How to prepare for IES 2017 ?

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Mar 1, 2019

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Engineering Services Examination (ESE) or Indian Engineering Services (IES) is one of the most prestigious examinations conducted by UPSC.

IES Exam gives an opportunity to all aspiring engineers to work with Indian Government. They are designated as Class – 1 officers in public sectors such as Indian Railways, Power Department, Telecommunications, Central Water engineering, Defense service of Engineers, Central Engineering Service, etc.

Tips to crack IES Exam 2017

Examinations like IES remind us that success is not an overnight experience but knowledge of the fundamentals along with updated general awareness. Some tips for IES 2017 Preparation are as follows:

  • The first step is to make a proper time table. Take one subject from each section of the technical syllabus. 
  • Check the latest IES Exam Pattern and IES syllabus of the exam carefully. You should practice previous year's question papers because a good number of questions are repeated every year.
  • Read a single book for one topic as it reduces confusion among various facts and sign conventions.
  • Prepare short-term study plans and try to execute them easily so that it can align with long term goal.
  • Make a separate list of formulae for each subject to be revised daily.
  • Set the time limit for question-solving and practice previous papers regularly.
  • You should reserve at least last 15 days for quick practice and revision and solve as many papers as you can to score better.
  • Practice full-length mock test comprising of all the sections, within the fixed time period.
  • Use short and simple techniques for numerical solving instead of traditional methods.
  • In the personal interview, you should have sound technical knowledge, positive attitude, good body language, better communication skills etc.
  • Candidates should be prepared for the questions related to their strengths and weaknesses.

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Important Strategies for IES 2017

IES 2017 Exam is a gateway to a reputed career in government departments. It offers an opportunity to handle the technicalities of some challenging tasks in the development of services and infrastructure of our country.

To crack IES, you must follow a proper strategy to prepare better. Here we are providing you the strategy to crack the IES. The list of things you must keep in mind to strategize your preparation for IES 2017 are as follows:

  • Analyze the syllabus and previous year papers

Analysis is the most important thing for any test. Analysis of syllabus and previous papers is very crucial so that you get to know what is important from the exam point of view and what to cover in time. You should work out on the areas being asked much and study according to the requirements of the test.

  • Plan a proper schedule for preparing each subject

It is a very good idea to make a time table and formulate your daily tasks regularly. Once you have set a daily limit, weekly and monthly targets, you will get better results for the same amount of effort for sure.

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  • Practice previous Year Question Papers

In IES examination, previous year questions are repeated every year in a different pattern, though. So preparing previous year question papers will have two advantages. One is that you will get to know the pattern of the paper. Some of the questions may be repeated directly or given the same question type with few numerical changes in it.

  • Study the important subjects first

Initially, you should prepare the subjects which carry the highest marks in the test. Then plan to cover the remaining subjects according to your preparation plan.

  • After completing any subject attempt subject-wise quizzes and tests

Practice number of questions as soon as you complete each chapter or subject. Give online mock test for each subject. This will clear your concepts more precisely.

  • Prepare General Studies and Engineering Aptitude

These subjects are very easy to score in the IES 2017 exam. Give special attention for General Studies and aptitude. Practice the previous year IES questions to understand the types of questions that are frequently asked. Engineering aptitude questions can be answered without preparation also.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.