SSC CHSL 2020-21 Vacancy, Salary, Post Description & Preference Order

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Mar 24, 2021

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SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) Exam is conducted each year for various Ministries/ Departments/ Organizations of the Government of India. The available posts for SSC CHSL 2020-21 are Lower Division Clerk, Junior Secretariat Assistant, Postal Assistant, Sorting Assistant, and Data Entry Operator. To get more updates on SSC CHSL 2021 exam, click here.

But before you apply, it is important to know the SSC CHSL Post Details so that you can fill the postcodes based on your SSC CHSL Post Preferences. The exam has three tiers and an interview round for selecting candidates for the SSC CHSL final merit list. You have to qualify for every tier to be eligible for the next.

Post-wise SSC CHSL 2020-21 Vacancies

Total SSC CHSL Posts Expected SSC CHSL Vacancies in 2020-21 Total Departments 
LDC/JSA 1,269 24
PA/SA 3,598 1
DEO 26 1
Total 4,893 26

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SSC CHSL 2020-21 Post Details

There are four job profiles, candidates based on their eligibility and preferences are appointed.

  • Lower Division Clerk (LDC)
  • Data Entry Operator (DEO)
  • Postal/Sorting Assistants
  • Court Clerk

It is important to know about the different posts so that you can select the best while filling up the application form. The job description, pay package and other perks are different for different posts and they are shared as follows:

SSC CHSL Post Details - LDC (Lower Division Clerk)

LDC is the starting level of the clerk within any government organization and the candidates appointed for this post need to handle daily office tasks and responsibilities including maintaining data, files, and documents of the office systematically.

Below mentioned are the details of the post for Lower Division Clerk: -

  • Post Code: “L”
  • Department: Ministries/ Department of GOI
  • Total Vacancies: More than 1800
  • Posting Areas: Across India
  • Typing Languages: English/ Hindi

Salary Structure of LDC

  • Payscale: INR 5200-20200
  • Grade Pay: INR 1900


  • Lesser workload
  • Job security
  • Prospects of growth
  • Retirement benefits
Duties and Working Condition Growth/ Promotions
  • Registration of Dak (Posts)
  • Maintaining section diary
  • File Register, File Movement Register
  • Recording daily reports
  • Typing and preparing arrears 
  • Assistant/ Upper
  • Division Clerk Division Clerk
  • Section Officer

SSC CHSL Post Details - DEO (Data Entry Operator)

Data Entry Operator is one of the most preferred SSC CHSL Posts. The candidates appointed for this role are responsible for recording data into the computer machine using a reading device such as a keyboard. The Government of India has its own Data Entry Department that takes care of maintaining the record of member’s salary, registering their names, making their identity cards, among many other tasks.

Details about Data Entry Operator posts are mentioned below: –

  • Post Code: “D”, “E”
  • Department: Ministries/ Department of GOI
  • Typing Languages: English/ Hindi
  • Total Vacancies: More than 50
  • Posting Areas: Across India

Salary Structure of DEO

  • Payscale: INR 5200-20200
  • Grade Pay: INR 2400 (For both, postcode D and E)

Benefits of CHSL DEO

Routine Data Entry Work (Typing almost 2-3 Pages each day).

Duties and Working Condition Growth/ Promotions
  • Duty of DEO includes performing data entry work using a personal computer and software.
  • DEOs need to enter, research, verify and save the data in different systems.
  • Be sure that data is accurate and remain confidential.
  • Data Entry Operator Grade B
  • Data Entry Operator Grade C
  • Data Entry Operator Grade F (System Analyst) 

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SSC CHSL Post Details - Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant

In SSC CHSL Exam, the post of assistant is segmented into two categories including Postal Assistant (PA) and Sorting Assistant (SA).

  • Postal Assistants are appointed in different post offices that might be located in urban or remote areas. Their role includes collecting mail-bags from the main motor and delivering the same to the customers.
  • Sorting Assistants are supposed to work in shifts like 6 am to 2 pm, 2 pm to 10 pm, and 6 pm to 6 am. In case you are working the night shift, then you are supposed to work every alternative night.

Benefits to Postal Assistants

  • Work in Shifts.
  • No transfers thus allowing you to serve and get retired from the same place of work.

Salary Structure (In INR)

  • Payscale: INR 5200-20200
  • Grade Pay: INR 2400 (revised)
Duties and Working Condition Growth/ Promotions
  • Office Work
  • Database Entries on Computers/ Registers
  • Office Management
  • Work like Office Assistant i.e. mostly office work in their routine hours.
  • Lower Division Grade, Supervisor
  • Higher Selection Grade (HSG) II i.e. Senior Supervisor
  • Higher Selection Grade (HSG) II i.e. Chief Supervisor

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SSC CHSL Post Details - Court Clerk

Court Clerks are responsible for doing administrative duties in criminal and civil justice systems, along with helping court executives, judges, and lawyers.

Details related to the post of Court Clerk:

  • Post Code: “C”
  • Department: Tribunals
  • Posting Areas: All Over India
  • Typing Languages: English/ Hindi

Salary Structure (In INR)

  • Payscale: INR 5200-20200
  • Grade Pay: INR 1900


  • Regular and timely promotions
Duties and Working Condition Growth/ Promotions
  • Research on Legal Matters
  • Preparing Legal Documents Based on the Research
  • Law Clerks mostly work for Attorneys or Judges 
  • Assistant Clerk
  • Bench Clerk
  • Head Clerk

How to Choose the Best SSC CHSL Post?

Area of Work- The area of work is an essential factor to consider; if you want to work in a particular department within Government offices, you must prioritize your search accordingly. For instance, if candidates want to work in a ministry of the Government of India, then they must apply for Data Entry Operator jobs and in case you want to work with judges and lawyers, then applying for court clerk is a great option.

Location of job- The place of working plays an important role, as in these jobs, individuals can get appointed in rural, suburban, or urban areas as well, based on the job they choose. If someone wants to get located in an urban area, they can apply for a court clerk. In case your family lives in a rural area, you want to stay with them, you can opt for a job at the post office.

Skills - The chances of getting a job depend upon many things including academic skills, number of vacancies, number of applicants, and much more. Since lakhs of individuals apply for the SSC CHSL jobs, one can expect higher competition. Thus it is essential to do a proper analysis of the level of competition of various job profiles to prepare for the exam accordingly.

Salary – Salary is an inspiration factor that plays an essential role in deciding which job to consider, salary helps in prioritizing the job profiles. Since the salary offered to the individuals varies in each post, it is important to do a proper analysis by considering factors like cash in hand, grade pay, incentives, etc.

Individual Preference- You will not be able to give your best in a job that you don’t like doing at all. So give preference to your interest before finalizing any job. The selection of job depends on the aspirants, as to which kind of work-culture, job style, the environment they prefer and based on that, application forms must be filled.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.