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60 Days Preparation Plan for SBI PO 2020

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Apr 2, 2020

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The SBI PO is a lucrative opportunity to enter the banking sector of India. The exam pattern is easy enough provided you strictly follow a routine and complete the exam syllabus. The end result of your hard work is a high-paying job at one of the most prestigious industries of the country.

SBI PO 2020 prelims exams are scheduled from June 8, 2020 to June 16, 2020. If you qualify the prelims, only then you are eligible for the mains, GD and interview which are scheduled on July 20, 2020 and September 2020 respectively. It means,

  • The prelims is a crucial determinant and you have a little more than 60 days to prepare for it. 

  • Since there is only a month’s gap between the prelims and the mains, the preparation for mains has to be done in parallel to your prelims studies. 

With the right study plan this is possible and you can crack the exam even on your first attempt.

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Exam Pattern SBI PO 2020

In order to ace the SBI PO 2020 exam, understanding the exam pattern thoroughly including the SBI PO syllabus is crucial. This makes it easy to plan the study schedule accordingly.

SBI PO Prelims

  • Mode of examination-Online
  • Marks-100
  • Number of questions- 100- objective type
  • Number of section are 3- English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, and Reasoning ability
  • Time allotted - 20x3= 60 minutes
  • Marks in each section- English- 30, Quantitative aptitude- 35, Reasoning ability-35

SBI PO Mains

  • Mode of examination-Online
  • Questions- 155- objective, 2-descriptive
  • Number of Sections are 4 objective type section- Reasoning and Computer Aptitude, Data Analysis and Interpretation, General awareness about economy/banking, English language
  • 2 descriptive type section- letter writing and essay
  • Time-
    • Reasoning and Computer Aptitude-60minutes 
    • Data Analysis and Interpretation-45 minutes
    • General awareness about economy/banking-40 minutes
    • English language- 40 minutes
    • Letter and essay writing- 30 minutes
  • Marks-60+60+40+40=200+50 for descriptive question

Miscellaneous factors you must keep in mind about SBI PO Exam pattern:

  • You have to score a minimum cut-off mark in each section to qualify. – Check SBI PO Cut Off 
  • The third round and final result is based on the overall performance at every stage.
  • There is a fixed time slot for each section of the paper and only after completing one you can move on to the next.

60 days Preparation Schedule for SBI PO 2020

SBI PO 2020 preparation means completing a vast syllabus that focuses on different types of arithmetic and reasoning-based questions, current affairs and English language. To make the study plan easier to manage- divide the time 8 weeks. Furthermore, make a broader division into 1 month each where you dedicate one month to study the sections in paper-1, and the next month for paper-2.

A few key pointers to keep in mind to keep your study-schedule consistent:

  • Dedicate at least an hour every alternate day to practice mock tests on the topics you have covered so far.
  • Subjects like quantitative analysis, reasoning, data analysis and interpretation are related and hence, preparing for them together will save more time.
  • General awareness about the present economic condition and banking cannot be learnt in a dedicated time slot as it keeps changing.
  • Read newspapers, stay updated with current affairs and solve mock test questions specifically made for 2020 SBI PO for the general awareness section every day to brush up your knowledge.

An average daily routine that you should follow during these 60days:

  • Daily study time- 9-11hours/day
  • Time for mock tests- 1hour
  • Time for quantitative aptitude- 2-3hours
  • Time for reasoning-2-3 hours
  • Time for computer aptitude and data analysis- 2hours every alternate days
  • Time for English- 2hours every alternate days
  • Current affairs on economy/banking- 1-2hours everyday

Planning the weekly preparation for SBI PO 2020

Start off the study schedule by dividing the time between topics that are your strong points and weak points. This way you can stay motivated to keep up the pace for long hours. 

For the first month, that is 4 weeks, focus on the three prelims topics every day, along with the computer aptitude section and data analysis and interpretation from paper-2.

An insider’s tip: Bank job related exams have questions mostly from profit and loss, data interpretation, compound and simple interest, and average- practice these sections specifically.

Week 1 schedule

Day Morning slot Evening slot
1 Give a mock test for 1 hour and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Start with quantitative analysis topics like simplification and number systems in the next 2 hours. Solve comprehensions, para jumbles from English language in the next 2hours Practice reasoning related problems on inequality, ordering and ranking for 2hours. Puzzles, seating arrangements, verbal reasoning from Paper-2 to be practiced in next 2 hours. Dedicate 1 hour to keeping up with the latest news on the economy and banking sector from the past 7 days.
2 Mock test on topics covered in day 1- 1hour Practice sums related to average and percentage- 2hours Bar graph and line graph problems from paper-2- 2hours Blood relations, syllogisms- 2hours Data sufficiency- 2hours Make notes on the latest economic/ banking related news- 2hours
3 Reading comprehensions- 5hours Mock test- 1 hour Mock test on current affairs- 1hour Radar graphs- 3hours
4 Practice problems on number system and simplification- 5hours Understanding cloze test concept and practicing it- 4hours Current affairs- 1hour
5 Single and double fillers- concept and practice- 5hours Computer aptitude related topics- 4hours Daily current affairs- 1 hour
6 Fill in the blanks, idioms- 2hours Linear seating arrangement problems practice- 3hours Reasoning related puzzles- concept and practice- go through previous year questions- 4hours Daily current affair on banking- 1hour
7 Mock tests on topics covered from day 4-6 – 5 hours- design separate papers for specific topics and dedicate 1 hour to each paper. Solve at least 2 previous year question papers based on your week-long exercise- 2 hours Solve a mock test only on current affairs that you revised in the entire week- 2hours

Week 2

Day Morning slot Evening slot
8 Concept and problems related to inequality Practicing error spotting
9 Grouping and selection- practice problems Input and output related problems and concept
10 Statement and para completion Static affair related concept, questions, and analyzing previous years questions
11 Quadratic equations Logical reasoning concepts and problem solving
12 Mixture and alligation concept and problems Odd-one out and theme related questions and practices
13 Caselets and tables Tabular and mixed graph- concept and problem solving
14 Mock test on the week-long progress dedicated to the specific subjects you have studied so far. SBI PO 2020 style mock test paper- solve in one hour. Try and avail online mock test papers to get acquainted with the exam format.

Week 3

Day Morning slot Evening slot
15 Profit and loss- different concepts, memorizing the shorter and quicker formulas, making notes as and when necessary. Practice profit and loss sums- especially the pattern of profit and loss questions that have come in the previous years.
16 Simple and compound interests- concept, formulas, memorizing quick derivation formulas and tricks. Solve all the sums and problems available in test papers, your books and previous years question papers. Emphasis more on solving them verbally and faster.
17 Revise the concepts of para jumbles and sentence connectors. Practice questions related to English language, with specific emphasis on para jumbles and sentence connectors.
18 Permutation combination concept and formulas Permutation combination problems practice
19 Ratio and proportion concept and memorizing related formula Ratio and proportion related sums and problems
20 Direction sense related concepts and closely studying previous year questions on this topic Practice questions on direction related concepts
21 Weekly mock test on each and every topic completed throughout the week Weekly mock test on the updated current affairs that you studied through this time span

Week 4

Day Morning slot Evening slot
22 Revise the entire English language syllabus. Make a note of all the mathematical formulas you have learnt so far and also their derivatives.
23 Revise coding-decoding concept in details. Solve problems related to coding-decoding and also the previous year questions.
24 Time and work concepts Practicing time and work problems and previous year questions specifically.
25 Problems on age- concept, formula and practice questions Alphanumeric series concept and problem solving
26 Spelling, one-word substitution and improving your vocabulary. Practice essay writing- cover two topics at least.
27 Mensuration related concepts and formulas Solving problems related to mensuration
28 Mock test on topics covered throughout the week Take a break

If you dedicatedly follow this routine, you will be able to cover the entire syllabus of paper-1 and paper-2 in the first month. For the second month or week 5-8, repeat the same routine so that you get to revise the topics at least 2-3 times before the exam.

Week 5-8- Important Preparation plans for SBI PO

  • During the second month, shift your focus more towards solving problems, question papers and mock tests rather than studying the theoretical concepts behind them.
  • The more you practice the papers and mock tests, your speed will increase accordingly. Focus on giving online mock tests with time slots for each section so that you can increase your speed accordingly.
  • Dedicate at least week 7-8 for constantly practicing the topics under quantitative aptitude and reasoning ability.
  • During the last four weeks, keep revising all the formulas you have noted during the first month of covering the entire syllabus so that you do not forget them under any circumstances.
  • Lastly, make sure you give yourself half-a-day of break now and then to refresh the mind from such a rigorous routine.

Completing the syllabus is only possible in 60 days, if you strictly follow the study time-table for the first month and ideally complete each topic within the allotted time.

Recommended Books for SBI PO Preparation

Good reference books with ample practical questions and problems to solve, following online video tutorials for staying updated with economy-related news, regularly reading the newspaper are some of the things you should meticulously follow during this time.

A list of books that you can invest in:

For quantitative aptitude:

  • Fast Track Objective Arithmetic (Arihant) Rajesh Verma.
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations (S.Chand) R.S.Agarwal.
  • Advance math for General Competitions.
  • How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT by Arun Sharma
  • Arithmetic for General Competitions.
  • Data Interpretation Magical Book Series.
  • Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Kumar Verma
  • Magical Book on Quicker Maths by M Tyra

For English language:

  • Objective General English by SP Bakshi
  • High School English Grammar by Wren & Martin.
  • Descriptive General English by SP Bakshi and Richa Sharma
  • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
  • The Hindu or The Economic Times (Newspaper)
  • Objective General English by R. S. Agarwal and Vikas Agarwal.

For Reasoning Ability:

  • Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning By R.S. Agarwal (S.Chand).
  • A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal (Arihant) by BS Sijwali.
  • A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning (S.Chand) by R.S.Agarwal.
  • Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey.

For General Awareness:

  • Banking Awareness by Arihant Publications
  • Economic Survey by Government of India Ministry of Finance
  • Static General Knowledge by Arihant Publications
  • Monthly magazines such as Banking Services Chronicle (BSC Publications), Newspapers, etc

Planning your SBI PO Preparation Routine According to your Strength and Weaknesses

Each candidate has their strengths and weaknesses and with a syllabus this vast to cover, you cannot dedicate equal amounts of time to each and every topic. Here are a few key pointers, keeping which in mind will essentially help you to tweak the 60-days preparation plan accordingly:

Divide the topics into four categories

  • Topics you are comfortable with and can solve quickly- you can dedicate the comparatively less time to these topics.
  • Topics that you understand but need time to solve- emphasis on practicing these topics more so you can increase your speed.
  • Topics you are familiar with but lack practice and hence forgotten partially- go through the concepts that you have forgotten along with solving the relevant problems regularly.
  • Topics you are new to or uncomfortable with- dedicate maximum time to these sections during the first month so that you have ample time to absorb these concepts better.
  • If the topics you are weak in are the ones that come up more in SBI PO papers, then make sure you give extra effort in improving them during this time as it covers the majority of the questions.
  • Do not neglect subjects that are your strength just because you are confident about them. Without brushing up the topics periodically, your strength can as well become your weakness.

We wish you all the best for the upcoming SBI PO exam and hope our 60-day preparation guide can give you a better understanding of what to start with.

FAQs Regarding Last Minute Preparation of SBI PO 2020

Question: How can I improve my English spellings?

Ans. Spellings can be improved by making it a habit to write the words with pen and paper. Do an exercise of writing 20 words whose spellings can get confusing every day through the span of 60days. Study previous years’ questions to get an idea about the type of words and questions that comes.

Question: Are questions repeated in SBI PO?

Ans. Yes, questions can get repeated from the past ten years in certain sections of the paper. Even if it is not an exact repeat, the pattern of question definitely gets repeated so practicing old papers is a wise decision.

Question: What if I fail to maintain the 10 hours average study routine?

Ans. If you note the vastness of the syllabus, without routine it cannot be completed. With 60days in hand, an average 10 hours of study time is essential to finish the syllabus. However, more than the hours, the topic you are covering matters more and if you are able to cover the topics in less time, it is commendable.

Question: How to increase my speed in solving quantitative aptitude questions and reasoning ability?


  • Both quantitative aptitude and reasoning ability takes up way more than the allotted time slot if you are too slow. Hence you have to improve your mental math. Try and do all kinds of calculations and reasoning while solving the mock tests mentally. As you practice, you will be able to do it faster.
  • Avoid using calculators while practicing at home as it will make you too much dependent and eventually slow you down.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.