How to Answer Introductory Questions in KVPY Interview

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May 22, 2017

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KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana) is the prized scholarship exam for students who wish to seek admissions in the B.Sc. Programs. The scholarship is offered only if the candidates wish to apply for the Basic Sciences program in institutes located in India. The online exam for KVPY will be conducted on November 06, 2017. The next step of the Selection Process for KVPY is the final and the most important hurdle: The Interview.

The Interviewees look for talented, intellectual, skillful and optimistic candidates. Confidence and honesty can help the candidate to pass the interview and get the scholarship. Candidates are initially asked few introductory questions. These questions are followed by few technical questions to analyze the response of the candidate with scientific bent of mind.

Here we take a look at the probable final round questions and the right way to answer.

Ques. Tell me something about yourself.

Ans. Most obvious question is the also the trickiest. The interviewee is not interested in life story.  Be precise and concise (Look up what it really means). The idea is not to flaunt rather to touch upon all the relevant details. Stay focused and try not to get carried away with a certain topic (say family background or interests) while answering.

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Ques. What are your hobbies?

Ans. The answer to this question should be specific and to the point. Take care not to give many options to the interviewer as it will increase the scope of questions for him. Be sure what you are talking about while answering this because your answer may entail certain follow up questions. For example, a basketball enthusiast should be able to name 2 − 3 favorite players of National and International level with technical reasons.

Ques. What are your strongest points?
Ans. Be honest and be sure of yourself while answering this. Confidence is the major hack to answer this question.

Ques. What are your weak points?
 Ans. Another tricky question. Do not be very frank. State your weak point in such a manner that it does not hamper your chances. Answers like: “I am lazy.” Or “I can’t manage my time” should be avoided. The answer should be such that you are admitting that no one is perfect, but you are willing to accept challenges and work on your weak spots. The weakest point comes from your strongest point.

Ques. What extracurricular activities do you participate in apart from being good in academics?
Ans. If you were looking for a chance to brag, this question is it. Recall all the debates competitions you have won, all the stage performances you have given and all the merit certificates you have earned for drawing/singing/etc. Pick the best ones and answer. Again remember to not get carried away.
Ques. If you get KVPY Scholarship, how will you utilize the money?
Ans. Different students have different answers. Some say that they will deposit it in a bank so that it can be used during higher studies. Some wish to invest in their scientific idea. While answering this question remember that KVPY is awarded to encourage students to pursue research in different field of education. Your answer should be in context with that.
Ques. What is your daily schedule? How many hours do you dedicate to studies?
Ans. Be honest. Discuss your study plan completely. Don’t hype about the way you study for the examination out of over confidence. You can be asked questions related to the subject you studied the most, so answer wisely.
Ques. What subject does your favorite teacher teach? / Which is your favorite subject?
Ans. You should be well versed in the subject you name. The follow up questions are certain. If you are saying chemistry, make sure that you know chemistry (at least up to the standard you have studied). Answering wisely with the subject that you know perfectly can help you get through this question.
Ques. What is your aim?
Ans. Although it seems a pretty straight forward question, think broadly before answering. Ideally your aim should not only benefit yourself but also have a social and economic impact. Also remember to include the explanation of reason of choosing it as your aim.
Ques. How will your aims, when achieved, will serve our country?

Ans. This ensuing question is the reason you are suggested to think broadly before answering. The interviewee is not expecting you to bring a revolution in our country. It’s just the test of your perspective. They just want to know how big a picture you are seeing while defining your aim.
Ques. What preparations you have done for the interview? /How did you prepare for the KVPY Exam?
Ans. Avoid mentioning the name of coaching institute as such. Stress on your regular time table and well scheduling of your preparation. Define your preparation strategy i.e. practicing from sample papers and reference books, giving online mock tests.
Ques. What do your parents do? Who is your role model?
Ans. You should have a valid reason for choosing your role model. The person you choose to look up to, speaks volumes about you.
Ques. Anything that you would like to ask from us?

Ans. This signifies the end of interview. Relax, breathe in and breathe out. Now, ask them if you genuinely have a question. It shows your attentiveness and level of interest.

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*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.