UPSC IAS Main Exam 2020: Last-minute tips

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Jan 7, 2021

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January 7, 2021: The IAS Main Exam 2021 is scheduled to be conducted on January 8, 2021. With the examination just around the corner, aspirants would be finished with their studies and would have moved on to the revision. The IAS Main Exam is an important part of the Civil Service Exam. The marks secured by the candidate in the IAS main exam is considered for the final merit. The IAS main exam is the conventional essay type exam conducted offline and the candidates need to write the answers in the Question-cum-Answer booklet provided to the candidates.

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Candidates need to distribute their time properly for the preparation of the exam. Smart thinking is required for the preparation and attempting the exam. The quality of the answer is the first thing which can fetch good marks. But the candidate must also manage time to attempt all the questions. The candidates are suggested to do the answer writing practice as much as they can so they can maintain the writing speed during the exam. Following are some suggestions that can help the candidates attempting the UPSC IAS Main Exam.

Answer Writing Practice

Candidates must set a time frame and practise writing answers in that set time. The IAS Main Question Paper consists of around 20-25 questions. Candidates will have a total of three hours allotted for these questions. Candidates will have not more than seven minutes for each answer. In this small time frame, the candidates will be required to understand the question and write the answer including framing the answer and sequencing it. Candidates will be required to write about a multitude of topics during preparation to be able to frame their answers quickly.

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Time management

Candidates must adhere to the time allotted for each question in the IAS question paper. The candidates will have to attempt the 250 marks question paper in just 180 minutes. Candidates will have to manage their time in order to complete the paper. Practising their writing speed to be able to attempt the paper is really essential. Candidates must not spend most of their time on just one question. Dividing the time among all the questions equally is really important. Candidates must move to the next question in case they find themselves stuck on one question and not waste their time.

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Try to attempt all questions

Candidates must try and attempt all the questions if possible. If the candidate sticks to the time limit and follows a proper order while designating equal time o each question, there is a chance they will be able to attempt all the questions successfully. Candidates must not spend more time on a question than necessary and try to stick to a proper order.

Try writing in Bullet points

Candidates can use bullet points for the general studies paper. Candidates will not have much time to create the background of the answer. It is a better option to write some answers in bullet points to save time. Factual information will be required for some answers and these can be easily written in bullet points. The Indian Polity and Economy questions can also be written in bullet points as they are more effective and the chronology of the events can be easily highlighted.

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