How to score good marks in ESE conventional papers?

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Jun 1, 2020

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ESE or Engineering Services Exam is an examination conducted by UPSC or Union Public Services. It is basically divided into three steps viz, IES Preliminary, IES Main and Personality Test. ESE examination is pretty tough to clear and students struggle with the conventional papers most of the time. To talk about the same, we are going to provide some of the general tips, strategies, study materials, and important topics that would cover main subjects precisely

General Preparation Tips For ESE

Now, before starting your preparation, keep in mind that your journey has to be dedicated and focused. The more you focus on gathering knowledge, the better it would be for you. Do not force academics on yourself. Keep calm and start with enough positivity. Here we are going to mention some of the general tips for ESE examination that would help you during your study schedule.

Prepp Test Series

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  • Solve Last Year Papers

Make sure to go through last year’s papers for ESE. This would definitely render you enough ideas regarding the question pattern in detail. Besides, you would also be able to know the areas that require more work and the ones where you are lacking respectively.

  • Get Familiar With Everything

Try to get more familiar with the syllabus, pattern, format for all the papers that you are going to appear for. Likewise, come up with a proper study pattern as per the time that is left in hand before your appearance for the examination.

  • Revise More!

Revision is the key to a successful examination. Thus, revise whatever you have studied. Check what you are not able to recall. Give it another shot and revise it more and more further. A proper revision would definitely help you know what you have prepared till now.

  • Take Short Breaks

It's important for you to stay relaxed while you study. Thus, take short breaks in between your never-ending study routine. Do something you love to do or take a nap. This would definitely help you concentrate more in your preparation.

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Strategies to Clear the Conventional Papers of ESE

When we appear for any examination, the primary thing that we want is to clear it on the first attempt. You might get to hear different perspectives regarding the same, however, the truth is, you can surely crack it in the first go with proper strategies. Talking about that, here we have mentioned some of the strategies that would definitely help you clear the conventional papers of ESE that are hard to deal with.

  • Do not think that the ESE is tough to crack. Keep in mind that anything is possible with proper dedication and focus. Try to aim for success and do not let people drag down your morale.
  • Upgrade your aptitude, general knowledge as well as technical knowledge more and more. As it's certainly going to help you qualify it efficiently.
  • Do not count on the hours you have studied but the knowledge you are gaining throughout your study time. Make star points for any extra information which is relevant for remembering.
  • Follow the OK4R method. OK4R stands for Overview, Key Ideas, Read, Recall, Reflect, Review. This would surely help you grasp more information than usual.
  • Try different techniques to remember relevant topics. This involves adding visual elements like images to your learning, solving puzzles, understanding the concept and limited yet precise study.

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*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.