Time management tips for IES/ESE preparation through online classes

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Jul 31, 2020

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The current pandemic of COVID 19 has made online classes a trend for all the students now. They can study at a time of their choosing that improves the overall productivity of the student. However, with an added advantage of comfort and flexibility in timings, the student might even become complacent and that can hamper the preparation which was on path when the offline classes were going on. Problems faced by the students during the online classes include procrastination and time mismanagement, which has led to the formation of new plans and time tables for a stricter and focused study. Thus, it is important to follow various tips and tricks for the management of time and studies while preparing for the ESE and GATE 2021 exam.

Tips for Effective Time Management for IES Preparation

Students preparing for the Engineering Services Examination or Graduate Aptitude Test 2021 online, need one important skill for a sure shot success i.e. Time Management. Students can follow the below-listed tips for a better management of their time while taking the online classes:

Use Syllabus to its full potential

  • Once the student has a proper understanding of the syllabus, it will be easier to follow the online classes. Students can go through the syllabus thoroughly before the online class even starts as it will give them a brief understanding of what the examiner expects in terms of knowledge.
  • Further, it will even allow the student to organize the routine, thus the student can go through each course with full confidence. Another point is that the syllabus will act as a guide that will help in planning the schedule of studies and how much time will be needed in different subjects and topics.
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Planning and Scheduling

  • This alone can bring a huge difference when the student is preparing. Planning requires execution which will keep the student on toes if they are falling behind in their preparation.
  • Students in order to manage their time must prepare a schedule that they can follow diligently and provide a proper road map and an assessment of how fast or slow the things are moving. This can happen only when the student has properly gone through the syllabus and has made a proper plan of how to approach each of the topics of individual subjects.
  • This must have a list of everything that has to be covered before the exam along with the priority. The schedule must also include time for the practice tests, previous year question papers, Newspaper reading as well as Revision.
  • Along with the above, it is quite important to have extra time in hand before the exam. The schedule must also consider potential clashes that could hamper the capacity of finishing the course on scheduled time. Thus, it is important to understand that the scheduled study is ahead to curb such issues.
  • There can be a chance that some topics may require time more than that was scheduled, thus extra time will come handy. Now, once the list is prepared, the student must put their head in planning the approach to each topic. Other than this, the schedule must include time for resting. It will help to keep mind more efficient during the study time.

Where and How to Study during online classes?

  • With the online classes comes a chance to have a complete freedom on time and place of the student's desire. This could even mean that the student might study lying in bed with a laptop propped on his knees while eating snacks.
  • Thus, it is important to create a special study place and study mindset where the student studies with complete focus. Studies have shown that the place—or “context’—in which the student studies affects how much information is remembered.
  • Along with this the space identified to study must be quiet and should not be a very restful set up but comforting having proper lighting and having minimum distractions. All these factors will help the student to take the online classes with complete concentration and prepare for their examinations with dedication.

Avoid Distractions

  • As already highlighted in the above point, the student must avoid surfing the social media and doing different things while the online classes are going on and the student is studying. There is no doubt that the student might just have to reply to a message or comment on a post, these things not only divert the attention but also the power of concentration and ultimately the student will suffer with the timelines.
  • The students can follow the Pomodoro Method as this technique uses a timer to break down the work into different intervals. These intervals are 25 minutes in length and are separated by a 5 minutes small break. This strategy not only helps the students to concentrate but also expands how the student organizes the study. The small breaks in between will help the student to get recharge and get ready for the next interval. The student who wants to try the Pomodoro technique with the most ideal approach can follow the below pointers:
    • Firstly, set a timer of 25 minutes in your clock or mobile phone and study continuously for the planned period.
    • Next, once the timer goes off, it is time to take a five-minute break like getting an espresso, browse messages, or accomplish something different.
    • Now, once the student has finished with four 25 minutes intervals, the next break can be extended to a bigger 15-minute break.

Dealing with Procrastination

  • There is no doubt that online classes are a new experience for most of the students, and the biggest virus that the online classes bring is that of Procrastination as it corrupts the functioning of the brain. Students might believe that a bigger break today can be dealt with a bigger study-time tomorrow. However, this is not how things work.
  • The time planning of tomorrow was already made in a way that the things are run in an optimized way. Students might run through such issues without even understanding that it will have negative outcomes in the future.
  • Another important point is to deal with the distraction that is all around us including the applications, gadgets, and social media. All these things are attention grabbers, ultimately the emotional part of the brain looks for fun and starts to procrastinate instead of the planned hours of study and hard work required to achieve success. Thus, while taking the online classes, there should not be any delays and sticking to the schedule with procrastinating is strictly important.

Making a to-do list

  • Another tip that can help the candidate is to create a weekly to-do list that will help the candidate to manage the tasks weekly. This will help the candidate to micro manage the schedule developed for the effective completion of the syllabus. These to-do lists would include online classes, self study, assignments and rest.

Rewarding after achievement

  • This is add on that will help the candidate to manage the time during the online classes, setting goals and rewards against that goal. Incentives will tempt the student to complete the course within a certain time period and set personal learning and time goals.
  • However, it is important to not reward when the students fail to achieve the set goal as it will put the mind to work for next goals within the scheduled time. This is one of the things that are used by everyone from their childhood.

Doubt clearing session

  • While the online classes are recorded, they are generally followed up with a live doubt clearing session. This is one of the factors that would help the student in gaining extra knowledge as the other students who are sitting in their homes also ask their doubts from the teacher. Not only will the student clear their own doubts but will also learn from the doubts of others.

Time management is an art of great people, and once the student learns it and implements it, there is no better weapon to prepare for any competitive examination. It will not be only an advantage just during the preparation phase but during your lifetime.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.