Best Preparation Books for KVPY 2020 Exam

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Oct 7, 2020

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Candidates who has applied for KVPY 2020, will be able to attend the exam. The exam is conducted in online mode means it is a computer-based test. Get Latest News on KVPY 2020 Exam now. 

There are objective type questions in the Aptitude test divided in two sections Part I and Part II. The questions must be solved in a duration of 3 hours. The KVPY question paper is of 100 marks.  Check KVPY Exam Pattern 

The KVPY exam for SA Stream includes 15 questions of each subject (physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology) in part I and 5 questions each in part II.

The KVPY exam for SB/SX stream includes 20 questions of each subject in part I and 10 questions each in part II.

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In part I, 1 mark is awarded for every correct answer while in part II 2 marks are awarded for correct answers. 0.25 mark is deducted for incorrect answer in part I while 0.5 mark is deducted for part II.

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NCERT books can fetch a candidate good marks in KVPY. But candidates must also refer to other books for practice. Books which can be used to study for KVPY exam, which based on the KVPY syllabus. The candidate must keep in the mind that complete mastery is required on each topic from grass root level to the complex concept to reach the apex in KVPY examination.

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KVPY Preparation Books for Mathematics

For mathematics preparations, practicing numerical questions is the key. Practicing numerous examples and exercises makes it easier to prepare for the examination. Consider books which provide step by step instructions to solve and understand concepts properly. The list of books for preparation of mathematics section in KVPY:

Tata McGraw Hill Book for JEE Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics
Challenges and Thrills of Pre-college Mathematics Skill In Mathematics
Excursion in Mathematics Problem Primer
Titu Andreescu’s books for Olympiads Arthur Engel's problem solving strategies

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KVPY Preparation Books for Physics

KVPY preparation for Physics must be done from the books that offer precise, constructive and clear explanations of different concepts. Prefer books which have tons of sample questions & answers that are elaborated step-wise to help better understand the problem. Check Selection Process for KVPY 2020-21

The questions help to clearly understand the applications of concepts while improving your problem-solving skills. The table below gives the preparation books considered for preparation of physics section in KVPY:

Science For Everyone : Aptitude Test Problem In Physics Fundamentals of Physics
Fundamental Laws Of Mechanics Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma
Basic Laws of Electromagnetism Understanding Physics Mechanics

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KVPY Preparation Books for Chemistry

Candidates are recommended to consult books which provide good conceptual background. The books which can help you understand the topics thoroughly and pursue higher education and career in Chemistry are best suited for KVPY 2020 Exam.  

Give high preference to books which follow international-level syllabus. It must emphasis on applied chemistry, problem solving and understanding how the key concepts originated and developed. The list of books that must be consulted for chemistry section preparation for KVPY are given below:

NCERT textbook Problems In Physical Chemistry By Narendra Avasti
Concise inorganic chemistry By J.D. Lee New Pattern Advanced Problems in Organic Chemistry by Pandey H
Problems In Inorganic Chemistry by V.K. Jaiswal Advanced Problems In Organic Chemistry By M.S. Chouhan
Problems and Solutions in Inorganic Chemistry by V. Joshi Wiley's Solomons & Fryhle's Organic Chemistry BY M.S. Chouhan

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KVPY Preparation Books for Biology

Biology includes the theoretical part of the KVPY exam. Consult a book which covers all the topics of Class XI Biology and follows an international-level syllabus. Follow the books in which every concept is explained and structured in details to help students understand the topics easily.

The solved questions in various reference books provide a great insight to question pattern in KVPY and other competitive examinations, and how to answer each question to the point. The list of biology text books that aid the preparations of KVPY are given in the table below:

NCERT books Pradeep’s publication
Elementary Biology (Volume - 1) By- K.N. Bhatia Biological Science by Greens and Stout
Foundation Course book by MTG for IX and X NCERT Exemplar problems

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