UPSC Topper Chirumamilla Vinay Kumar’s Strategy for IAS (UPSC CSE) Sociology Optional (AIR 169/CSE 2018)

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Mar 4, 2021

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UPSC Topper Chirumamilla Vinay Kumar has successfully secured AIR 464 in the general category in the civil services examination 2016 on his first attempt. He got 265 marks out of 500 marks on Sociology.

On the second attempt, He has chosen Sociology as his optional paper and successfully obtained 319 marks in IAS (UPSC CSE) 2018 exam. According to Chirumamilla Vinay Kumar, while studying Sociology, this subject has helped a lot to develop new thoughts, point-of-views, and improved the easy writing skills as well.

In the following article, we have discussed Chirumamilla Vinay Kumar’s foolproof strategy for the Sociology optional paper of the IAS (UPSC CSE) Mains exam.

List of Sociology Source

When it comes to selecting the study material and sources of study, candidates get confused and use far more books than required. Here are quite a few sociology books that are simple and cover the IAS (UPSC CSE) syllabus

Name of Books Authors/Publishers
Haralambos & Holborn Sociology: Themes And Perspectives Haralambos
Sociological Theory, Fifth edition George Ritzer
M.A. and B.A. Study Materials IGNOU

Also, candidates can use the class notes of any coaching centres and test series material as a reference to the practice. Check IAS UPSC CSE Mains Books

Prepare Topic by Topic

  • When you start preparing for the Sociology Optional papers, spend time on each topic and try to relate with other topics.
  • Put effort into the thinking if required when coming across an example or related to contemporary issues.
  • Current social issues such as Triple Talaq can easily be fitted under the Marriage/ Challenge of Women/Minorities.
  • While studying gender-related issues, try to look at contemporary issues such as LGBT.

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Importance of Sociology Thinkers

It is essential to know the thinkers and learn them in detail. He remembered approximately more than 70 thinkers for each paper. It is advisable that whenever any topics are being studied, try to start relating with the thinkers and he almost gives the reference of thinkers under each topic.

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Answer Writing Style for Sociology Optional

The answer Writing style of the IAS Mains question is crucial for obtaining the desired marks. Taking advice from mentors is a good method to develop writing skills. 

The answers should be sociological and thoughtful. It is advisable not to write any casual answers or elaborative answers for contemporary affairs. Here are some examples:

  • In Group work, people from different communities share the same field of profession or work.
  • Financial empowerment of women leading to social empowerment.
  • Indirect impact: Lower rate of the incidence of Child labour and school drop out of the girl child is related to poverty alleviation.
  • Under changing Forms of Marriage, ‘marriage-divorce-remarriage’ is a visible pattern in urban society. However, it is also related to Serial Monogamy as well.
  • In the same manner, topics such as Modernity in India and Middle Class in India can be incorporated such as with each other.

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Include Current Affairs and Recent Developments

Try to include the current affairs and recent developments in your answer writing. This will enrich the answers. Here are some examples:

  • There are several movements and events that have been taking place which breaks the monotonous notions of patriarchal society and signifies the importance of women empowerment. 
  • Lawful and social changes - Recent Maternity acts and provision of creche services.
  • Social conflict such as caste conflicts, communal riots and violence etc.
  • Environmental movements and social movements such as the MeToo movement etc.

It is advisable that Nitin Sangwan’s Essential Sociology is a useful book. Regardless of every strategy, one revise and during the preparation time. One must write and improve the answer writing for the Mains exam.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.