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Aug 4, 2017

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IES 2018 Exam Pattern constitutes of a written exam followed by an interview for personality test. Candidates must have good knowledge 

  • This exam is conducted in English medium
  • Questions are of multiple-choice pattern in Preliminary stage of exam and in the Conventional exam pattern type in the Mains exam.
  • The questions will be of multiple choice questions and conventional type.
  • IES 2018 exam is conducted in 2 stages involving 4 papers totally.
  • IES 2018 entrance exam pattern has the provision for the negative marking scheme, which reduces marks for each wrong answer attempted.
  • In IES 2018 entrance exam, there will be a deduction of one third of the mark allotted for each question for every wrong answer attempted.

IES (Indian Engineering Services) exam is a combined competitive examination conducted Nationwide by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Government of India, New Delhi. It is conducted to fill up the vacancies in the posts in Indian Engineering Services, which includes a wide range of engineers who work under the Government of India.

IES 2018 Exam Pattern Highlights Table

Below table shows the important information regarding IES 2018 exam pattern:

Exam Mode Online Test
Number of Stages 2 (Preliminary and Mains Exam)
Number of papers  4
Questions Type Multiple choice questions (MCQ) and Conventional type
Exam duration Varies for different exam papers
Exam language  English medium

IES 2018 Exam Pattern in Detail

All questions are of the MCQ type (multiple choice questions) with 4 options for each questions and also conventional type exam pattern. The below table describes the detailed exam pattern with number of marks for each section.

Stage Paper Type Discipline Duration Marks
Preliminary Exam Paper - I Objective General Studies and Engineering Aptitude 2 hours 200 Marks
Paper - II Objective Engineering Discipline 3 hours 300 Marks
Mains Exam Paper - I Conventional Engineering Discipline - I 3 hours 300 Marks
Paper - II Conventional Engineering Discipline - II 3 hours 300 Marks

IES 2018 Exam Marking Scheme

The total marks for IES 2018 Exam conducted in 2 stages, the first stage is preliminary exam and the second stage is the mains exam. Negative marking system exists in IES 2018 Exam. The below scheme is used for marking in IES 2018 examination.

  • For each wrong answer attempted by the candidate, one third (0.33) of mark allotted for that question will be deducted as penalty mark.
  • If more than one answer is given for a question, that answer will be treated as wrong answer attempt and the same negative mark given above will be deducted for that question.
  • If any question is left unanswered, there will be no penalty mark for that question and that question will receive no marks.

IES 2018 Syllabus

For General Studies & Engineering Aptitude exam paper, questions will be from the below topics:

  • Current national and international issues
  • Aptitude questions covering Logical reasoning and Analytical ability
  • Other general topics related to engineering

To view the detailed topic-wise syllabus, please visit the exam notification page in the official website of UPSC. The chapter-wise syllabus for Engineering Discipline papers in IES 2018 exam can be found in the table below:

Engineering Discipline Paper Chapters
Civil Engineering Paper – I Building Materials
Solid Mechanics
Structural Analysis
Design of Steel Structures
Design of Concrete and Masonry structures
Construction Practice, Planning and Management
Paper – II Flow of Fluids, Hydraulic Machines and Hydro Power
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Geo-technical Engineering and Foundation Engineering
Surveying and Geology
Transportation Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Paper – I Fluid Mechanics
Thermodynamics and Heat transfer
IC Engines, Refrigeration and Air conditioning
Turbo Machinery
Power Plant Engineering
Renewable Sources of Energy
Paper – II Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Materials
Mechanisms and Machines
Design of Machine Elements
Manufacturing, Industrial and Maintenance Engineering
Mechatronics and Robotics
Electrical Engineering Paper – I Engineering Mathematics
Electrical Materials
Electric Circuits and Fields
Electrical and Electronic Measurements
Computer Fundamentals
Basic Electronics Engineering
Paper – II Analog and Digital Electronics
Systems and Signal Processing
Control Systems
Electrical Machines
Power Systems
Power Electronics and Drives
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Paper – I Basic Electronics Engineering
Basic Electrical Engineering
Materials Science
Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation
Network Theory
Analog and Digital Circuits
Paper – II Analog and Digital Communication Systems
Control Systems
Computer Organization and Architecture
Electro Magnetics
Advanced Electronics Topics
Advanced Communication Topics

IES 2018 Recommended Books

The books which can be taken as reference books to study by candidates appearing for IES 2018 exam are listed below.

Subject Book Name Author or Publications
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering UPSC ESE 2018 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering - Chapter-wise Solved Papers GKP (GK Publications)
Mechanical Engineering UPSC ESE 2018 Mechanical Engineering - Chapter Wise Solved Papers GKP (GK Publications)
Civil Engineering UPSC ESE 2018 Civil Engineering - Chapter-wise Solved Papers GKP (GK Publications)
Electrical Engineering UPSC ESE 2018 Electrical Engineering GKP (GK Publications)
Preliminary Exam: Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering ESE 2018 Preliminary Exam: Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering - Topic wise Objective Solved Papers - Vol. 2 Made Easy Editorial Board
Preliminary Exam: Mechanical Engineering ESE 2018 Preliminary Exam: Mechanical Engineering - Topic wise Objective Solved Papers - Vol. 2 Made Easy Editorial Board
Preliminary Exam: Civil Engineering ESE 2018 Preliminary Exam: Civil Engineering - Topic wise Objective Solved Papers - Vol. 2 Made Easy Editorial Board
Preliminary Exam: Electrical Engineering ESE 2018 Preliminary Exam: Electrical Engineering - Topic wise Objective Solved Papers - Vol. 1 Made Easy Editorial Board

Important Instructions

The following are the important instructions to be taken into account by applicants regarding IES 2018 exam:

  • Candidates should attempt questions in accordance with directions given in question paper.
  • Candidates should abide by instructions printed on Question Paper and Answer Book given in the exam hall.
  •  Candidates must use only black ball pen to darken the circles in the OMR sheet.
  • Candidates must avoid submitting multiple applications.
  • Candidates should ensure that they provide a valid, active email ID in application form as the Commission uses only electronic mode of communication.
  • Electronic gadgets like mobile phone, Bluetooth and other communication devices are not allowed inside the exam hall.
  • The particulars allowed inside the exam hall are non-programmable calculators, other engineering drawing instruments.
  • There is a provision for negative marking in IES 2018 exam, so candidates have to keep this in mind while attempting answers.
  • Unfair exam practices are strictly prohibited inside the examination hall and will lead to immediate cancellation of candidature of applicant involving in such malpractices and hence that candidate will not be allowed to attend the examination.
  • Candidates are not allowed to leave exam hall before the prescribed finishing time of the exam.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.