How to Read ‘The Hindu’ Newspaper for IAS exam Preparation?

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Aug 23, 2017

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Every IAS aspirant know the importance of Newspaper reading for the UPSC IAS exam preparation. And among various newspapers in the Market, The Hindu is the most recommended newspaper because of its high standards.

Why is Reading ‘The Hindu’ important?

  • The primary factor which make this newspaper unique as it distinguishes the difference between news and opinion section very well.
  • Its main focus is on the issues of national importance rather than the film or masala issues.
  • Hindu has the best resource of Journalists which kept the main issues and their analysis in front of people.

But while reading ‘The Hindu’ Aspirants may take 3-4 hours daily which may not be a good idea. As they have to devote time in other books also.

So, How should Aspirant reads “The Hindu”?

How to Read ‘The Hindu’ in 1 hour or less?

With a proper practice of reading aspirant can capture everything essential for IAS through ‘The Hindu’ in less than 1 hour.

Tips for What to read in The Hindu

Below are the tips for reading The Hindu newspaper that will scale your preparation level for IAS exam.

  1. Page 1: Just go through the headlines only. Don’t waste too much time on first page.
  2. Page 2-6:  Pages 2 and 3 usually have regional news while pages 4 and 5 deals with news from various states. These are not important from IAS point of view. So skip these.
  3. Page 7: It is important page as it contains the news of Nation. It focuses on Supreme Court and High Courts verdicts, Govt. Orders, Parliamentary debates, etc.
  4.  Page 8 -Editorial Page:  It is the most essential page of ‘The Hindu’ newspaper from IAS exam perspective. Carefully read the two editorials given on left margin. Then move to ‘Lead’ Article. By this you can usually derive the excellent analysis of current issue. Finish this Page by reading ‘Letter to editor’ as this would give separate opinions on same issues. But don’t get biased. Usually read this section within 30 – 35 minutes.
  5. Page 9 – Perspective Page: In this page you will find “op-ed” (Opposite of Editorial Page).  Op-ed is written ordinary written typically published by the newspaper or magazines. It expresses the opinion of named guest author. ‘The Hindu’ termed these articles as ‘Comment’.
  6. Page 10-11: These pages deals with news in general. There no need to read the news completely. Just having the rough idea about the news is enough.
  7. Page 12 (World): This page is important for International Relations which is part of IAS syllabus. So spend sometime in reading this page.
  8. Page 13-14 (Business): These pages focus on trends, growth parameters and issues here.  You can find socio – economic issues, education and health. Aspirants have to read this page in depth.
  9. Sports Page: Ignore this page.

Note: The Hindu’s Thursday edition consist of Science and Technology. It covers many questions in prelims and mains exam.

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Things not to be focused on

  1. Local News
  2. Political News
  3. Bollywood and celebrities’ news
  4. Sports and awards news

Note: Beginners may keep the syllabus with themselves while reading newspaper. This will help them concentrate on important areas like NGOs and self help groups as mentioned in the IAS syllabus.

Can an aspirant succeed without reading ‘The Hindu’ newspaper?

Yes, the aspirant can succeed in to IAS exam without referring to The Hindu Newspaper. As there are many other books, newspapers and Magazines he can opt for.

But it could be beneficial for the aspirants for reading The Hindu newspaper one hour daily.

Also the habit of reading newspaper improves the vocabulary and communication skills.


The importance of reading the newspaper for Civil services examination increased. These tips will be beneficial for the IAS exam aspirants.   

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.