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10 Tips (Updated) for IAS 2020 Aspirants who are still in College

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Jul 31, 2020

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Preparing for IAS is not an easy thing given it is among the toughest competitive exams in the country. The IAS 2020 has been postponed since Match and has been finally scheduled for October 4, 2020. It is expected that among the lakhs of aspirants this year, there are significant number of college students as well who are completing their graduation in 2020. IAS aspirants who are still in college or in the last leg of their graduation have a slight edge over the other students as they are still in touch with their academics. This is why, it is all the more necessary that you take the preparation seriously and a little effort can give very fruitful results for these candidates.

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Top 10 tips for colleges students preparing for IAS 2020

  1. Advantage of early age

First remember the basic eligibility criteria for IAS exam is 21 years and graduation in any subject. Candidates in final year are also eligible for the IAS Prelims. But most of the students misses the early opportunity and start their preparations very late. The average age of person who clears IAS mains is the 28 years. But when you start early right from 20-21years age, you have more time for preparation and more time to take several attempts for cracking the exam. Also, staying in touch with academics helps to fast-track the preparation process for such candidates.

  1. Lesser responsibilities and more scope to focus on yourself

College years are the golden years when, in most cases, you do not have any familial responsibilities and can dedicate the entire time for your improvement in every way. While the time to prepare for IAS exam is limited during this time as you have your graduation studies as well. But if you manage the time efficiently, this is the best time to concentrate on the IAS preparation. As you do not have to give time to anything other than your academics by choice, you can freely study which is not the case for many older aspirants who are also working professionals already.

  1. Buy the most advisable book for IAS Preparation

Once you have decided IAS as your career goal, you should buy the best books for the preparation of IAS exam. We have made the list of IAS books. But you can start with these books.


Polity – by Laxmikanth

Economics – by Ramesh Singh

History – by Bipin Chandra

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Best NCERT books for IAS

  1. Utilize your spare time

If you get a free hour, utilize the time. Use various resources which are available online or go to library. You can try to online test series, books, read newspapers or watch news.

  1. Read Newspapers and Magazines

    Don’t compromise your newspaper reading. Believe us if you develop the habit of reading newspaper It’s not that too boring. For quality content The Hindu and The Indian Express are most preferable.

You can also read various magazines for current affair purpose. Also you can join Govt. schemes like Yojana and Kurukshetra.

  1. Keep Writing

In UPSC CSE Mains writing speed plays important role. Aspirant just out of college will have a big advantage as they are not out of writing stuff as compared to working professionals. So you can take maximum advantage of this.

  1. Discuss current issues with your college friends

We won't state you stop all talk. Long discussions and level headed discussions are all piece of school life. Appreciate it, at the same time, build up a companions circle who think alike you, with whom you can talk about current issues.

Trust us, peer learning is a standout amongst the most critical angles which help the greater part of the wannabes in IAS exam. Build groups appropriate from the colleges.

  1. Read newspapers and magazines

Keeping up with the current affairs prove to be the most difficult part for many candidates since they do not have the habit of following them on a regular basis. Hence start early, irrespective of whether you are appearing for the IAS exam in the present year and develop your habit of reading the news and maintaining a tab on a daily basis. This practice will make it much easier to grasp the current affairs quickly and even interconnect them as cases studies for different subjects included in the IAS Syllabus.

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  1. Finish 1-2 subjects during semester break

It is strategy of toppers to finish the optional subjects during their semester breaks, as they can concentrate on General Studies and current affairs after graduation.

  1. Enroll for mock tests

As you prepare for IAS exam, simultaneously evaluate your progress by frequently opting for mock tests. You can do this by enrolling for mock test series available online. Many coaching institutions also take mock tests on a periodic basis and you can enroll for them as well.

You can complete the NCERT books from class 6 – 12. Also you can try free study material from

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.