the exam and lead to more mistakes.

  • Make it a habit to immediately skip questions you are not confident about or taking too much time as there is a negative marking of 0.25 marks per wrong question.

  • Follow short video tutorials on different topics related to SSC JE 2020 as visuals make it easier to remember what you study.

We understand it is only days away and feeling anxious is normal. But remember that-

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison

Hence, do not give up thinking you cannot crack it with last moment preparations. Pull those books out and pick up a pen and start off with making a schedule from this very instance and make every moment count. 

Team Collegedunia wishes you all the best for your upcoming SSC JE 2020 Exam!

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.