DMRC Recruitment: Last Minute Preparation Tips For AM & Maintainer Exam

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Feb 15, 2017

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Few more days to go for DMRC recruitment exam for Assistant Manager and Maintainer. So, push yourself up, dust yourself off and improve your revision. Understanding of the structure of the exam along with the understanding of strengths and weaknesses are the two essentials of the preparation strategy. Having a separate approach of tackling each section is essential.

With the preparation going on, candidates need to revisit the last minute preparation tips for DMRC Recruitment for better scoring. Here we go.

This exam is conducting for recruitment of Assistant Manager in Operations, HR & Finance and Maintainers. For Assistant Managers, it is a 2 hour 15 minutes written exam while for Maintainers, it is a 90 minutes duration written test.

DMRC Recruitment Preparation: General English

Speed reading can sound good but it is an easy fall to get into the trap. DMRC Recruitment Verbal section is all about the testing reading ability of the candidates. Vocabulary based questions like synonyms, antonyms, are knowledge-based questions and can be answered correctly if and only if the meaning of the words are known.

There are certain things that can help you such as listening English news channels, reading newspapers, teaching friends and etc. These will help you in getting excel to the sections of the exam. Your comprehensive ability and grammar skills will only let you clear this section

DMRC Recruitment Preparation: General Awareness

GA (General Awareness) is a very scoring section and it is less time consuming. Most of the questions in DMRC are asked on Current Affairs. GA is vast topic and it cannot be prepared in a day preparation. Yes, this section is the worst, meanest and biggest but nothing can be done.

Focus on the last 5 months current affairs. Well, there is no much time but you can have a good revision of important topics. Read monthly magazines. Cover as much topics as you can. You can practice questions on apps while traveling, read the magazines before going to bed and revise it in early morning

DMRC Recruitment Preparation: Numerical Aptitude

Apply short tricks, use Vedic mathematical tips, learn tables, cubes & squares to solve questions faster. If you stuck at any question, leave it and move forward. Use timer while practicing questions. If you are not good with numbers then there are certain topics to cover and that can fetch you to achieve the minimum qualifying marks set by DMRC.

Don’t start something you can’t finish. We know how much you crave for those extra marks, but don’t attempt that question unless you are sure about your answer. If you do attempt such questions, Mark them for review and come back after finishing up the section to recheck your answer.

Attempting questions you know not only ensures you marks but also gives you sufficient time to solve the ones you don’t. After you have solved everything you know in the Numerical Aptitude Section of DMRC Recruitment Exam, you have secured your deserved share of marks in the Section. After that comes the fight with unknowns and the ones you are confused about. And for that my friend, you need to focus.

DMRC Recruitment Preparation: Logical Aptitude & Reasoning

Candidates have to read the questions and apply their own logic for answering these questions. There is no particular formulae for most of the questions. Here, we are providing some amazing tips to score good marks in logical reasoning section of DMRC Recruitment is as follow:

To solve an LR Problem, write down all of the information given in the question. These questions usually contain several statements which serve as clues to solving the problem. Candidate needs to attempt the problem in a methodical manner and solved it step by step. If they will try to look at all information at once then they got confused.

Give some seconds over a question and read it carefully. A proper image of why each choice is correct or incorrect should go to into mind. If candidates can follow this method in sample reasoning questions, they will do well on the actual assessment. Candidate should be sure to read all the responses before eliminating. They should be very wise in their decision of leaving the question. As they can always come back later on the question if they have the time.

Candidate need to pay special attention to words like ALL, SOME, NONE, OTHER THAN, UNLESS or ONLY. These words can play a critical role for false assumption. Candidate should read the question until they understand that what they are required to answer from each question. Keep in mind that you can stop working on a tough question temporarily and come back to it later. It could be done only if the section has not been changed.

DMRC Recruitment Exam Pattern

Just be stress free as hoarding a ton of tension can never let you score better in exam. Choose the topics which are easy to solve and less time consuming. Speed and Selection of the questions are the key factors to success in DMRC. 

In DMRC Recruitment Assistant Manager (Operations) written exam, 2 papers are conducted- Paper 1 (90 minutes) and Paper 2 (45 minutes). Paper 1 consists of 120 MCQs from General Awareness, Logical Aptitude & Reasoning, Numerical Aptitude, General Science and Decision Making. Paper 2 consists of 60 MCQs from General English.

DMRC Recruitment written exam for Assistant Manager (HR, Finance) written exam, 2 papers are conducted- Paper 1 (90 minutes) and Paper 2 (45 minutes). Paper 1 consists of 120 MCQs, out of which, 75 MCQs from Technical/ Professional Knowledge and 45 MCQs from General Awareness, Logical Aptitude & Reasoning, Numerical Aptitude and Decision Making. Paper 2 consists of 60 MCQs from General English.

For the post of Maintainer, 90 minutes written test is held. A total of 120 Objective Based Questions are asked in DMRC Recruitment 2017 exam.

  1. Technical/ Professional Knowledge- 75 MCQs
  2. General Awareness- 20 MCQs
  3. Numerical Aptitude- 5 MCQs
  4. Logical Ability & Reasoning- 10 MCQs
  5. General English- 10 MCQs

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.