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How Online IAS Preparation is a boon for Working Professionals?

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Jul 30, 2019

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When it comes to IAS preparation, aspirants have to take some tough decisions about how to prepare, when to prepare and where to prepare. The decisions become tougher if the aspirant is a working professional. Not everybody wants to prepare full time by leaving a job, but clearing the IAS exam demands that level of dedication and perseverance. 

However, the advancement of technology in India has opened gates of opportunities for aspirants. Working professionals can now opt for online IAS preparation and prepare anywhere, anytime, without hampering their job schedule. Online IAS preparation is a boon for working professionals aspiring to join the elite Indian Administrative Services as they don't have to risk their job and can prepare side by side for this competitive exam. 

So here are a few online ways in which working professionals can prepare for IAS. 

Online courses

Almost all the renowned coaching institutes, known for preparing the brigade of IAS officers year after year are now providing online courses in their offerings. The reason behind this is the excessive demand of IAS aspirants who can't afford to make their way into the classrooms but are keen to appear for the exam. So online courses by these institutes make it easier for the applicants to access study material, videos and mock tests (depending on the course).  Research must be done before applying for any course and one must opt for the one that fits in requirements. And the best part of these online courses is that unlike a classroom where you can have access to the mentor for a stipulated time, one can view the material available online during anytime of the day based on one’s own convenience. 

Educational apps

With the introduction of smartphones, mobile apps have taken over our lives.  Educational apps have completely revolutionised the way people learn, and the IAS Exam segment isn’t untouched by this phenomenon. Working professionals can revise and study while being at their workplace and also save their effort and time of going in the classroom. Pop ups are also given in these apps in the form of messages about any latest updates related to IAS exam which keeps the candidate well-informed and updated. Also, these apps provide a filtered list of current affairs that will be helpful for working professionals who can't read in detail due to their 9-6 job. 

YouTube videos

YouTube is not only for entertainment - it is a very good educational tool as well! Working professionals aspiring to be IAS can also take the help of YouTube and make it a reliable partner in their preparation journey. Many educationalists post their videos or run channels to educate people what exactly IAS is all about,  how to prepare, what to prepare and every minutest detail that a candidate requires for clearing IAS. This is one of the cheapest modes as it costs almost negligible. 

Also, apart from studying, aspirants can view the motivational videos of previous rank holders,  their take on the exams and learn from their experiences. YouTube will also benefit them in learning about particular concepts and sometimes even questions. 

Online mocks tests

Be it online preparation or offline, mock tests deserve the highest priority while preparing for IAS exam. Working professionals may not be able to make their way to coaching centres to appear for mocks, but they can definitely buy online mock tests and attempt them at any point of the day. Working professionals must keep an aim of giving at least 2 mocks a week and spend the rest of the week in analyzing the performance in those 2 mocks and revising the related concepts. Aspirants must note that there are many sites offering mock tests so make a wise choice while opting for a mock tests program. One must choose the mock tests that match or is at least close to the level of IAS exam. 

Apart from mock tests, previous years’ IAS exam papers can also be found on the internet and all the aspirants must solve them. The benefit of solving past papers is that it gives a realistic view of the exam and prepares an aspirant for the difficulty level of the exam they may face on the D-day. It also helps the candidates to know which topic has been given more weightage in recent years so that special attention is given to that topic while preparation. 

So working professionals, throw aside your doubts and opt for online IAS preparation by India’s top teachers to achieve your goal!

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.