How to Prepare History and Culture for CAPF 2020

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May 29, 2020

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CAPF Preparation for History and Culture is a tough nut to crack, taking online mock tests and solving previous year papers will help the candidate ace the exam with ease. The candidates must have a vast knowledge of History to crack the UPSC CAPF AC 2020. The next stage of CAPF written exam is a physical standard test for which the candidates have to build up the physical strength. 

Candidates need to prepare well to crack the written examination. Candidates are advised to make a proper strategy for examination preparation. Books are the mandatory source for the better preparation out of which candidates can choose the important topics and study accordingly. 

UPSC CAPF 2020 Preparation

Candidates should prepare well to crack the written examination of the UPSC Assistant Commandant Exam since it is the only examination which recruits assistant commandants. There will be two written papers in CAPF AC Exam. Both the exams need proper concentration and time for their preparation. CAPF Preparation tips include preparation of written examination, Physical Test and Interview. Following is the explanation on how to prepare for all the stages of CAPF Recruitment:

CAPF Preparation tips for Written Examination

  • Know the syllabus: Candidates should update themselves with the written exam syllabus and examination pattern for better preparation.
  • Daily Revision: Candidates are advised to revise each and every topic on a daily basis so to identify their examination preparation
  • Take online Tests: To check the examination performance candidates should take online tests which will be a good option.
  • Time Management: Candidates need to manage time in such a way that they automatically attempt more questions. Candidates are advised to learn short tips and tricks.
  • Solve previous year papers: By solving previous year papers candidates should know about the type of questions asked in the examination. They help candidates to know the level of the paper.

Preparation tips for CAPF Physical Test

After qualifying the written examination, the physical fitness of the candidate will be tested. Following are the tips that candidates need to keep in mind for the preparation of the CAPF Physical Test:

  • Candidates should practice running, long jump, short put on a daily basis.
  • After the Physical efficiency test medical tests will be done.
  • Candidates are advised to go through a medical checkup before going on Medical Examination.

Preparation tips for CAPF Interview

After the medical examination, all the qualified candidates will be called for an interview. It is conducted to check the candidate’s mental awareness and decision-making aptitude. Following are the points that candidates need to keep in mind while going for the interview:

  • Candidates should be dressed in a formal dress and must have short hair and a clean shave.
  • Candidate must be very polite and never indulge in any debate.

CAPF Preparation Books

A better preparation help candidates to score good marks. For better preparation of History & Culture subject candidates need to go through the relative books. History subject is divided into three categories i.e. Ancient, Medieval and Modern.

Following is the list of books along with their author’s name that helps candidates to qualify the examination twice:

Books Authors Name
Ancient History NCERT 11 RS Sharma
Medieval History NCERT 11 Satish Chandra
Modern History NCERT Bipin Chandra
Modern Indian Spectrum
Introduction to Indian Art & Culture NCERT 11 Nitin Singhania

Important Topics in CAPF AC

For jotting down the important topics candidates are advised to solve the previous year question papers. Because important topics help candidates in the better preparation of examination which helps them to score good marks. As History is a vast subject so it requires more time and concentration to go through from each chapter.

Following is the list of important topics asked more from History & Culture subject:

Subject Important Topics
Ancient History Harappa
Medieval History Delhi Sultanate
Modern History British Raj
Freedom Struggle
Culture Music

Sample Questions

Time duration to complete the examination is 3 hours. There are eight questions asked in the paper which is divided into two sections i.e. Section A and Section B which is printed both in Hindi and English.

Following is the list of sample questions asked in the paper:

  1. How far the ancient Indian Shruti literature be used as historical sources.
  2. How the local self-government under the Cholas adjust their centralised administrative structure?
  3. How is it correct to say that changes in post-Vedic economy gave birth to new religious movement in India?
  4. Why is Mamallapuram famous?
  5. What measures did Baiban adopt to combat the mongal menace?
  6. How does Tuzuk-i-Babn testify that Babar had been a cultured man?
  7. Will it be correct to say that rural economy in Mughal India was relative?

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.