Preparing Computer Aptitude for IBPS Clerk 2020 Exam

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Jun 18, 2020

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Today, almost every bank is computerized, making computer aptitude and basic knowledge of the device an inevitable part of your skillset. So much so that computer aptitude has a significant role in the banking exams’ syllabus for IBPS clerk mains exam. Earlier computer aptitude was a separate topic in IBPS Clerk. But this year, it has been merged together with reasoning ability. This means the number of questions and the type of questions you get from this section may vary slightly. But it is still an important section and hence you cannot neglect your preparation. This is especially true for candidates who are not as technology-conscious and up to date with the latest advancements or the working of computers.

We are going to share a few tips and suggestions which will help you have better preparation specifically for computer aptitude.

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Syllabus of Computer Aptitude

Get familiar with the detailed syllabus for IBPS clerk Mains in which computer aptitude is included so that you know where to begin your preparation from. There are 50 questions from reasoning ability section that must be completed in 45 minutes during the Mains exam. Among these, around 5-6 questions are solely based on the computer aptitude syllabus.

The entire IBPS Clerk Mains exam has a total duration of 160minutes and conducted bilingually. The following are the topics which are important for IBPS Clerk computer aptitude section-

  • Basics of hardware and software
  • Basics of windows operating system
  • Different terminologies related to the internet and its services
  • The different functions and features of MS-Word (specifically focus on MS-Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
  • History of computers
  • Network and communication
  • Basics of database
  • Hacking basics
  • Different types of security tools and viruses

Questions are more diagram-based and flowchart related than theoretical from this section even though there are conception based sections in the syllabus. You will have to prepare them but lay the major emphasis on the internet, working on MS-Office, hardware, and software and windows operations.

Best reference books for Computer Aptitude

One book which covers all the topics and has a number of exercises, solved examples and practice papers is enough to prepare for this section. The following are some of the books from which you can choose the best:

  • Objective Computer Knowledge by Kiran Prakashan
  • Computer Knowledge for SBI/IBPS Clerk/PO/RRB/RBI/SSC/Railways/Insurance Exams
  • OBJECTIVE Computer Awareness
  • IBPS Bank Computer General Knowledge
  • Computer Awareness by Arihant
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General tips to prepare computer aptitude for IBPS Clerk

Preparing computer aptitude syllabus for IBPS Clerk is the easiest and also a fun part to study. Aspirants who have exposure to computer technology and have experience in handling basic computer functioning will have an extra edge over those who lack this experience.

  • Even though most questions are based on diagrams and deciphering the flowcharts, you often get direct theory-based questions so do not skip any portion. Even reading through the theories for 4-5 times can help you to remember them enough to attempt the questions.
  • Practice previous year question papers and specifically lay emphasis on the diagram and flowchart-based questions as they cannot be memorized and only if your conception is clear, you can attempt them.
  • Even though questions are not always exactly repeated from the past years, the pattern is often the same which means if you have enough practice of solving a specific pattern of questions you will be able to do it, irrespective of the figures it consists of.
  • In the case of MS-office, practical knowledge can be way more helpful than simply reading about the functions and software. Spare 20-30 minutes daily on a desktop or laptop going through MS-word, excel, and PowerPoint. This will help you remember the use of different symbols and tabs better.
  • There are a number of predefined functions in MS-Excel and they are often asked in the exam. You can memorize them or practically apply them to grasp their use better.
  • Learn the meanings of different abbreviations related to the hardware and the internet system. For example, abbreviations like RAM, ROM, LAN, www. HTML, https://, etc. are important.
  • Do not skip studying this section as it is very easy and hence scoring. The best part is, you do not have to memorize too much and most of the syllabus can be learned in practical application which makes the learning process more fun and time-efficient.

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Computer aptitude is one such section that will be essential in the long run in your banking career. Hence, you must develop your skill regarding this subject. A lot of functions in the bank will call for such basic knowledge of computer application. By dedicating 3-4 hours a week and studying 1 month before the IBPS Clerk mains exam, the computer aptitude syllabus can easily be covered in its totality. Hence, if you have not started taking your preparation out of the apprehension of difficult subjects to broach, consider beginning with computer aptitude. The exams may be quite a few months away, but this is the best time to begin your preparation and we hope you give your best to it.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.