UPSC CAPF 2020 Syllabus

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May 29, 2020

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UPSC CAPF 2020 syllabus is quite vast and includes topics related to General Intelligence, General Studies, General Ability, Language, Grammar, etc. Here we have detailed the UPSC CAPF 2020 syllabus of both paper i.e. Paper-I and Paper-II. This year the UPSC CAPF AC 2020 exam will commence on August 09, 2020.

The UPSC CAPF 2020 Syllabus of Paper-I is structured in a way to test the logical ability, reasoning ability, numerical ability, knowledge of Indian history, politics, constitution, geographical structure, national and international happenings, etc. of the candidate.

While the UPSC CAPF 2020 Syllabus of Paper-II aims to examine the expertise of candidates on topics related to Indian history, cultural heritage, general science, human rights, English language which includes grammar, comprehension, precise writing, etc.

CAPF 2019 Exam Pattern

The UPSC CAPF 2020 Assistant Commandant Exam will have two papers i.e. Paper-I and Paper-II. Paper-I has 125 objective type questions of 250 marks both in Hindi and English language and the time duration is 2 hours and it has questions related to General Ability and Intelligence.

Paper-II has subjective type questions of 200 marks and has questions on General Studies, essay, and comprehension, the time duration to complete this paper is 3 hours. Candidates have the choice to attempt this paper in either Hindi or English language. Read the table given below to know the detailed CAPF 2020 Exam Pattern:

Paper Subjects Type No. of questions Marks Time limit
Paper I General Ability and Intelligence Objective 125 250 2 hours
Paper II General Studies, Essay, and Comprehension Conventional 200 3 hours

CAPF 2019 Syllabus

UPSC CAPF 2020 Syllabus of Paper-I and Paper-II includes subject like General Intelligence, General Studies, Mental ability, etc. It is very helpful to go through the entire syllabus beforehand, it will give the idea to strategize the preparation routine for the examination. Below is the detailed paper-wise syllabus of UPSC CAPF 2020.

Syllabus for General Ability and Intelligence Section

Paper I of the Assistant Commandant Exam is formulated to test the mental ability, intelligence, and general awareness of the candidate. It has questions related to the current happenings around the globe, Indian and international politics, government, technology, Indian History, and many more kindred topics. It also includes questions on logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, numerical ability, and data interpretation.

General Mental Ability General Science
Current Events of National and International Importance Indian Politics and Economy
Indian History Indian and World Geography

Sample Questions

Paper-I of UPSC CAPF 2020 Assistant Commandant Examination has objective type questions based on logical reasoning, general science, history, geography, current awareness, etc. Below we have mentioned a few sample questions to give the idea about the question pattern.

  1. A vehicle with a mileage of 15 km per liter contains 2l of fuel. The vehicle gets some defect as a result of which 5l of fuel gets wasted per hour when the engine is on. With what minimum speed the vehicle has to move to travel 20km with the existing amount of fuel if it travels with a uniform speed?
    1. 100 km per hour
    2. 120 km per hour
    3. 150 km per hour
    4. 200 km per hour
  2. Consider the following statements relating to salt production in India:
    1. India is the second largest producer of iodized salt  in the world next to China
    2. Salt mining is carried out in Himachal Pradesh
    3. Gujarat is the leading producer of salt in India.
    4. Ground water is the leading source of salt in Rajasthan
  1. Which of the statements given above are correct?
  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 3 and 4 only
  3. 1,2, and 3
  4. 2,3, and 4
  1. Which one of the following is not a colloid?
    1. Milk
    2. Mud
    3. Butter
    4. Boric Acid

Syllabus for General Studies, Essay, and Comprehension

Paper-II is divided into two parts i.e. Part A and Part B. Candidates have to write an essay in either Hindi/English in Part A. Part A has questions on Modern Indian History, Politics, Geography, environment, etc., while Part B has questions purely related to English Language which includes comprehension, grammar, etc.

Part A

Part A of Paper II holds a weightage of 80 marks in the exam. Topics included in Part A of the Paper II of CAPF AC Exam are tabulated below:

Essay that is to be written in either Hindi or English Modern Indian History
Indian Constitution Freedom Struggle
Geography Politics
Economy Cultural Heritage
Environment General Science
Human rights and issues Analytical Ability

Part B

Part B holds a weightage of 120 marks in the CAPF Exam. Prepare the topics given below to crack this section with a good score:

Precis Writing Comprehension
Simple Grammar Other Language and Communication skills

Sample Questions

The following types of questions are asked in Paper-II of UPSC CAPF 2020 Assistant Commandant Examination. The questions are subjective type, and requires good hold on Language (Hindi/English) and General Studies. We have pen-downed few sample questions to give the idea about the UPSC CAPF 2019 Paper-II question paper and exam pattern.

  1. Write essays on any four of the following topics in about 300 words each: (4x20=80)
    1. The onus of maintaining healthy relations with Nepal is on India.
    2. Farmer’s suicide in India: A sign of impending disaster.
    3. India needs to redefine the relations between the Center and the States.
    4. Is development possible at the cost of environment?
    5. Revamping of banking system is the need of hour.
    6. Urbanization of India is nothing but blind Westernization.
  2. Write arguments for or against each of the following statements: (2x20=40)
    1. India needs to focus on imparting quality education instead of merely increasing its Gross Enrolment Ratio.
    2. The trend of nuclear families will make old age homes in India increase in number.
  3. Write reports on the following in about 200 words each: (2x10=20)
    1. Receding glaciers
    2. Ban on alcohol in Bihar

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.