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SSC CHSL Salary, Vacancy, Career

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Apr 21, 2020

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SSC CHSL exam provides an immense opportunity to join in the service of Indian Government right after you complete your basic schooling. The exam is based on a 10+2 syllabus and conducted once every year to recruit new candidates for posts like Lower Divisional Clerk, Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant, Data Entry Operators, and court clerks. The SSC CHSL 2020 Tier-1 was scheduled to be conducted from March 17-29, 2020 but the exam got postponed from March 20 onwards.

Latest Highlights

  • The total tentative vacancies, including all reservations as declared by SSC for CHSL 2020 candidates is 5522.

  • The Tier-1 exam has been postponed indefinitely from March 20, 2020 after the COVID-19 lockdown was effective. For further notification, keep a tab on the official website.

  • Dispute regarding the unfair means row will be resolved by SSC after withdrawal of the lockdown.

  • So far, the exam date for SSC CHSL Tier-2 remains unchanged on June 28, 2020.

SSC CHSL 2020 Salary

SSC CHSL 2020 Salary- After 7th Pay Commission Approval

SSC CHSL qualifiers get an attractive salary package which has become even more lucrative after the approval of the 7th Pay Commission. The job security along with the steady salary hike, make the posts and categories recruited through SSC CHSL exam very popular. The following table has an overall pay-scale of the different posts and categories for which people are recruited through this exam.

Post Name Grade Pay Gross Salary
Lower Divisional Clerk (LDC) 1900 22,392-26,026
Data Entry Operator (DEO) 2400 29,340- 35,220
Court Clerk  1200 22,392-26,026
Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant (PA/SA) 2400 29,340-35,220

The Pay Commission is set up for modifying the pay-scale of government employees in an upward shift usually and it is amended periodically. The last amendment is the 7th Pay Commission which has brought about certain changes in the salary structure of SSC CHSL recruits.

The amended salary structure-

Post Name Basic Pay HRA TA Gross Salary In Hand City
DEO 25500 6120 3600 35220 31045 X
25500 4080 1800 31380 27205 Y
25500 2040 1800 29340 25165 Z
LDC 19900 4776 1350 26026 22411 X
Court Clerk 19900 3184 900 23984 20369 Y
PA/SA 19900 1592 900 22392 18777 Z

SSC CHSL Benefits and Allowance

Benefits and Allowance- SSC CHSL 2020

Besides the grade pay and the basic pay, there are several allowances that a SSC CHSL recruit can enjoy. These benefits make SSC CHSL one of the most lucrative government services across the country.

  • CPC fitment factor- All the modifications that came after the 7th Pay Commission is known as CPC Fitment Factor. Other evaluative features of the salary altogether play a decisive role in deciding this amount for the individuals.

  • HRA- This is the House Rent Allowance and is a reimbursement provided to the employees according to the category of city where they are posted.

  • NPS- National Pension Scheme is designed to improvise a person’s savings. This is deducted from the employees’ salary.

  • CGEGIS- This stands for Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme and was activated on 1st January 1982. It is an insurance cover for the employees’ family as well as a lump-sum amount for their retirement days.

  • CGHS- Central Government Health Scheme is a health insurance and medical facility for the employees.

Understanding City Categories

Understanding City Categories

The Candidates recruited through SSC CHSL 2020 exam can be posted anywhere in India as it is a Central Government job. Based on the population density, the cities are classified as X, Y and Z categories. Depending on the city where you are being posted, the allowances can vary significantly.

  • Category X has population density equal to or more than 50 lakhs and the HRA benefits is 24% after the 7th Pay Commission. Cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune etc. all come in this category.

  • Category Y has a population of 5-50 lakhs and the HRA benefits in these cities is 16%. Maximum cities come under this category all over India. Durgapur, Siliguri, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Raipur etc. are there to name a few.

  • Category Z is inclusive of all the cities which have a population density less than 5 lakh and the HRA allowance is 8% for these places.

SSC CHSL 2020 Vacancy

SSC CHSL 2020 Vacancy

The tentative vacancy for every year is declared on the website of SSC which gives the aspirant a fair idea about the competition. It also helps in having a proper vision about the different posts which they can apply in and the specific rate of competition possible for these posts. There are post reservations for the different categories as well. A detailed breakdown of the reservations and the divisions of the total vacancies is published every year.

How to Check SSC CHSL 2020 Vacancy

Once published, you can easily check the SSC CHSL 2020 vacancy from the SSC website. For this year, the vacancy list has already been published.

  • Go to website

  • Search through the notice tab

  • Here, look for the SSC CHSL Tab where you will find the link for SSC CHSL 2020 vacancy

  • Click to download the list which is in PDF form.

Tentative Category-wise SSC CHSL Vacancy 2020

The following table shows the tentative vacancies available for the SSC CHSL 2020 candidates.

SSC CHSL Posts SSC CHSL Departments Tentative SSC CHSL Vacancies 2020
LDC/JSA 24 1,269
PA/SA 1 3,598
DEO 1 26
Total 26 4,893

Apart from the above-mentioned list of vacancies, there are a few more posts available and reserved for candidates with special conditions as well as ex-servicemen, which are listed below:

Categories Tentative SSC CHSL Vacancies 2020
ESM 436
OH 56
HH 59
VH 51
Other PwD 27
Total 629

SSC CHSL Career Prospects

SSC CHSL Career Prospects

SSC CHSL exam is the doorway to several prestigious government posts which are the most secured and hassle-free jobs under the Government of India. Moreover, all the posts have a systematic opportunity for growth, making it a lucrative opportunity. The following are the posts you can apply for through SSC CHSL and their job profile and career growth opportunities in details:

Job Profile for SSC CHSL LDC/JSA

The LCD or the lower divisional clerk are the first division of clerks who are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Deal with various different clerical works

  • Maintain the workflow in the office

  • Register mails

  • Maintain files and data

  • Typing official letters, notices and other official documents

  • Making the salary slips

  • Supervision and correction of reference books

Career growth- lower division clerkAssistant division clerkDivision ClerkSection Clerk

The post of section clerk is a gazetted post. The in hand salary of LDC is Rs. 23,000 approximately and increment takes place on an annual basis.

Job Profile SSC CHSL PA/SA

Postal assistant or sorting assistance is one of the most attractive job roles through the SSC CHSL exam. There are postal departments in various sections of the Indian Government like Army postal service, circle offices and regional, mail motor services, office foreign post offices, postal store deports etc. The SA/PA is responsible for the following works:

  • Maintaining data and depositing of the mail

  • Handle the customer queries and finding solutions to them

  • Intra-city channeling of mails

  • Handling transmission of various different foreign articles through the post office

  • Returning of mails if it is undelivered

Career growth- Postal AssistantLower Selection Grade (LSG) SupervisorHigher Selection Grade (HSG) II Senior SupervisorHigher Selection Grade (HSG) II Chief Supervisor

The in-hand salary is approximately 32000 INR per month.

Job Profile Data Entry Operator

DEO or the data entry operator is in charge of a huge amount of user and client data. They organize and check all such data. The following are the different task a DEO has to accomplish:

  • Handle all the computers hence candidates with sufficient computer knowledge are recruited only.

  • Preparing notes and reports

  • Entering and managing all types of data

  • Inputting data and fetching the relevant outputs

  • Writing letters and handling the works in the absence of the LDC

  • Researching and collecting data for any incomplete document

Career growth- Data Entry OperatorData Entry Operator Grade BData Entry Operator Grade CSystem Analyst

The in hand monthly salary of a DEO is approximately 33000 INR per month.

Job Profile SSC CHSL Court Clerk

The court clerk is responsible for maintaining all kinds of records associated with the court. The primary task is to make sure these records are well organized and not lost under any circumstances.

  • Administer oaths during the court hearings

  • Issuance of license and permits

  • Preparing meeting agendas

  • To prepare drafts agendas or bylaws for towns and city proceedings

  • For answering official correspondences

  • Documenting the receipt of legal documents

Career growth- Court Clerk Assistant clerkBench Clerk Head Clerk

The approximate in-hand starting salary is 22000 INR per month.



Question: What is the difficulty level of the SSC CHSL exam?

Ans. The exam is based on a 10+2 syllabus though few advanced problems are also asked. But mostly the papers are easy to moderately difficult and overall not a tough exam to crack.- Check SSC CHSL Syllabus

Question: How long does it take to get promoted in the posts recruited through SSC CHSL exams?

Ans. It takes 2-3 years in the service to get the first promotion after being recruited through the SSC CHSL Exam. There are no separate internal exams for getting a promotion in these posts.

Question: Is the in-hand salary same in all the cities?

Ans. Yes, based on the category of city you are being posted in, the salary will vary accordingly. 

Question: What is the work pressure for the different posts recruited through SSC CHSL?

Ans. The work pressure is moderate to high and primarily depends on the post in which you are being selected.

Question: Is there a guarantee that I will be given the post of my preference?

Ans. There is no guarantee as such and it depends on your ranking in the merit list and if you prove eligible enough and there is enough vacancy, you can get the post you have mentioned as your preference,

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.