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How to Choose the Best Coaching Institute for IES/ESE 2020 Preparation?

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Jul 31, 2020

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The Indian Engineering Services exam is the most prominent career opportunity for aspiring engineering graduates in India. This is primarily because of the respect, lucrative incentives, and security that is associated with any public sector job. This exam is conducted annually by the UPSC to recruit eligible engineers in four key dominions that consist of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics & Telecommunications for technical and managerial posts of the Government of India in the Engineering sector. Given the limited vacancies and fierce competition, the selection procedure of this exam is considered one of the toughest across all examinations in India. Once selected, the candidates are employed in various Ministries and Departments of The Government of India such as Railways, Telecom, Border Roads, CPWD, CWC, CPES, NHAI, Naval Armaments, IDSE, MES, Ordnance Factories, etc.

Factors to consider while selecting the best coaching for IES Preparation

To have the best preparation possible, many candidates opt for coaching classes. With different institutes all around us, it is very difficult to choose the best. The following are a few important factors that should be considered while checking which the most suitable institute is for you:

Course structure and class timings

This is inarguably the most important aspect of an institute as to how relevant and symmetrical the course structure of the institute is, to the course you opt for ESE examination.

  • You can either ask for the course structure from the institute or consult one of the previous students of the institute to get a broad idea of what and how the curriculum structure is made.
  • The timings of the batches & duration of each class are also crucial as it should align with your schedule of self-study time to avoid over-stressing yourself and adapt at an optimum pace.
  • Classes must be conducted at a steady pace with short breaks to ensure students can grasp appropriately, the subject being taught.
  • A day off per week should be given so that students can retrospect upon what they’ve learned in that particular week and cover anything they’ve missed.
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Teaching Faculty

The impact of what is being taught is determined by the teaching methods followed by the faculty.

  • The teaching faculty must have experience and be aligned with the trends of ESE examinations in the past. Also, recently qualified professionals should step-in to inculcate modern methodology & techniques to present the students with an optimistic and broader outlook.
  • The teaching faculty should provide the students with a holistic approach to the syllabus and welcome the feedback provided by their students and act upon them.
  • The faculty must update their study material regularly, aligned with the current course structure provided by ESE guidelines. To ensure that the teaching faculty of the institute is efficient and capable, consulting the ex-students of that particular institute would be the most suitable way forward.

The credibility of The Institute

Never believe everything you see in an advertisement. Institutes often lure students by exhibiting lucrative offers which may not necessarily be in your best interests.

  • The best way to determine the credibility of the Institute lies in the years of experience they uphold in coaching and architecting students for ESE preparations and it also advocates how experienced the coaching faculty is.
  • If an institute has been in establishment for a long duration does not necessarily mean that it is efficient, to authenticate that, testimonials of students who have excelled in the exam and the results displayed by the institute should be taken into account.
  • Similarly, institutes that have come into establishment recently may prove thriving results given the quality of faculty they engage with and the success rate they generate.


  • An ideal Institute engages with its students not just at the teaching level, but also by providing them with efficient guidance through a counseling team. They assist students in any challenges they may be facing such as topics not understood, backlogs, missed classes, etc.
  • The engagement of an institute is also derived from its presence on social media platforms, as to how active they are and the quality of content they post in the form of testimonials and success rate. Those testimonials verify how detrimental the institute was in their student’s success.

Doubts Clarification

As the students engage with the study material provided by the institute, doubts will be inevitable. The frequency of these doubts is variable, depending upon the student.

  • The faculty must efficiently work upon clearing these doubts optimistically.
  • A great deal of these doubts is about how the questions are read, solved, and discussed in the class. If all three of them are clarified together, it would prevent hampering the student’s understanding of the subject.
  • Mock Tests must be conducted regularly by the faculty as they advocate both, how efficient the teaching has been and to what extent the students have grasped the subject.
  • The development of these test series must be done by a quality team that follows the recent trends of ESE examinations and monitor the performance of their students.

Batch Division

  • Due to heavy admissions, institutes often build and categorize students based upon the institute’s convenience rather than mentoring the student’s demands.
  • Students opting for any institute should make sure that the institute is liberal in tailoring the batches according to the requirements of the students best suited for their particular subject.
  • Some students may have previous experience with ESE or GATE examinations while some aspirants may be fresher. Institute should be able to segregate among them and assign them batches based upon their experience in the subject so that study material is structured accordingly.
  • Segregation may also be done based upon the performance of students in assessments conducted by the institute so that like-minded students are assigned the same batch and the pace of the study is set accordingly.

Study Material

  • The study material provided by the institute should be bespoke, based upon the subject and exam opted by the student.
  • Not just long paragraphs of reading materials but the study material should be catered with factual representations, diagrams, flowcharts as well as audio-visual aspects to make learning more interactive and easily attainable.
  • The concepts must be exam-oriented and question banks must assist in subject acknowledgment of the student as well as contain comprehensive solutions for further reference.

Teaching Environment

A healthy teaching environment exists in a good infrastructure equipped with the latest aids to assist teaching and make learning interactive and non-monotonous.

  • The institute must be established in a place easily accessible by the students and should sustain spacious & well-organized classrooms to ensure sound learning of the subject.
  • The classrooms must be built in such a fashion that each student can grasp and adapt to what is being taught as well as accessible to the teaching faculty.

Any institute that is fulfilling all these factors successfully should be your choice. However, bear in mind the priorities you have as expectations from the institute so that you can accordingly determine the best choice.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.