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Best Books to Prepare for IES Civil Engineering Exam

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Feb 28, 2019

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IES Syllabus for Civil Engineering consists hundreds of topics in 14-16 subjects. For each subject, there are many books available in the market, so selection of books becomes an important task. This year, IES 2018 is scheduled for January 07, 2018. Download  IES Sample Papers

We have listed out the best books which are sufficient for IES Civil Engineering preparation. The books are suggested on the following grounds:

  • It covers the entire IES Syllabus of IES Civil Engineering
  • Concepts are understandable and easy to learn
  • Recommended by IES toppers
  • Popularity and reviews

Book 1: Engineering Mechanics by Shames


The book will provide an in-depth knowledge of engineering mechanics at UG level. The information will eventually move onto upper-level courses. It will help in developing an understanding of basic principles in Mechanics.

Book 2: Introduction to Solid Mechanics by Shames Irving H

The book is a combination of information about each subject with various examples for each topic. It is not just a book carrying details about Solid Mechanics. Finally, it talks about finite element method so that students can understand the theory and use of finite element codes for their design projects.

Book 3: Limit State Design by Ram Chandra

This is a well-written textbook on design. The explanation is simple and easy to understand with various examples to have a better understanding of each topic.

Book 4: Surveying – Vol. 1 by B.C. Punmia and Ashok Kumar Jain

The book will serve as a great reference guide for aspiring civil engineers studying geodetic and plane surveying methodologies. Also, the first volume focuses on the theoretical concepts and their practical application. In total the book has 24 chapters, some of which are Setting Out Works, Trigonometric Levelling, and Contouring.

Book 5: Surveying – Vol. 2 by B.C. Punmia and Ashok Kumar Jain

The 2nd Volume is a continuation of Vol.1 and deals with advanced topics of Geodetic and Plane Surveying. It has 16 Chapters in total. Along with conventional instruments, the book also contains illustrations and descriptions of the most modern and advanced measuring instruments

Book 6: Strength of Materials through Questions & Answers for ESE, GATE & PSUs by U.C. Jindal

It is a compilation of various questions that are asked in university-level examination and competitive examinations like UPSC/ IES/ GATE/ PSUs.

Book 7: Soil Mechanics and Foundations by B.C. Punmia and Ashok Kumar Jain

The book starts by explaining the basic characteristics and properties of Soil. It has various experiments that will help in gaining a practical insight into soil mechanics. In total there are 34 chapters, covering topics like Well Hydraulics, Stress Distribution, Stabilisation of Soils etc.

Book 8: Basic Structural Analysis by C.S. Reddy

This text book has structural analysis via classic and matrix methods. It has numerous questions, problems and samples like point loads, rotation of support, varying loads etc in order to prepare better for IES Civil Engineering exam. There are 19 Chapters in total starting with the Introduction to Structural Analysis, followed by Plane and Space Trusses, Flexibility or Force Method of Analysis etc.

Book 9: Reinforced Concrete Design by Devdas Menon and S. Pillai

The book gives a complete knowledge of RCC or Reinforced Concrete Design. The information is very comprehensive and elaborate. As per toppers, it is the best book that an aspirant of civil engineer should go for.

Book 10: Design of Steel Structures by S.S. Bhavikatti

The book is a complete package having full information about the designing of structures. The provision of code especially IS:800-2007 for designing steel structures using the limit state method is explained in simple language.


Other Best Books for IES Civil Engineering

Book Name Author/ Publisher
Water Supply Engineering Santosh Kumar Garg
Sewage Disposal and Air Pollution Engineering Santosh Kumar Garg
Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics including Hydraulics Machines Dr. P.N. Nodi and S.M. Seth
Higher Engineering Mathematics Bandaru Ramana

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.