ESE/IES 2021 Preparation: Common Mistakes Made by Students

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Jul 23, 2020

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The ESE or Engineering Service Examination is conducted by UPSC for recruiting electrical, telecommunications, civil and mechanical engineers. On selection, they get posted in various govt. departments or PSUs. They join the service as Class 1 officers. If you want to opt for ESE 2021 exams, go through the toppers strategy, on how they made their time table, what books and video lectures they followed, and what was their exam strategy. Along with this, make sure that your basics are clear.

Exam pattern of ESE

Prelims for GS and aptitude 2 h
Prelims for engineering discipline 3 h
Mains exam for engineering discipline I 3 h
Mains exam for engineering discipline II 3 h
Prepp Test Series

Common mistakes that the students make during ESE preparation:

You might make some common mistakes while preparing for ESE 2021. We shall guide you through these 10 most common mistakes made by you so that you can correct it before it's too late.

  1. Blindly believing to what the toppers say

You need to first understand that every successful man has a different story. It is very common for the students to follow the videos or recommendations of toppers. This seems to be very motivating. So, students also try to implement these strategies in their preparation module. But before doing this, we also need to think that every individual has a different mental capability and learning approach. So, always try making

  1. Not aware of the exam syllabus

Visit the UPSC website for details regarding the ESE syllabus. It is really important to know what to study and what not to. More than that, being familiar with the entire syllabus makes it much easier to strategize a smart plan.

  1. Unsure of the preparation materials

Do not read random books, just to gather more and more information. You need to understand that there is a time constraint. In just a few weeks, you need to study a lot. Thus, do the smart reading. Stick with one or two really good and recommended books and make your basics clear.

  1. Choosing the wrong institute for preparation

Someone who is self-preparing, this is not for them. But if you have enrolled in any institute for ESE 2021 preparation make sure that you Google the reviews of the institute. Go through the student feedback section to make sure this is the right choice. If possible, you can also visit the institute for at least 1-2 demo classes. You also need to make sure that the fee of the institute does not burn a hole in your pocket. Use your money and time wisely.

  1. Not knowing about exam pattern

You need to know about theexam pattern before appearing for it. Paper I is the prelims paper and consists of 200 marks questions. It focuses on engineering aptitude and general studies. The minimum marks you need to score to pass the prelims is 50%. So, GS can be considered as a crucial part of the ESE exam.

  1. Lack of time management

You need to manage the time properly and efficiently. Make sure that your preparation is in line with the exam syllabus. Focus on General Studies for prelims, and all core subjects. Also, practice the previous year question bank. Never waste time revising for the topics that are not in the new syllabus. This will only waste your effort and time.

  1. Lack of revision

Always take out time to revise once you complete a topic. This is the key to cracking the exam. The more organized you are with your notes and tips, the less time you will take to complete preparing for the syllabus. If you face difficulty in remembering a portion, try revising it many times. In addition to revision, do not forget to practice previous year questions. There are many online test series available. You can buy the test series or appear online with a minimal fee. Once you appear for these test series, you will have a rough idea of the timing and how well your preparation is.

  1. Overthinking

It is very natural to get lured for the perks, salary package, respect, and benefits that come with the job on clearing ESE. But you cannot sit back thinking about this all the time. Though dreaming and imagining things is not bad as it inspires you to read harder but you need to work towards it and cut down the time spent on imagining.

  1. Procrastinating your preparation for ESE 2021

It might feel that there is a lot of time remaining for the examination, so you can just sit back a bit and relax. If you do not feel like studying for a long duration of time when there are still a few months for the examination, the best thing you can do is start with baby steps. You can start reading news or general studies books and try staying updated. Take notes of any major events. Go through the syllabus and point out the topics that interest you and start preparing for those topics. Once this is over, you can start preparing for the core subjects with less interest or higher difficulty levels.

  1. Family and health

ESE preparation is very tough and tedious. So, it is going to drain you both mentally and emotionally. It is really important to have good companions, either family or friends. In your free time, when you are not preparing or revising, you can sit with your friends and discuss topics that you are facing problems in. Studying with friends or a group always helps you remember things instantly. You can discuss the theories and concepts of engineering that are difficult.

Apart from the studies, you also need to take care of your health. Drink a lot of fluid during this time. Avoid eating fast food or any oily food items. Eat light, as it will not make you feel drowsy, so you can prepare well. Try exercising daily for at least 30 minutes. You can also go for a short run. Do not read till very late night, and try getting 7-8 hours of sleep, which is recommended for a healthy brain. We hope these top 10 points that have been pointed out for you, will let you prepare well for the ESE 2021 exams. Keep learning.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.